Introducing William Pfirrman, author of Nightmare in Aurora

“At every stage of my publishing experience, I worked with individuals that were knowledgeable, pleasant to work with and displayed a level of professionalism that exceeded all of my expectations. Responses to questions and concerns were answered promptly and with information that was very helpful in resolving any concern or question that arose, making this, my first publishing experience, a very easy and rewarding experience for me. My author representative, Lisa, went above and beyond for me as she assisted me with some things that were clearly not her responsibility, but worked to make sure all my issues and concerns were promptly handled. I would highly recommend Outskirts Press to anyone seeking to have their work published. I do not believe you will find a more helpful, professional, or knowledgeable group of employee’s at any other self publishing company. I will look forward to working with them again on my next book.”

William Pfirrman is a Vietnam Era veteran who for the past 40 years has lived this Nightmare. This is a true story of a battle he fought against first, the local police, and then both the local authorities and the U.S. Air Force, the second battle the result of a betrayal by his one time friend and roommate is now being told.

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Book description…

Charley, while attempting to assist the local authorities in locating two missing girls, finds himself the subject of the investigation. He is shot at twice and jailed, before the investigation uncovers his innocence and the lies and deceit perpetrated by the newly promoted detective attempting to justify his use of deadly force on an unarmed suspect. Soon after he learns of his friend’s betrayal and once again needs to fight for justice and his liberty. A true story.