Introducing Jack Manning, author of Train The Trainer for Sales and Customer Service

“My rep took much time with me. She was great.”

Jack Manning has owned his own training business since 1988. He was with AT&T for 20 years as a trainer, District Sales/Customer Service Manager. He consulted for Verizon, training and writing their sales/customer service workbooks for ten years. He has conducted thousands of seminars nationally and internationally. He is a dedicated father of four with his wife Joan. They have lived in Havertown, PA since 1974.

Product description…

Jack Manning Associates offers a three day train-the-trainer seminar complete with a 30-page customer service sales workbook and a 30-page train-the-trainer step-by-step guide.

Who should attend:

  • New or inexperienced trainers
  • People who want to become corporate trainers
  • People who want to start their own home-based training business
  • People who want to become certified trainers

Course content:

The train-the-trainer guide has pages on the left side that allow you, the trainer, to conduct a seminar with participant pages on the right side. This enables you to have all the answers right in front of you as you conduct the course. The customer service or sales course is a half-day seminar for up to 12 people, which you can revise to meet your specific training personality.

Jack Manning will personally conduct the first half-day seminar for you while you take notes as a participant. The remainder of the seminar is devoted to you personally conducting parts of the seminar with coaching and reinforcement techniques from Jack Manning.

Jack Manning Associates is owned by Jack Manning since 1988. He was with Verizon for 21 years and wrote all their sales and customer service training materials. Jack will be on call for you for one year to answer all questions at no charge.


Two day seminar at $3500 in your offices with 4 people or less. Three day seminar at $5000 with 10 people or less. Contact us at or 610-449-2389.