Introducing Richard Rosenblatt, author of On Borrowed Time

“Brittney’s knowledge and courtesy are boundless.”

Richard Rosenblatt spent his youth in art, music, and photography schools, and made countless trips on the greatest steamships of the 1930s. A West Point graduate of 1949, Rosenblatt became a pilot in Europe; an OSI counter-intelligence analyst and linguist in Wiesbaden and in Paris; a onetime parachute instructor with the Foreign Legion in Algeria; and aide to the head of the Strategic Air Command Depot in Casablanca, Morocco. His career then moved to include industrial engineering, advertising, media, underwriting, the law, and publishing, and he co-authored the novel Black Gold Gray. Rosenblatt won five gold medals in the Senior Olympics in San Diego, and now, past the age of 90, he lives in La Jolla, California.

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Richard Rosenblatt may hold the world record for sheer number of lifetime pursuits, professions, and adventures…In his remarkable autobiography, Rosenblatt shares scenes from a glamorous childhood in the south of France, to dinner at the Biltmore in New York City with Eddie Rickenbacker and Jimmie Doolittle. Lunch with Albert Einstein. Tea with Eleanor Roosevelt, Lauren Bacall, the Sultan of Morocco, the Duke of Windsor, Salvador Dali, Marc Chagall, Jackson Pollock, and Kurt Weill… Rosenblatt met the rulers of Russia, Spain, France, Morocco, the United States, and other world leaders-as well as movie stars and moguls, captains of industry, the world’s greatest scientists, generals, explorers, athletes, crooks, gamblers, and sociopaths. On Borrowed Time is an extraordinary memoir-the true story of an extraordinary life-by a man who “wanted to experience everything.”

Introducing Patricia (Pat) A. Floyd, Ph.D., author of The Big Red Clock

“The Outskirts Press book team were professional, friendly, knowledgeable, efficient and made my publishing experience a joy. They went out of their way to please and make my book successful. Thanks to all of you.”

Dr. Patricia (Pat) Floyd received her PhD from Florida State University. Retired after 45 years of teaching at all levels in public education, and as university professor of undergraduate and graduate students, she is the co-author of twelve college textbooks. Pat was born and reared in her beloved Luverne, Alabama, where she developed a deep love for her people. She is an avid international traveler, a Belted Galloway cattle rancher, a volunteer, actress, community activist, and the founder of “Voices of Luverne” and “Voices of Crenshaw County.” She loves working with people, helping students, and making a difference in the world.

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“The Big Red Clock” is the story of a big red clock on a tall red post that sits right in the center of Luverne, Alabama-known as the Friendliest City in the South! The Big Red Clock was proud to be the focal point of Friendly City. Everyone greeted him as they passed by and they were grateful to know the time of day. The Big Red Clock was a very happy clock…until one day when storms damaged his working parts. He ended up in a dusty, dark warehouse for many months before the city leaders sent him to be repaired at the Tick-Tock Bells and Clock Factory Hospital in Cincinnati. There, the Big Red Clock was reunited with his clock family…but he missed his friends in Friendly City. It took a long time for the Big Red Clock to recover, but finally he was rushed back to Friendly City. All the happy people gathered around as he was placed on his Big Red Post to tell all the Friendly people when it was time to go to work or school, when it was time to go to lunch, and when it was time to go home and have dinner with their families. Today, the cheerful, mighty sound of the Big Red Clock can be heard throughout the Friendliest City in the South. Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Boing, Ding-dong, Clang!

Introducing Kay Peterson, author of Beating the Odds

“Do you wish you knew more about your parents’ lives before you entered it? We each have a unique story and having it in print is a gift to family and friends. After I wrote my life story-Beating the Odds-Outskirts Press guided me with the publishing consultant’s advice, through production decisions, to the marketing tips. Unlike a previous publisher, Outskirts Press allowed me to select only the extra services I needed without any pressure to exceed my budget. The Outskirts Press print-on-demand service was fast and efficient in filling book orders. Now Outskirts Press is publishing my novel-13 Days in Africa-while I decide what type of book I want to write next. I highly recommend Outskirts Press to writers who are disillusioned with ‘traditional’ publishers and especially to first-time authors.”

Kay Peterson’s articles, books, and seminars have encouraged countless dreamers of the wanderer’s lifestyle to take the plunge. Joe and Kay were named among the 100 people who most influenced the RV industry during its first century, and Kay has published eight non-fiction books, including the first book ever published on full-time RV living.

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The Escapees RV Club was founded by Joe and Kay Peterson in 1978. Originally there was no detailed plan-the Petersons were simply two working travelers who wanted to make the RV lifestyle the best it could be for themselves and for fellow travelers. They had no idea that over 100,000 Escapees members would eventually join the club! With a magazine, an RV park system, a licensed adult day care center, and the largest mail service under one roof, the Escapees RV Club is now one of the largest in the industry. It provides a total support network for all RVers. The Petersons have inspired countless others to follow their dreams and discover the joy of this traveling lifestyle. Along their journey, Joe and Kay learned lessons in resilience, compassion, and an understanding that it is people-not places-that are important. In Beating the Odds, Kay Peterson shares the memories of their mistakes, disappointments, and heartaches. She shares her family’s history and how it all led to finding Joe, her soul mate, and the lifestyle that gave them so much happiness.

