Introducing Geri T, author of Dualism Between the Realms

“Brie was so helpful to me before, during and after the process, that words alone cannot express it. She left me with the feeling that I could email her with any concerns now or in the future.”

Geri T is a retired registered nurse with more than thirty years in healthcare. She has multiple accolades related to her profession and has been named one of the great women of the twenty-first century. She also received the International Peace Prize. Geri was raised in Southern Louisiana, where she attended high school, and later graduated from a university. She has one son and three wonderful grandchildren.

Product description…

Windsong Yellow-bird is a seer of the Kootenai people with unusually strong totem magic. She has the ability to talk to animals, and when they tell her that trouble is coming, she must convince the others to listen. The survival of her people depends on it. Twenty-six thousand years later, another young woman also speaks with the animals, something no one has been able to do since Windsong. Gerbeth walks between the worlds—the animals, plants, rocks, and wind her allies—and she will need all their help as she joins spirit guides and angels in the fight against evil.