Introducing Neil Oldridge, author of Stuff I Remember: A Memoir 80 Years in the Making

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Starting in rural roots, Neil Oldridge spent a lifetime as an international business executive and Middle East firearms manufacturer. His insights, as shared in tales of hunting, fishing, travel, family and human nature, reflect a lifetime of observations and experiences on why we labor and how we play.

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“Stuff I Remember” is a collection of recollections about living and playing around the globe. From small town America through Navy service and Viet Nam, to a career filled with outdoor adventures, this book is sure to entertain, inform and amuse the reader with stories of growing up, life and living.

Introducing Michele Seals McConnell, author of Life of Lieutenant Colonel James A. Seals: 100 Year Old Pearl Harbor Survivor

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About Colonel Seals:  I was born in a log cabin on 5 April 1916 in the Bellview Community, Bledsoe County, Pikeville, TN. I served on numerous bases throughout the world during my military career. I was awarded many decorations and awards during this time.

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I am 100 years old World War II veteran and a Pearl Harbor Survivor. My name is Lt. Col. James A. Seals. I am 100 years old, World War II Veteran, and Pearl Harbor Survivor. This back cover photo was taken 6 December 1941 the night before the Japanese attacked Hawaii. A friend and I were supposed to go to the USS Pennsylvania that evening, however, we decided to go to Honolulu for dinner, drinks, and watch the hula girls dance. It was very late on 6 December so we decided not to go to the USS Pennsylvania until the next morning. On the beautiful calm, sunny morning of 7 December we were enjoying a walk to the USS Pennsylvania. We were about 200 feet away from the ship- another couple of minutes we would have been on board. The Japanese warplanes swooped down dropping bombs and firing machine guns. Chaos erupted.

Introducing Capt. Bob Grant, author of Salty Dog

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Capt. Bob Grant was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey and grew up along the coast of New England. After graduating Dover New Hampshire High School, he joined the US Navy, became a naval aviator and spent twenty years serving his country. Bob is an accomplished captain and aviator. He possesses a wealth of practical experience gained by cruising the oceans of the world. He is an avid “HAM” radio enthusiast, KD4HCR, renowned for his sparkling wit.

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After more than 30 years of retirement, US Navy Captain Bob Grimes is summoned to Washington DC. Returning to active duty, he is flown to an Air Traffic Control facility on a “Rock” in the middle of the North Atlantic. Orders are to take command and investigate without raising any suspicion about some unusual activity. What the Salty Dog finds could affect the entire world.