Introducing Barkev Khatchadourian, author of Patterns of Life

“I am very happy and pleased to be part of Outskirts Press published authors. Thank you.”

Barkev Khatchadourian, D.O., PH.D. Fellow of the Society for Nutrition and Preventive Medicine. He holds a doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine and Clinical Nutrition, he is a researcher in holistic medicine and is award winning by the American Holistic Sciences Physician award. Dr. Khatchadourian is the author of eight widely read books and is best known for his best-selling, Can I Feel Well If I Eat Well and Restore Health Prolong Life. Barkev spends much of his time on his own writing toward a new book.

Product description…

Patterns…Exemplars…Linear arms, which hold the various substances and understanding of humanity—the essence of virtue, the inseparable union. Here is a collection of true love and treasure, which become the fragments of life. Let these be food for the soul, filled with the patterns of life, which are the gift to the soul.