Introducing Leroy Lakey, author of What You Heard Is Not What I Meant

“I am very pleased with my experience with Outskirts Press. This is my first book and was looking for a very affordable way to get it published. At the price that I paid, I didn’t expect to get any extra benefits or suggestions. But what I did get was a great Publishing Consultant, Jerry, and a really great Author Representative, Jamie, who helped me work through several problems that I was experiencing. And after the book was published in record time, they are giving me many great suggestions to market my book with their Outskirts Press marketing Coach. I got all of this with a very reasonable low production cost.”

About Leroy Lakey: In this short book I have tried to raise some of these questions and explain some of my confusions. I still have a lot of questions as I suppose that most people do. It is my hope that within these pages that I at least give you some thoughts that you have not considered before. Perhaps you have accepted some answers about the scriptures without giving it much thought. I don’t like to accept things without at least considering other options. The idea for this book was originally to help my kids understand some of my often confusing ideas.

Product description…

There is an old quotation which has been attributed to Alan Greenspan that says “I know that you believe that you think you understand what you thought you heard me say, but what you don’t realize is that what you heard is not what I meant”. I quite often am reminded of this quote especially in my trying to understand the Bible and in my relationship to God.