Introducing Donna Sorbello, author of Daughter of Liberty

“My experience of working with Outskirts Press was very good! Thank you to my Author Representative for all of her efforts with me. She was very responsive and patient with someone like me who had computer issues and had a complicated book to print.”

Donna Sorbello is a professional actress, a published playwright and poetess, and a professor of acting and playwriting. She has written for various publications and has degrees from Emerson College and Boston University. Married, Donna returned to her New England roots after several years in New York City. Her theatre experience playing varied roles, a visit to the Paul Revere House, and her daughter’s innate ability to imaginatively live in the past, all inspired her first historical novel, Daughter of Liberty.

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Book description…

Two Worlds. A Spry Ring. Friendship that defies time. Mary Grayson Pratt, a typical eleven-year old, is bored with sight-seeing with her parents in historic Boston. But the journey Mary takes into the past is well beyond sight-seeing. Mary is plunged into the center of the excitement and intrigue of the American Revolution. How will she find her way home? The meaning and impact of true friendship, loss, and personal beliefs, are all important challenges Mary must face on her journey. How Mary’s story is resolved carries the reader into a world of historical tumult and human connections that span time.