Introducing William Howard, author of The Gym is a Zoo

“This was the best experience I have had thus far in the self-publishing business. E-mails were responded to each time, and the flow of the publishing process was very efficient. Each person involved in the publishing process was knowledgeable and focused on the tasks at hand.”

Willliam Howard was raised in a Christian household in the Southeastern area of the United States. Though his college background was in the technical area of applied science, he was always well-rounded in his interests and had a lively sense of humor. As he learned early in life, scientists are observant, and he considers himself a scientist. He has always been committed to health and fitness. Mr. Howard has been a member of many gyms and fitness centers over the years. Whether he was at home, traveling on leisure or traveling for business, he has always understood the link between longevity and fitness. He is one of those people who always checks into the hotel, spends a day coordinating projects and finishes his day working out in the hotel’s fitness center. In this book, Mr. Howard takes a close look at the people who congregate at gyms and fitness centers and especially their quirky behaviors. The actions of the characters are based on real incidents but their names have been changed to preserve their privacy.

Product description…

Once you read this book, going to the gym will take on a new meaning. This book will transport the reader into the wild kingdom, where he will be able to identify numerous animals that have sometimes escaped his attention. The information provided in this book will be more helpful to the avid health and fitness group than energy drinks and protein shakes. Since knowledge is power, purchase this book and jump-start your power generator.NOPSIS