Introducing Jimmy Jimmy, author of World Rebirth or World War Three

“From my first contact Liz to Jamie, Justene and all that I have worked with,it has been an experience i couldn’t have imagined. It was also a learning experience. With me, Jamie and Justene had that patience of Angels. Thanks to the entire team. I am putting final touches to my second book.”

Jimmy Jimmy is a researcher on international politics (political science), historian and freelancer. He was born December, 1984. Inspired by US first president Washington and the Buffalo soldiers who dared to dream.

Product description…

World Rebirth or World War Three – New Non-Fiction Offers Grim Outlook, If Politicos Don’t Act, Could doomsday be just around the corner? One political researcher sure thinks so, and details his theory of impending disaster in his new non-fiction, World Rebirth or World War Three. Nairobi, Kenya – Political researcher and author Jimmy Jimmy contends that the world is ripe for disaster – specifically, World War III – if our leaders don’t learn to reason. He details his theory in the newly released non-fiction World Rebirth or World War Three, published by Outskirts Press. We are living in a world with a major divide: The West versus The East, and the dividing factor is the policies/governance driving each political divide. The West comprises of United States of America, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Canada, Japan and the Scandinavian countries also pull in this direction. The East comprises mainly of Russia and China. With them comes Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa and parts of South America. The West believes in democracy, capitalism and the tolerance that comes with it, while The East spearheads communism, a political philosophy more associated with dictatorship. {THESE FLAGS WILL PLAY PART} The current standoff between the U.S. and Russia could signal a war that is likely to irrevocably change the planet. With both superpowers having nuclear at their disposal, doomsday hovers nigh. Besides contentious issues on the political front, there are sensitive matters centering around violence against women, including female genital mutilation, acid birth and gang rape, all of which are very real in the present day – and sometimes even accepted in certain societies. RELIGION-Add into the mix the rampant misinterpretations of the Bible and Koran, issues arising in Israel and the ongoing struggle between the U.S. and Russia over nuclear dominance, and it becomes clear that the world is ripe for disaster.[US, CHINA, RUSSIA] Muslims and Ishmael son of Abraham as well as Chinese, Indians and Amos who made the golden calf Terrorism- military might is 10/1 to crash extremism but Hollywood can. In the book, you find two or three script that can make movies that will counter what madrasa where falsehood has turned impressionable mind of young and vulnerable Muslims into suicide bombers (a blockbuster movie is about to be released based on the book). Clinging to God of Israel-questions, we all avoid Ancient England- rich history we tend to ignore. THE LAST IMPERIAL POWER-US/ CHINA/RUSSIA? Everyone from students to world leaders will find something of value in the pages of World Rebirth or World War Three.