Introducing Sun Eastley, author of A Love to Remember

” After being deluded with my first publisher, I vowed myself not to return on their door-step, therefore, being adamant about it I started probing the website until I ran into the company’s name “Outskirts Press.” I was kind of dubious at first until I made the decision to take a chance, and to tell you the truth that risk was well worth it. Outskirt Press is totally different from other publishers; not only does it care about its authors but at the same time it takes care of its reputation because it doesn’t want it to be tarnished. Having said that, I’d recommended it to anyone who’s in search of a publisher.”

About Sun Eastley: Married with four children, the author continued with vigor and vitality a path that conducted him toward a goal in view of obtaining a bachelor degree in history and later on a master degree in Library Science. By the time he became a librarian, he wasn’t sure what life had in store for him. He continued working as a librarian after graduating from Pratt Institute until one day while he was on vacation from his job, he felt as if he was galvanized. Trying to ignore that galvanization he was then pushed to sit down with a pen and papers to start writing without knowing where the lore of writing was coming from, but he kept writing until he produced his first book. The author continued to embrace the writing in order to come up with his second book entitled “A Love to Remember”. The author is now living in Queens, New York with his family.

Product description…

Thomas and his wife Gloria were a happy married couple with a couple of kids. Unfortunately the way he envisaged life, was not the way things turned out. Happy with the woman that he worshiped, he never thought that he could face dilemmas regarding infidelity because that was not in his agenda to begin with. As a serious family man, he took all the necessary precautions to have a good matrimonial conduct until he ran into Tita. Eighteen years of age with a different image of life in mind, she pursued that man with all the strength of a living soul until she wove him into her web. Her revealing conduct would take you up to your seat and dropped you back down with a surprised emotion that had never before swathed your gray matter.