Introducing Martina Potucek-Palladino, author of TOMMY: Thru Eyes of “REM” – New Adult Censored

“This is my fourth book and it was a good experience. Having now published four books with Outskirts Press gives me confidence that future publications with be handled skillfully and professionally, I’ll be starting the process again for book five. I revised a few of my books and the revision process was practically effortless. Thanks to the OP team. I can’t wait to work on book five with Outskirts Press!”

Martina Potucek-Palladino has had a lifelong love affair with books, magazines, and all things written. She writes for pleasure, is currently a magazine editor, has collaboratively ghostwritten/edited a non-fiction memoir, written for magazines, is an accessories designer, a hair stylist, and lash extension specialist. Martina currently lives in New Jersey.

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Book description…

‘Foresta dei Sette Fratelli’ – Imagine… for a moment, the most powerful of vampires, delusional, hence… Imagine… him, returning to the beginning, longing for his eternity to end, now… Imagine… that pivotal moment he realized she was his kryptonite, and, ultimately… Imagine… him realizing what she really was, how they met, 1,000 years ago, yes… Imagine… finding your savior, the one who was meant to help you die, only to… Imagine… the betrayal, born of blood, that comes full circle; this won’t do, no… Imagine… once more, finding that will to live, only now you’ve been cursed, and… Imagine… that this curse cannot be reversed; is this my fateful end?… HELL NO!  My imagination envisages… anger, vengeance, pain, and my version of justice! I WILL RISE ONCE MORE!… I WILL BREAK THIS CURSE!… I WILL FIND MY QUEEN!… I WILL BECOME KING!… Imagine the revenge I now seek!… I AM FAR FROM DONE!…

Introducing H. Burdette, author of Forever

“Jamie was absolutely great! Outskirts made my dream come true, and Jamie helped me through all of it!”

About H. Burdette: Coming from Uhrichsville, Ohio I was raised by my grandparents in a big yellow house. When I was sixteen, I met my husband and followed my heart to marry him when I was twenty years old. Along the way I had my first born daughter at age eighteen, back in 2006. My second daughter came six long years later in 2012. . My family is my inspiration. My oldest daughter, Brianna has always been my solid foundation for my ideas for writing materials. If she didn’t like the characters names or where I wanted my story to take place, we would change it over and over again until we both loved the idea. Then there is my youngest daughter, Caylee. She has sat on my lap through all my typing. Who said you can’t chase a toddler, fix lunch, change diapers and write all at the same time? I can! Lastly, my husband, Brian. He has been the center of it all. My lover, my best friend, my go to guy. If it weren’t for him, I would not have any fantasy within me. Alas, my whole entire reason for writing this book was for an accomplishment to shine from me onto my children. They are my world and the center of my universe. This is all a tribute to them. I love my children more than anything else in this entire world.

Product description…

It’s the time of year of leaves falling to the ground and a cool mist of air that tickles your nose when you walk outside, the time of year of relaxation and serenity, calmness and anxious feelings for the upcoming year. I walk outside and the sound of birds chirping and a calm river flowing pierces my ears. A leaf whisks briefly by my feet as I walk through the grass. As I look into the water in the river I can see the current, feel the water moving towards a destination of only the unknown knows where it will flow. Peace and tranquility surrounds this place. For this is the only place in which I can ever remember being human, when I had warmth from blood and a heart beat with breath that made a misty fog when I spoke in a climate like this. I miss it, but being a vampire, is the most magical and most indescribable feeling that I could have ever encountered.

Introducing Gerald Morgan, author of Two Hearts VS Evil

“Outskirts Press offers an exceptional publishing experience from beginning to end. My author representative did a phenomenal job. I greatly appreciate the whole experience.”

About Gerald Morgan: As we go through life, we will all encounter challenges, fears, and obstacles. We can overcome any of these hurdles once we realize that help can and will come to us in supernatural ways, if we open our hearts and minds to the possibilities, and when we realize that we as human beings are limited but God is not. I came to realize this fact many years ago, and chose to write this story as evidence of this truth complete with very entertaining reading. My wife and I reside in the state of Tennessee near a host of family and friends.

