Introducing Theresa Marie Vallotton, author of A Spoon Called Poon!

“I am very pleased with my book. I knew nothing going into this process and feel I was well served. Thank you!”

Theresa Marie Vallotton observed with delight the many things her grandson did with a spoon. She lives with her husband in northern California and works with an environmental nonprofit, Mattole Restoration Council. Also a singer songwriter, her inspirational album Living Stones can be found on iTunes and Pandora internet radio.

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Book description…

The Power of One Spoon, The Adventures of Poon. It’s not a blanket, a toy, or a teddy bear this little boy latches onto, it’s a spoon he calls Poon. With a child’s imaginative genius, sparked by an industrious nature, Quinn discovers all the wonderful things Poon can do. Told with infectious and whimsical rhyme, this is the true story of the author’s grandson, who comes to a crisis when he literally has more than he can handle.