Introducing Dale Bronstein, author of Max Duncan: The Devil’s Backbone

“The people I worked with were all great, easy to communicate with and very helpful. It was a great experience. I will start writing the second one this summer.”

Dale Bronstein lives in the Bahamas with his wife Carmen and their two rescue dogs Whiskey and Nash. As a long time supporter of numerous charitable organizations, the royalties generated from the Max Duncan series will be donated between The Bahamas Humane Society and The SPCA.

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Book description…

When Max Duncan takes a call from his longtime friend and mentor Michael Darrington, he has no idea that he will soon be dragged out of retirement and thrown headlong into the mysterious underbelly of offshore banking. And it isn’t long before he is not only fighting to keep himself alive, but all those around him as his faceless adversary launches a relentless and escalating war against him. It’s a race against time-from the shores of Vancouver to the beaches of the Bahamas-as Max watches the systematic attack against one of the most powerful and influential offshore banks unfold. But it soon becomes clear that, along with his enemies on the outside, there are people working from within-people who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Introducing Ralph Demers, author of The Scarab Toccata

“I couldn’t have done it without Jamie and Elaine. Patient, wise and persevering, Jamie was a strength.”

Born of Irish and Irish-American parents, R​alph Demers divided his early years between Ireland and the U.S.— New York City and Connecticut. He studied at Crosby, and spent a shaky patch in a Jesuit Seminary for a short time. Shocked to find they were serious about sexual abstinence, he moved on to Fordham University, the University of Miami, and the Université de Paris à La Sorbonne. Between Fordham and the Sorbonne, he served as a member of U.S. Marines Special Forces (Recon Co), and afterward was affiliated with a ‘Government Intelligence-gathering group’ for a time​, the basis for this novel. In fits and starts, he was alternately an actor, mercenary, screen writer, boxer, tennis player, poet and novelist. He now lives in Florida. He is also the author of “Sand Dollars,” another Fiction Romance Thriller.

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Book description…

From the Colombian jungle, to Harlem, from Washington D.C. to Hawaii, and eventually from Laos to Armageddon, a constantly endangered David Devine quixotically chases down the roots of the heroin trade. Not from any patriotic fervor but from burning personal rage! As sub-text, the drug war in Laos alternates from idyllic to heart-rending devastation. Scarab is the dybbuk who threads through the web. For him diabolical is not a cliché, not hyperbole, he’s evil-incarnate. Devoid of all human decency, a consortium of Corporate types, and CIA rogues at the highest level manipulate the world for dark profits. The Neo-Knights Templar! Soulless, morally-dead men, gods unto themselves. Under the aegis of the Templars, Scarab touches everyone and everything. The Scarab Toccata.

Introducing Dan Blair, author of Pretty Blue Death

“Jamie always got back to me promptly on any questions I had.”

Dan Blair is a retired executive from a multi-national consumer products company. Dan and his wife, Ronda, live in southern Ohio and enjoy their grandkids, traveling and the occasional book. Please follow my Facebook page, Pretty Blue Death, where I’ll be sharing a lot of what went into writing the book and insights I gained in the process.

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Book description…

A psychopath targets a group of friends. A page-turning thriller with lots of twists! Mark and Daly Ford are living the good life in southern California. Busy building their security company in the San Fernando Valley, they are shocked when a long-time friend drowns unexpectedly, shaking their world. Just as the alarm of losing a good friend subsides, another friend dies suddenly. Mark and Daly are thrust into asking if their friends’ deaths could be more than coincidence…and perhaps a deadly vendetta being carried out against their close-knit group. Worse yet, could the person behind these deaths be someone from within their group of friends? Mark and Daly plunge headlong into solving the mystery, joining forces with a police sergeant from Scotland Yard, Sean McClarey, on loan to Santa Monica PD in this nonstop thriller. Will they unravel the twisted intentions driving the serial killings in time to save their friends? Will they be next on the killer’s list?

Introducing Timothy F. Clifford, author of Thru the Devil’s Door

“This has been something I thought I could never do. Everyone told me you needed to be well-known to get your first book published. Then, I found Outskirts Press. I did a lot of research before picking Outskirts Press. Outskirts Press was a great help throughout the whole process. They walked me through every step. And the great thing is, I had full control of my book rights. Without the great staff of OP, I’d still be dreaming of becoming an author. Thank you, Outskirts Press!”

