Introducing Carol Weygandt Smedley, author of If I Could Talk to the Trees: Children’s Outdoor Adventures

“Everyone at Outskirts Press was wonderful and has been helping me through the publishing process. I am a first time author, and knew nothing about it. It is so exciting! I never thought it would happen, but with your staff’s help you have made my dream come true! Thank you so very much!”

I have loved the outdoors and photography, for as long as I can remember. Being from a family of seven, had a lot to do with that. They are some of my fondest memories. I then spent five years studying Latin, botany, and horticulture at the well known Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. I had my own landscape business for about fifteen years when we lost our oldest daughter. Then came our two beautiful grandchildren by our only other child. Owen and Addison, literally saved my life. I recently have suffered a spinal injury doing a paver sidewalk that called for spinal fusion surgery( twice.) And these are the outdoor adventures that I wrote for them. My vision now is to share them with all children to excite them on this subject. There are ten stories full of great information for boys and girls. Clues on every page to help them appreciate and preserve the nature of the world around them. I hope that you enjoy them as well.

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Book description…

Children’s Outdoor Adventures with secrets of nature and it’s very survival.