Adios, Havana: A Memoir by Andrew J. Rodriguez

“I have published three books with Outskirts Press. The company’s professional staff, impeccable ethics, top-notch service, and outstanding finished product have enabled me to fulfill a life’s dream: to become a successfully published author.”

– Andrew J. Rodriguez


HAVANA…lilting rumbas, aromatic coffee, sultry sea breezes. Sparkling white beaches by day, scintillating nightclubs after dark. This sophisticated,
international capital was the crown jewel of an island paradise–until the idealism that fed the Cuban Revolution yielded a nightmare of soul-crushing

ADIOS HAVANA is a true account of romance and peril, adventure and patriotism. Fueled by love–love of family, of country, and of each other–a young couple must face the most wrenching of choices: remain in the country they cherish, lose the wealth and position their families strove for generations to attain, and watch their children grow up impoverished under a terrifying regime; or risk escaping with no money or possessions and leave behind
everything they have ever known to begin a new life in a strange land.

Andrew Rodriguez’s memoir paints his struggle, along with his young bride, to escape the communist betrayal at any cost. “Adios Havana” is a stirring
energetic portrait of 1950s Cuba–its joys, its wonders, and its griefs–through the eyes of two teenagers who lived it. His story of the tragedy that is Cuba is both informed and enriched by his present perspective as a prosperous, self-made businessman and grandfather, grateful for the opportunities extended to him when he arrived virtually destitute on American soil.

A legacy to future generations, this memoir is intended to remind readers of the fragility of freedom…to describe the disintegration of a prosperous civilized society and offer counsel on how to prevent a similar catastrophe from happening in America…and to show how and why penniless refugees flourish in the land of the free–why anyone who resists oppression would be driven to tell his beloved homeland, Adios!

A former business executive, Andrew J. Rodriguez dedicates his retirement years to writing and family. In addition to this memoir, he is the author of The Teleportation of an American Teenager, a novel for all ages. He and his wife live in Colorado and Florida.