Introducing Thomas Masselli, author of Mr. Mirages Magical Garages

“My first experience in self-publishing was something about which I had no idea what to expect. I had been contacted by a few companies including Outskirts Press. After speaking with representatives from all of them, I selected Outskirts Press because they seemed to me to offer me the most value. And when I speak of value, I’m not simply referring to economics. In my value-added equation, I include service, support, and advice as well as costs. Now that my book has been published, the Marketing Coach service from Outskirts Press has begun, and like all the pre-publishing coaching, it has been outstanding. I am 1000% satisfied with Outskirts Press and my plans for a second book already include their services.”

Thomas Masselli grew up in Athens and as a teen delivered the newspaper throughout town. He was engaged in the community throughout his residency serving two years as Village Mayor. He and his wife Linda live in North Carolina but maintain relationships with family and friends still residing in Athens.

Product description…

Peter and Patty Mirages are moving into the house at 43 South Franklin Street in Athens, New York. As a young boy Peter had made daily deliveries of the local newspaper to the family living in the century old Victorian-style house. He had imagined there were mysteries contained inside the house and throughout the property. He dreamed of one day owning the house and discovering all of its secrets, and now his dream is coming true. Peter Mirages, a middle-school science teacher and his wife Patty, a loan officer at the local bank had, for ten years, saved a part of their income in order to buy the house and the detached building that housed two garages. The Mirages wanted to make the old house a home where they could enjoy life in their small community entertaining family and friends. They planned to restore the house to its former glory and live in it for the rest of their lives. Peter especially wanted to investigate the entire property in hopes of unlocking its secrets, which he believed existed since he first encountered it during his childhood. While he was sure there was something special about 43 South Franklin Street, Peter could not have imagined the mysterious and awesome powers possessed by the property that he would discover shortly after becoming the owner.