Introducing Leron Stewart, author of One Thing About Life

“I have really enjoyed my experience with Outskirts Press so far. I plan on publishing my next novel with Outskirts Press also. The staff is very patient and helpful.”

Leron Stewart has written poetry, letters, stories, and music. This is his first novel. He lives in a small town in southeast Louisiana, where he was born and raised. The author spent some time in the U.S. Navy and at Southern University in Baton Rouge. He loves spending time with his family, and most enjoys watching and discussing the action of the NFL.

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Book description…

One thing about life is that you have to play whatever hand you’ve been dealt. One Thing about Life tells the story of two childhood friends – Dap and Bo – as they navigate college life in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Dap is fatherless and virtually motherless. He’s a hustler though, and his resourcefulness always helps him keep his head above water. However, will Dap’s cleverness save him from the danger that is breathing down his neck this time? And can this young man, who seems to be a thug, let his guard down enough to find love? Although sheltered, Bo is the levelheaded member of the duo. This trait, along with his kindness, has worked well for him as he’s pursued excellence in the classroom and on the college football field. But being nice may be what lands Bo in a snake’s nest of trouble and ruin his chances at a starting spot on a world-renowned Division I defense. As the young men from opposite sides of the track make life and death decisions, Dap and Bo encounter people and situations that can take them out of their respective games forever.

Introducing Anderson V. Bernard, author of City on Fire

“A huge thank you to the folks at Outskirts press. I was a bit skeptical about self-publishing in the beginning, listening to all the horror stories about crappy products and rip offs. The team at Outskirts worked with me step by step throughout the process of production making my transition into publishing a smooth experience. At times I think most new authors expect all the work to be done by the publishing company, but, as the author, you are more responsible for your own written work. Make sure you edit thoroughly, get your formats correct before submission, and have a vision for your book. Doing this will make your process less stressful. My first novel is awesome, cover to cover. I’m totally satisfied. So either I’m extremely lucky in my first time publishing, or Outskirts Publishing is putting in work! Check’um out!”

Anderson V. Bernard is a language arts teacher, and novelist. He cultivated his writing at Community College of Philadelphia, winning the “Judith Stark” Writing Award in 2004. At Temple University in Philadelphia he was published in “Hyphen” magazine for fiction in 2008. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and currently resides in Philadelphia, PA.

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Book description…

City on Fire is a remarkably well written snapshot of the time period when crack cocaine addiction, financial greed, and mayhem ruled the inner city streets of Philadelphia, PA. This selected collection of stories vividly details the struggles people faced from 1980 through 1992. The plague of drugs, fast money, and violent crimes that blanketed the city is brought to life in this three part series of urban variance. The story “Contender,” focuses on the Delibiche brothers who juggle their hardcore street life with their gifted abilities as boxers. One brother’s solitary pursuit in his professional boxing career becomes a personal conflict with his street life…”Morning Commute,” delves into the complicated world of single mother Belinda Jacobson. She tries desperately to keep her only son Malik from being consumed by the ills of street life and peer pressure. His immaturity and poor decision making is put to task after he is arrested and sent to one of the city’s harshest boot camps for juveniles’…In the sultry first person story of “Sixxx,” the relationship hardships of Troy Akers are on full display. His testosterone-driven pursuit to find his “misses right” takes him on a sexual journey with women who introduce him to dark and convoluted places in his soul. Anderson Bernard did what only the best writers can do. He created insightful and poignant stories that reflect a mirror image on an era that left an irreversible effect on all of America.

Introducing Kyle Hemmings, author of Void and Sky

“Excellent service. I was very impressed by the professionalism of the staff.”

Kyle Hemmings is the author of several chapbooks of poetry and prose: Avenue C, Cat People, and Anime Junkie (Scars Publications), and Tokyo Girls in Science Fiction (NAP). His latest e-books are You Never Die in Wholes from Good Story Press and The Truth about Onions from Good Samaritan. He has been published in Wigleaf, Storyglossia, Connotation Press, Elimae, Match Book, This Zine Will Save Your Life, and elsewhere. Kyle lives and writes in New Jersey.

