Introducing E. Philip Trapp, author of Memoirs of a World War I Baby Boomer

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Dr. Trapp is a clinical psychologist and scholar who taught at the University of Arkansas for four decades and has received numerous awards (e.g., the first recipient of the Arkansas Psychological Association’s Distinguished Service Award and Who’s Who in America’s Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement award). His life philosophy has been influenced by his WWII experiences as a naval officer landing Marines at places such as Iwo Jima. In his retirement years, he has used his life experiences, his knowledge of human nature, and his gift for storytelling to write both fiction (The Red-Ribboned Letters) and non-fiction (Memoirs of a World War I Baby Boomer, and Did the Smarter Apes Stay in the Trees).

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In Memoirs of a World War I Baby Boomer, Dr. Phil Trapp takes the reader on a fascinating journey through his life. The chapters proceed chronologically, but the author thoughtfully selects vignettes to shed light on the unique forces and context that shaped the WWI baby boomers. The book begins with family history (imagine knowing a grandfather who was alive during the Civil War), followed by the dramatic changes of the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression and World War II. Chapters after WWII explore Trapp’s experiences during graduate studies in psychology, with insights into this relatively new profession and learning from some of the greats in the field. Subsequent chapters touch selectively on his career as a clinical psychologist and university professor. He provides snapshots of his engagement as agent of change at the university, state and national levels. The memoirs close with reflections on lessons learned through these experiences. There is something for everyone in Memoirs of a World War I Baby Boomer. For the lover of a good story, Phil Trapp does not disappoint. He is a gifted story teller who understands the power of stories to communicate broader messages. For history lovers, the book is rich in historical detail, including anecdotes about the author’s family in the first century of our country’s existence. For those seeking insight into the human condition, Trapp’s psychological knowledge and personal wisdom provide many opportunities for reflection. The memoirs engage us emotionally with humanity, particularly what World War II taught us, and with life vignettes about love lost and love found. And for those appreciating humor, the memoirs do not disappoint, given Trapp’s signature wry humor. Ultimately, Phil Trapp has a message – about the impact of history on one’s life and the lessons learned after 95 years on this planet. The Word War I baby boomers are disappearing rapidly. We are fortunate that the author is still willing and able to share his stories and his wisdom.

Introducing Gary H. Foster, author of Notes From The Trenches: A Musician’s Journey Through World War I

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Gary Foster, Leo Foster ‘s grandson, was inspired by his grandfather ‘s legacy and served for 27 years in the US Navy as a naval flight officer.

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The Terror and Triumph of WWI in a Soldier ‘s Own Words. The Foster family of Wisconsin were vibrant and happy in the early years of the 20th century. Like many families in the area, they were descended from German immigrants and had a healthy appetite for hard work and beer. Barbara Foster, widowed early in life, created a loving home for her children Leo, Ottilia, Mary, and Kunigunda. They were all musicians, forming their own orchestra and playing in regional and local venues. But despite Woodrow Wilson’s promises, America found itself drawn into the Great War overseas, and Leo Foster, bugler for the Wisconsin National Guard, was sent to the front lines. Nearly a century later, this book reconstructs Leo’s World War I experience from letters, newspaper clippings, and photographs from Leo’s footlocker. Nothing compares to the immediacy of the war experience in a soldier ‘s own words. Notes from the Trenches follows Leo from stateside training to the horror of the Meuse-Argonne offensive and his battle-weary return home in May of 1919. Full of wit, good humor, and honesty, these letters provide a fascinating window into the War to End All Wars, with insightful organization and context from Leo’s grandson, Gary Foster.

Introducing Walter Soellner, author of Kalvarianhof: The Perilous Journey

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Walter Soellner’s parents immigrated to America from the German state of Bavaria in 1938. Visits over the years to his ancestral home inspired Kalvarianhof, The Perilous Journey. Travels to Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe further provided historic detail against which the novel’s men and women play out their passionate lives. Kalvarianhof is the first book of a multi-generational series.

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Follow lifelong friends Catholic Markus and Jewish Levi in this sweeping historic family saga—the story of two young men in the years before World War I. As young Imperial German soldiers in 1900, battling with other Europeans besieged in Peking during the Boxer Rebellion, Markus and Levi find themselves in dire circumstances. Markus abandons the legation’s relative safety for a dangerous cross-country adventure to find his love, the beautiful Li Ling. Tragedy interrupts their romance and he soon finds himself escaping with Sun Yat Sen downriver on a pirated Chinese mail boat. He reunites with his friend Levi after the battle of Peking, and the two encounter danger and adventure on their return by ship to Germany. A shark attack off New Guinea and a sexual bacchanal with Samoan natives and icebergs in the south Atlantic challenge the two friends. Their homeward ship stops in Uruguay, where Levi meets his future wife, Katherina Obermaier, a beautiful young Jewish girl bound for university in Berlin. Home again in Bavaria, Levi returns to his ancestral home Kalvarianhof, a grand estate deep in the forests outside of Munich, and Markus to his home in the city. It is the time of ‘Belle Epoch’, the ‘Beautiful Era’ in Europe. Still, Markus and Levi and their families face challenges and heartbreak- and a forbidden love affair that threatens to tear apart the young men’s friendship. The story continues in Book II of this four-part series, where the two friends find themselves far from the trenches of France on the eve of World War I. In the splendors and perils of the vastness of Africa, Markus and Levi find romance, hardship and tragedy that endangers their very survival.