Introducing Donna Sorbello, author of Daughter of Liberty

“My experience of working with Outskirts Press was very good! Thank you to my Author Representative for all of her efforts with me. She was very responsive and patient with someone like me who had computer issues and had a complicated book to print.”

Donna Sorbello is a professional actress, a published playwright and poetess, and a professor of acting and playwriting. She has written for various publications and has degrees from Emerson College and Boston University. Married, Donna returned to her New England roots after several years in New York City. Her theatre experience playing varied roles, a visit to the Paul Revere House, and her daughter’s innate ability to imaginatively live in the past, all inspired her first historical novel, Daughter of Liberty.

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Two Worlds. A Spry Ring. Friendship that defies time. Mary Grayson Pratt, a typical eleven-year old, is bored with sight-seeing with her parents in historic Boston. But the journey Mary takes into the past is well beyond sight-seeing. Mary is plunged into the center of the excitement and intrigue of the American Revolution. How will she find her way home? The meaning and impact of true friendship, loss, and personal beliefs, are all important challenges Mary must face on her journey. How Mary’s story is resolved carries the reader into a world of historical tumult and human connections that span time.

Introducing Howard J. Schwach, author of American 587 Heavy: A Novel of Terrorism and Betrayal

“Everything went very smoothly — thanks largely to my author rep. She walked me through everything I needed to know and the book is just what I hoped it would be.”

Howard J. Schwach, a retired teacher, had already authored several young adult educational books, when he became the managing editor of the local community newspaper. He turned on his police scanner on the morning of November 12, 2001 and heard the first news that a large commercial aircraft had crashed four blocks from his home. The tragic crash of American Airlines Flight 587 became the genesis of this novel. Did the first officer cause the crash by overflying the rudder? Did a design defect cause the tail to fall off over Jamaica Bay? Was terrorism involved? Read and decide for yourself!

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Torn from the Headlines and Brought Home. Ron Staller was a happy man. The retired teacher had, shortly before the 9-11 terrorist attacks, become the editor and publisher of the “Beachcomber,” a community paper in New York City’s borough of Queens. Now, two months later, Staller was on his way to work when his quiet life literally crashed on his head in the guise of American Airlines Flight 587. While state and federal officials were quick to say that the deadly crash was an accident caused by the erratic flying skills of the first officer, dozens of locals eyewitnesses, many of them police officers and firefighters, thought differently. Staller, working with local police detectives, is driven to believe that there was more to the crash than what was reported by the NTSB and other federal agencies. Working hard on the evidence and thwarted by federal agencies, the detectives, joined by a suspicious NTSB investigator, Staller’s police sergeant son and a Muslim Newsday reporter, begin to see the truth. Will the government, however, allow that truth to be told.

Introducing Paul Kartinen, author of “re-Constituting” the United States Government

“I particularly like the chat feature. Outskirts Press seems to have their authors’ concerns and questions front and center. I always got timely assistance from chats during the publishing process.”

Paul Kartinen is a concerned U.S. citizen. As a retired engineer, he took the time to make a terrible mistake: reading the U.S. Constitution and observing present day federal government activities. Paul is not a politician, political science academician, investigative journalist, or “Constitutional scholar.” However, he can read and observe and think! He is concerned about the future and shares his controversial thoughts in these few pages. He may be wrong, but then again he may be right.

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Created in 1787 the U.S. Constitutional system encouraged the country’s development for some 130 years, resulting in one of the better (if not the best) societies/civilizations in human history. Well, the U.S. Constitution has been abandoned, or maybe better stolen, by ignorance of the concept and/or misinterpreting the document as written. It is clearly the time to review some of the difficulties generated by that ignorance/misinterpretation. The Constitution’s writers originated a great concept, but left “holes” in the document that misguided people have taken advantage of. Can we get the U.S. back on track? The trip back will be difficult, but we’ve got to try something; the last several decades of “non-Constitutional” skulduggery have imposed a disastrous course for the greatest society ever created in human history – a steep downhill slide into an abyss! Maybe, if we’ve got enough guts, we can recover?