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Book description…

The heroes and anti-heroes of Mr. Hemmings’ latest collection of hybrid poetry and prose are caught between dreaming and losing, between waking and slipping away, between remembering and trying to get back. For them, there is always the sky above and the shaky ground below.

Introducing Jimmie Smith, author of The Wine Bowl

“This was a first time experience for me as an author and Leona made the operation seamless. Her communications, information, and assistance were valued resources. I appreciate her and the efforts of the entire Outskirts staff. Thanks.”

Jimmie Smith is a native of Dallas, Texas. As an adult, he went to the University of Sam Houston where he earned a Degree in Business Administration while acquiring an interest in history. In his first novel, Jimmie combines his love for a good story with his compassion for history.

Product description…

The Wine Bowl chronicles several months in the lives of neighborhood friends who want to upgrade their status. They plan to take their shot at recognition by competing against the big boys. When events take a wrong turn decisions must be made that affect lives and relationships.

Introducing Omar Rashad, author of Going Back to Cali

“I’m still in post-publication, but I’m very impressed with the professionalism exhibited by Outskirts Press. My expertly bound novel has already inspired a few of my readers to attempt to create their own books. So far, so marvelous!”

Omar Rashad received his Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Sociology from Lincoln University in Jefferson City, MO. The author attended Manual Arts H.S. in Los Angeles, CA during the Watts Riots. He is a native of Kansas City, MO, who now resides in Atlanta, GA.

Product description…

The year is 1988. Chance Murphy, convicted of 1st Degree Murder, is paroled from Missouri to California. All his life he lived by the street code: “Anything worth living for was worth fighting for! Anything worth fighting for was worth dying for! Anything worth dying for was worth killing for!” Would his philosophy change and allow him to walk down 5 years of parole? Or would he become just another recidivism statistic or wind up with a California tag on his toe?

It’s February, 1988. Chance Murphy, a reluctant killer, known thief and drug dealer, is out of jail after 15 years–now he must flee Kansas City because of enemies. In the custody of his mother, he must now navigate the streets of Los Angeles, but he hasn’t lived in South Central since 1965! How will he survive the treacherous gangs, the brutal LAPD, and the scandalous traps lurching in the hood? Thus begins one of the most desperate urban struggles an ex-con faces when self-preservation is the only law of the land.

Introducing Starlett Fisher, author of Mark of The Burn

I have been writing poems and short stories for many years. I find that the crisis in many families is not restricted to the poor. I see it every day. I’ve grown up watching friends and family alike struggle to make it, through alcoholism, domestic violence, infidelity, and much more. I grew up on the lower eastside of Buffalo New York. I have five children and two grandsons whom I love very much and I work hard every day in hopes they will escape many of the issues I was forced to make the best of.

“My consultant and I didn’t communicate much. She seemed distant in her email, but I digress. Jenny was fantastic! She responded quickly to my questions and made me feel comfortable going through the process; she also made my options clear and was very helpful!!! That alone will bring me back to Outskirts Press!”

Product description…

Some bonds of love are strong while others are severed easily.

The late nineteen eighties was not the ending of an era but the beginning of the age of technology. Olivia Blake a native of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, moved to Buffalo, New York, with her mother to escape the shame of her father’s adultery. She longed for her rightful place in the world, and love. She found that the love she sought after truly was as blind as it was painful. She leans hard on the bonds she has forged with her friends, twin sisters Venus and Pandora Pratt who are plagued by a dysfunctional home life of a different nature. The three girls struggle to escape to a better life as they become adults only to find that once burned by the pains of life you will wear that mark though it is embedded in the deepest darkest places of your soul.

I’m Coming For Yah, by Robin L. Anderson

“It was my pleasure to work with Outskirts Press and my Author’s Rep. They did a great job in keeping me inspired. I now have two books published and a third one on the way. It was fun and exciting, working with everyone at my side like family. My Author Rep has been a wonderful step-by-step person who had the answers to every question at all times. Thank you Outskirts Press for the compassion and fast work. I appreciate the awesome job you’ve completed.”

– Robin L. Anderson