The Fate of Our States is Great: 101 Poems on American History

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Bill Jordan is a sales manager by trade. He wrote for many publications during his time in college and still contributes to some websites. His first novel, Second Chance at Love, was published in 2018 by Outskirts Press and can be purchased online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Just a kid from Akron, OH, he lives, works, and writes in Ellicottville, NY with his wife and pets. He can be reached by email at You can follow him on Twitter @billjordan4.

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Rhyme your way through time with this entertaining collection of poems on American history. Immerse yourself in a unique journey through United States history. With sections covering significant events, important people and the presidents, this collection is guaranteed to bring you back to history class and help prepare you to win the fight during trivia night as you rhyme your way through time.