Introducing Bernard E Bentley, author of Little Ben’s Pledge

“A special thanks to the Outskirts Press team for the great quality book and for an outstanding publishing experience. I have published in the past, but nothing has compared to what I received through Outskirts Press. The amount of options that I was given and the fact that I was kept in the loop throughout the entire process was greatly appreciated. I have referred Outskirts Press to all of my writing associates and Outskirts Press is my only consideration for publishing in the future.”

Bernard E. Bentley owns a telecommunications/energy business in Seattle Washington. Formerly involved in acting and modeling, the author also writes and produces local plays. He has over 30 years experience in martial arts. Loving language study, Bernard speaks Tagalog and Haitian Kreyol. He also studies Vietnamese. The author is an ordained Elder and ministers in the State of Washington with his wife, Natacha Bentley.

Product description…

In this book “Little Ben’s Pledge” Little Ben makes a pledge of allegiance to the people of Africa, America, Australia, England, Japan, Mexico, Native America, and the Philippines. These stories are full of fun and exciting observations about the people and countries that Ben loves. Take a trip around the world, meet the people, view the landscape, taste the delicious food, and experience their entertainment. Written in rollicking rhyme, this is sure to be your favorite reading choice at bedtime.

Tin Lizard Tales: Reflections from a Train by Schuyler T. Wallace

“Outskirts Press, you have let the cat out of the bag. You have revealed the plot. You have blabbed the end of the movie. There’s nothing mysterious about getting a book published and you have given away the secret.

At writing conferences and workshops I’ve attended, the main topic of discussion isn’t about how to write better. Everything revolves around how to get books published. When agents lectured, I always heard how difficult it was to even get them to read your book, much less represent you. Editors always made it clear that the odds were stacked against an unknown writer but ‘you should not get discouraged – keep writing.’ Publishers passed out impressive numbers on books sold and author perks they provided, but the list of authors receiving these benefits contained well-known names that sell a lot of books. Mystifying and perplexing stuff.

So, all the time I was writing, I spent a lot of time wondering what I was going to do with the final product. I talked to a lot to author friends, many who used POD publishers, none of whom were totally satisfied with the service they’d received. I think a miracle led me to Outskirts Press where I finally cast my lot and what a wonderful decision it turned out to be. The mystery was solved.

My author rep was a wonderful guide who patiently led me through the maze. The cover designer designed a custom cover that I think captured the spirit of my book beautifully. The book designer took the cover design and ran with it when developing the interior format. As a result, Tin Lizard Tales: Reflections from a Train is a magnificent book, if I do say so myself.

Thanks, Outskirts Press.  All I have to do now is follow the tips provided through the Marketing COACH to reap the profits. Hopefully, there will be some.”

– Schuyler T. Wallace


A train trip provides the opportunity to blow off steam.

The author, while on a train trip through the United States and Canada, describes and comments on the people and places he sees. His reflections–sometimes critical, sometimes comical–are eye opening and wide in scope. The reader will enjoy Wallace’s swats at thoughtless people, cringe at his depictions of animal cruelty, and laugh out loud at the personal predicaments he and his wife confront. Environmental stupidity, life in big cities, foolishness disguised as zealotry, terrorism, and political hacks are just a few of the topics he kicks around using the insight and common sense one might expect from an opinionated old man who’s been around. Surprisingly, he also conveys warmth and unblushing tenderness–a threat to his crusty reputation.

Born and raised in California, Schuyler T. Wallace is a retired fire chief who wants to be a journalist when he gets older. He’s in his seventies, although declining to say at which end, and a heavy reader and coffee drinker. He thinks he knows a lot about everything and in his first book, TIN LIZARD TALES: REFLECTIONS FROM A TRAIN, he attempts to convince all the doubters.

Adios, Havana: A Memoir by Andrew J. Rodriguez

“I have published three books with Outskirts Press. The company’s professional staff, impeccable ethics, top-notch service, and outstanding finished product have enabled me to fulfill a life’s dream: to become a successfully published author.”

– Andrew J. Rodriguez


HAVANA…lilting rumbas, aromatic coffee, sultry sea breezes. Sparkling white beaches by day, scintillating nightclubs after dark. This sophisticated,
international capital was the crown jewel of an island paradise–until the idealism that fed the Cuban Revolution yielded a nightmare of soul-crushing

ADIOS HAVANA is a true account of romance and peril, adventure and patriotism. Fueled by love–love of family, of country, and of each other–a young couple must face the most wrenching of choices: remain in the country they cherish, lose the wealth and position their families strove for generations to attain, and watch their children grow up impoverished under a terrifying regime; or risk escaping with no money or possessions and leave behind
everything they have ever known to begin a new life in a strange land.

Andrew Rodriguez’s memoir paints his struggle, along with his young bride, to escape the communist betrayal at any cost. “Adios Havana” is a stirring
energetic portrait of 1950s Cuba–its joys, its wonders, and its griefs–through the eyes of two teenagers who lived it. His story of the tragedy that is Cuba is both informed and enriched by his present perspective as a prosperous, self-made businessman and grandfather, grateful for the opportunities extended to him when he arrived virtually destitute on American soil.

A legacy to future generations, this memoir is intended to remind readers of the fragility of freedom…to describe the disintegration of a prosperous civilized society and offer counsel on how to prevent a similar catastrophe from happening in America…and to show how and why penniless refugees flourish in the land of the free–why anyone who resists oppression would be driven to tell his beloved homeland, Adios!

A former business executive, Andrew J. Rodriguez dedicates his retirement years to writing and family. In addition to this memoir, he is the author of The Teleportation of an American Teenager, a novel for all ages. He and his wife live in Colorado and Florida.