Introducing Maureen Chaffin, author of Joseph: Prophecy Fulfilled

“Oh wow! Amazing, awesome, tremendous — there aren’t enough powerful adjectives to describe Outskirts Press, their team, their patience, their professionalism. They took this novice first-time writer by the hand and guided me, step by step, through each procedure for my upcoming book, Joseph: Prophecy Fulfilled. They solved all of my issues and helped me leap every hurtle; which had to be quite challenging for Outskirts Press. The Interior Designer was creative, thorough, and absolutely phenomenal. She spent numerous hours fulfilling my requests, enhancing the manuscript, and making my book inviting to the reader. Not only was I allowed to change my mind, have complete say-so and total control of the layout, I was also able to immerse myself into this new-to-me artform — and I loved every moment of it! Outskirts Press is the perfect midwife for the birthing of your book; they truly bring it to life.”

Born in Colorado, I also lived in the mountains of Wyo. and S. Dak., but married a cowboy who loves the desert. What is left of the Chaffin homeplace farm/ranch is west of Grand Junction CO. In the early years we had an eight-party telephone line, no television, and farmed such remote places that we packed in our water, cooked on a campfire, and slept on the tentless ground. My four children labored in the fields with me. I also taught music and art lessons, and conducted such works as Handel’s Messiah. In 1987 I illustrated my first book, Elmer Bair’s Story. After my children were grown I returned to college and received my Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado Christian University in 2001, and my Master of Science degree from Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies (Chicago) in 2013. Maureen can be contacted at:

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Foretold since the time of Enoch is a prophet of the last days named Joseph, who would restore prophecy, priesthood, temples; and bring forth a New Torah — the Stick of Joseph. This is the incredible true story of that Joseph, born in 1805, who grew to manhood in the untamed wilderness of the American frontier. At the age of 14 his life was indelibly altered when he received a vision; wherein the Lord called Joseph to do a marvelous work and a wonder, re-establish the Kingdom of God, and prepare the way for the Coming of the Messiah. The Adversary, enraged at this threat to his reign and realm, rose up in his wrath and viciously sought to destroy Joseph. Thus, began Joseph’s extraordinary efforts to accomplish the Lord’s commands, while desperately struggling to elude the murderous hands of his nefarious foes. And in so doing, Joseph unknowingly fulfilled ancient Hebrew prophecy.

Introducing Sheila Phelps Inderbitzen, author of Patrick Henry’s Secret In The Cellar

“Everyone on the publishing team offered very professional and excellent service. My thanks to the entire team!”

Sheila Phelps Inderbitzen is a descendent of the Norfolk England Sheltons. I discovered some notes that my mother’s cousin Judge Houston Dale Shelton had written in 1943. These notes started my journey to find out more about a woman that history only referred to as “the wife of.”

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Sarah Shelton Henry’s Life: Living in the Cellar, Struggling with Postpartum Psychosis. Preservation Virginia says Sarah Shelton Henry lived the last few years of her life in the cellar of her home. Sarah Henry showed strong signs of severe postpartum depression and psychosis. Patrick Henry’s private doctor not only found Sarah Henry living in the cellar but also found her wearing what we know today as a medical straitjacket. Mr. Henry’s doctor wanted to send Sarah Henry to the new hospital in Williamsburg but Patrick Henry did not think that was the best place for his loving wife. Sarah Henry died in the cellar in 1775.

Introducing Carl Fuehrer, author of From Rookie RVers to Masters of the Road

“I am very pleased with my publishing experience with Outskirts Press. All those that I dealt with were polite & professional. I would recommend Outskirts Press to others who were interested in publishing a book. Thanks for a great job.”

Carl Fuehrer served in the United States Coast Guard and is a certified private airplane pilot, travel enthusiast, snow skier, and golfer. He and his wife Nancy have two daughters and four grandchildren.

