Introducing Michele Bledsoe, author of Painting, Passion and the Art of Life

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Michele Bledsoe has been exhibiting her paintings and drawings in art galleries for almost 20 years. Inspired by the beautifully illustrated children’s books she grew up with, Michele started creating art when she was a child-and never stopped.

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Book description…

The desire to create is a gift from God. Painting, Passion and the Art of Life is an inspirational, artistic journey that will change the way you think and feel about your own gifts, your purpose and your impact on the world around you. These easy-to-read meditations on painting and drawing contain universal messages on work, love and life. This thought-provoking collection of poetic anecdotes read like parables or psalms on creative action as a spiritual revelation of God’s grace. Painting, Passion and the Art of Life gives creative people of all ages the motivation and enthusiasm to cultivate their gifts, share their talents, and recognize their place in the fellowship of life. These heartwarming stories will inspire the reader to embrace their purpose, and to recognize the profound impact that dedication, faith and vision has on family, friends and all those who connect with us.