A veteran of governmental agency work, author Timothy Clifford brings a working knowledge of science and computers to his first novel. Thru the Devil’s Door is his most recent endeavor in a series of creative pursuits. Email:

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Book description…

The sign said: “Warning, you are entering a hazardous area.” There were all sorts of stories of what was going on in the facility, in the secret laboratories behind close doors. As I was cleared to enter through the labyrinth of rooms and hallways, strange smells and the screams of animals filled the air. I should have followed my first instincts, but I shook them off as just a bad case of nerves. All I knew was that the government had hired me for my computer skills. I should have known something was terribly wrong when they began to give me all those shots for smallpox, yellow fever, anthrax, and the plague.

Introducing Skip Stover, author of The Ghosts of Governor’s Bridge

“After years of searching for a reputable publisher Outskirts Press delivered everything I needed as a new author. I have researched commercial and POD publishers and Outskirts won hands down. Simply because you can choose to keep your book in print as long as you desire.”

Skip Stover has authored numerous books and has won many awards for his writings.Look for the movie trailer on this novel. Update The filming of the trailer was finished on 6/10/2011 and is available for viewing on You Tube, Link to You Tube Type in >>: Ghost of Governors Bridge, Facebook and other sites.

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Book description…

Seventeen-year-old Sarah has plenty to be excited about. She’s about to graduate from high school and is dating the hottest guy on campus–a grade-A stud named Derrick. But lately, she’s had the weirdest image etched in her mind. It’s always the same—a young woman on the bridge, holding a child. As if she is going to jump. When she ask her friend Alice about it, she learns of a horrifying urban legend that bears a striking resemblance. The story involves a young girl who has a baby out of wedlock in the 70’s, keeping the news secret from her parents, including her minister father. When it’s revealed, the baby brings shame upon the family. And it’s said,that after getting into a fight with her dad, the girl ran off with her baby to the Governor’s Bridge. There a mysterious old man promises her warmth and safety–but the truth is too terrible to imagine. Years later, Sarah’s family has moved into the same house, as the girl in the so-called legend. And when Sarah and Derrick become romantically involved, the consequences threaten to repeat history. Suddenly Sarah is being haunted by visions of a peculiar old man….Will Sarah end up suffering the same fate?

Introducing Roy Albert Andrade, author of Cultivating the DNA of Crime

“Outskirts Press opened the door to the literary world. I just walked through it by opening an account. If, I remember correctly, I entered an email address, and provided a down payment. I was contacted by email, and asked to provide a time, and date I would be available to discuss my manuscript. The telephone conversation lasted nearly 30 minutes, and I learned what to expect before publication. I was exalted, because I knew this was going to be the beginning of a new friendship. I met various people through Outskirts Press in the production phase, and maintained excellent communication with them through email. Outskirts Press helped Cultivating the DNA of Crime come to fruition, and provided all the essential marketing solutions on a single webpage. I’m extremely happy with the outcome, and am currently working with George Pryce, a veteran of public relations. He read Cultivating the DNA of Crime, and was electrified. He was impressed, and commented on the interior design, title, cover art, synopsis, etc. Outskirts Press made this possible, and I am very grateful. The only thing I rue, and I thought about this the other day, is not having an ‘acknowledgment’ page. Where I can thank Outskirt Press, and provide the names of the individuals that participated in the production of Cultivating the DNA of Crime. The next manuscript we publish will have one.”

Roy Albert Andrade was born in Pacoima, California. He graduated with an Associates of Arts degree with concentrations in business from the University of Phoenix in 2011. Cultivating the DNA of Crime is his first novel.

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Book description…

Killer is a boy who lives with his parents in a two-story house in Sylmar, California. And when he’s not playing video games or watching TV, this thirteen-year-old child prodigy can be found working with a high-profile criminal organization. Killer is an asset desired by criminal enterprises worldwide—he’s young, intelligent, charismatic, and most importantly, he’s a killer. In this humorous and contemporary novel, Killer provides the reader a first-person point of view of the environmental factors that influence criminal behavior.

Introducing Larry Austin, author of SEER: Seer Series Book One

“Colleen was great – very patient and helpful.”

Larry Austin is a first time novelist who lives and works on Cape Cod, MA, where he is passionate about his writing, his work as a psychotherapist, gardening, fishing and shell-fishing. In a previous life, he worked full time as a rock musician.

Product description…

In 2028, a manmade nano-virus, crafted to meld plastic and steel, is used to create a material that is light, yet incredibly strong. While this new material revolutionizes thousands of products in everyday use, it also results in a new and deadly virus. Thirty-six year old Michael Macalister, the doctor heading up the government project to find a cure for the disease, comes to realize the impossibility of the task. His projections show that eighty percent of the world’s population will die from it. As one civilization collapses, he and a band of colleagues seek to start a new one based in a colony in western Massachusetts, learning to survive and defend themselves. When two rogue members split off and return with a well-armed mob seeking to seize control, Macalister, hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned, must find a way to ensure the survival of the colony.