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“From Rookie RVers to Masters of the Road” will take you on an RV journey through North America-from Alaska to Newfoundland, down to the southern tip of Texas. You will visit Indian reservations, gold and copper mines, and a ghost town called “Sneffels.” Stroll the same paths that Jesse James, Butch Cassidy, Wyatt Earp, and Billy the Kid once walked. Experience the intimidating drive over Colorado’s Independence Pass climbing to an elevation of 12,095 feet on narrow roads without guardrails and appreciate what it’s like to have a front tire blowout in a large vehicle while driving down a steep mountain! Join Carl and Nancy Fuehrer as they take you on a road trip you’ll never forget. Discover the magnificent beauty of America and Canada-both spectacular beyond description. This book will take you on a journey through many of the charming and unique places that North America has to offer, and remind you to venture out into our beautiful country to experience the splendor for yourself!

Introducing Shellie Dunlap, author of A Nantucket Experience

“This is my first self-published book and my overall experience with Outskirts Press has been excellent. From my initial consultation call and representative through the entire publishing process, Outskirts was professional, provided clear directives, was incredibly quick in their response and turnaround time, designed a fabulous cover and formatted interior and made the experience easy and enjoyable. The follow up marketing and promotion from Outskirts has been thorough, very beneficial and frankly First Class. Overall, I want to say I am so happy with all the work Outskirts did on my behalf, the way they continue to promote my book and the beautiful formatted interior and cover they designed. Thank you!”

Shellie Dunlap has had a romance with Nantucket Island for over twenty years. From the moment she first set eyes on the island, as the Steamship rounded the Brant Point Lighthouse, she knew she was home. She and her family spent seventeen years as summer residents before making a full-time move to the island in the fall of 2010. As a real estate agent on the island, Shellie discovered there were many residents and visitors who shared her passion for all things Nantucket, so she created a weekly blog and e-blast documenting her island activities and musings. Her quick wit, optimistic perspective and unique ability to create word pictures captivates clients, friends and Nantucket residents as she brings the island to life for them throughout the year. Originally from small town Iowa, Shellie and her husband Dan now call Nantucket home. Shellie is mom to three sons, a daughter and daughter-in-law and “Grammie” to three granddaughters. Her greatest joy is gathering all of them together to create new Nantucket Experiences.

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22 Miles out to sea, off the coast of Cape Cod Massachusetts, lies a little sliver of paradise called Nantucket Island. The magical experience begins the moment the ferry carrying bright-eyed visitors glides around the Brant Point Lighthouse and into Nantucket Harbor. Church steeples dot the horizon, gray shingled cottages line the wharf and sailboats bob on their moorings. As guests descend the boat ramp and step onto the brick-paved wharf there are so many quaint details it’s impossible to take them all in at once. One new island visitor was overheard saying, “It’s like Disneyland for grown-ups.” Tourists and summer residents get the opportunity to experience the island “in season” when all the shops and restaurants are in full swing and the population can swell to over 50,000. But those who call Nantucket home know the best kept secrets of the island are revealed all year long. Shellie Dunlap and her family had owned a house on Nantucket for over 17 years before deciding to make the island their permanent home. During her first year as a new full time resident of the island (affectionately referred to as a “wash ashore” by long time Nantucketers) Shellie learns there is more to the island than she ever dreamed possible and much she has yet to discover. Come join her as she ushers you through one year of island life and inspires you to create your own Nantucket Experience.

Larry W. Arrington, Ed.D., author of A Decade of Surprises

“Overall, I have been satisfied with OP’s publishing of all three of my books. Thanks for all of your help.”

Dr. Larry Arrington, now retired, spent his entire career as an educator. He graduated from Roanoke College in 1963 and was a four-year member of the track team. He later returned as the Head Coach of cross country and track from 1968 through 1974.

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In the 1960s, Roanoke College’s cross country and track men had the unenviable task of matching the successful performances of the teams of the 1950s, whose coach, Homer Bast, was a legend in state coaching circles. The athletes of the 1960s may not have won the same number of meets, but they were impressive. In track, for example, they matched or set some 46 school and 14 Alumni Field records over the 10-year period. This book is a successor to Dawn of a Sport and The Bast Boys, both focusing on the earlier years of the two sports at Roanoke.