Product description…

An action fantasy in which a husband and wife join forces to combat evil in the form of werewolves, vampires, and other creatures that go ‘bump’ in the night, all with the supernatural aid of a celestial guardian angel. A passionate couple who are Love/Relationship counselors by day, creature hunters by night. Now the evil creatures who evoke terror have a reason to fear! This book will continue to be thought provoking and entertaining long after you have finished reading it. This is the first installment of a trilogy in the Two Hearts VS Evil saga. Also available for download at: $4.99 and $4.99

Introducing Dee Rose, author of The Hangman

“This is my 3rd book with Outskirts Press and I am very satisfied as usual.”

Dee Rose resides in Denver, CO. He is the father of two daughters. “They are my life.” He says. He attended Metro State University of Denver, where he majored in Political Science. The Hangman is his third published novel and he plans to make it into a series. “Novels like the Hangman are the reason I started writing in the eleventh grade. I love taking readers on an incredible journey.”

Product description…

When Kente Cromwell is murdered, he is given demonic powers and escapes purgatory to go back to earth and avenge his death as The Hangman. However, unbeknown to him, a war has broken out between good and evil. He must choose a side. To either join the demon who gave him his powers and the legions of vampires and demons that follow the underworld leader, or join the angel he embarrassed when escaped purgatory, a vampire slayer, and a demon hunter in their quest to win the war. Which side will he choose?

Introducing Brad Anderson, author of Guardians II

“Jennifer was always quick to respond to my questions. She was especially helpful during the editing process when I got a little ahead of myself and had to back up a bit.”

Brad Anderson lives and works in San Antonio, Texas. He spends most of his longer vacations hiking and camping in America’s National Parks, which sometimes leads him to visit out-of-the-way places, such as Lajitas, Texas. Anderson is the author of Ribbon Falls, After the Falls, The Janus Project, and Guardians. Guardians III: The Journey Home is coming in May of 2014.

Product description…

Sixty children have been freed from the vampire lair in the Guadalupe Mountains of Texas, and all the vampires in the caves have been killed. The hard part is finally over. All that’s left for Robert Mackie to do is get his niece and nephew home safely to complete the rescue. After receiving assurances of safe passage from Lisa Kaes—the de facto head of the West Texas vampire family who ran the living blood bank in the Guadalupes—former DEA agent Mackie makes a detour to Lajitas, Carlos Santiago’s hometown. He’ll give the old man’s family and the Guardians a full accounting of what happened in the mountains, and with a final farewell, he and the children will be on their way east—putting the vampires behind them for good. But when you’re dealing with vampires, nothing is ever that easy. Unbeknownst to Rob, one of the vampires killed during the rescue was the father of a dysfunctional family from Detroit…and several members have traveled all the way to Texas to exact their revenge. This gripping sequel to Guardians is a genre-bender of exceptional quality—a paranormal thriller that will leave you wanting more.

Raven Blackfeather, author of The Night Has Fangs

Raven has been writing poetry of a dark and ominous nature for many years, of which she has won several awards for her original work. Her interest in vampires led her to writing books. She enjoys the challenges of writing, surrounded by her husband, children, and cats in her home in a small town in Virginia.

“I was so impressed with the quality and design of my book when I received them in the mail, I was speechless for several minutes! Their final design of my book was beyond anything a picture could ever show. It was absolutely remarkable! Outskirts Press is extremely knowledgeable about the publishing process. They work with new authors (and experienced writers) patiently to find the perfect publishing package that fits the needs of the book(s) the author is writing. They will walk you through the process with a firm hold of your hand, until you think publishing is the easiest thing you will ever do! They have excellent ideas about the inside and outside design of the book, and all of it at very reasonable prices. Outskirts Press makes publishing easy and fun, and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to publish a book!”

Product description…

He lost her once. Has he found her again?

Kattaillia took Galan’s love from him four hundred years ago in a vicious, bloody scene. She made Galan into one of the undead against his will to walk the night with her. Will the woman he has found remember him today? Will she be the one he has searched for centuries to find and claim? Will she be able to love him for the person he is, instead of the bloodthirsty monster she sees him as? It is a chance Galan is willing to take.