Introducing Jim Davis, author of The Last Resort: Going Back to Mexico

“Like many authors, I am interested in writing, not the details of publishing. When I discovered One-Click publishing, I said to myself, This is for me. Now I can go back to writing.”

Jim Davis is professor and dean emeritus at the University of Denver. The author of eight academic books, he is now retired from teaching and administration to work full time on writing fiction. The Last Resort is his debut novel. Widely traveled, Jim lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife Adelaide, who is originally from Brazil. Jim can be reached at: Home page: Email: Facebook: Jim Davis, author

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Book description…

Marquito Gonzales, an outstanding student and high school track star, is forced to return to Mexico with his undocumented parents. The young man has lost everything-his chance to go to college, his girlfriend, and his dreams. After ten years in America, Marquito is now a waiter at the upscale Sunset Point Hotel in Cabo San Lucas, and he is angry, confused, and vulnerable. When he meets a red-haired runaway radical named Ashley-a tattooed gringa who feeds his anger and resentment-together they formulate a plan to shut down the resort and terrorize the guests. Time-share owners at Sunset Point, Vera and Ollie Webster sit at Marquito’s table for breakfast each morning. Now retired, Ollie questions the value of his law career and ponders anew the purpose of life. Vera, a retired social worker, wants to do some good with their wealth before they die by helping the workers they have befriended, particularly Marquito, who seems so lost and upset. Can she match him up with Maribel, the dimpled breakfast cook who watches him with loving eyes? Set against the glorious backdrop of a five-star Mexican hotel, The Last Resort is an unforgettable novel about losing one dream and building another. It’s the story of young romance as well as the love between an older couple, longtime friends who together discover a greater purpose for their lives.

Introducing Jules Lombard, author of …And Soldiers

“It was a pleasure dealing with Outskirts Press. The staff’s professionalism is a whole lot better than what I am accustomed with from other publishers.”

Shortly after 9/11, Jules Lombard was face-to-face with someone he suspected of being an Al Qaeda sympathizer. He simply had to write this book. A Las Vegas resident, the author is also a blogger with a huge following and is an avid ballroom dancer.

Product description…

Exploding car gas tanks in a major East Coast city seal the fate of two anti-heroes and set in motion one of the biggest manhunts ever launched by the FBI. …And Soldiers is a story of men in their worst days and their strong-willed women who in the midst of a jumble of miscalculations are swept by the violent currents into the vortex of the world’s terror stage. The storyline delivers a punch from start to finish, inexorably drawing its motley crew of discontents and anti-heroes to their violent ends or retirement. The book explores the mindset of Muslims who burst onto America’s cities with vengeance in their hearts. Once you pick up this book and get into your usual rhythm, you will not lay it down until you see what happens in the end. The story line is gripping and the characters sizzle as if performing on stage. It is an intellectual narrative filled with suspense.

Introducing Randall Bennett, author of Taking Up The Sword

“When I began the publishing process, I had no idea what I was doing or what to expect and felt like a stranger in a strange land. The story I had to tell is one of fighting terrorism as a Senior Special Agent around the world and it represents 20-plus years of my life in the worst of all situations. I needed guidance and Outskirts Press and their exceptionally knowledgeable and patient Coaches and Advisers led me with understanding and compassion through the steps and even produced the perfect cover to represent my memoir “Taking Up The Sword”. I cannot thank them enough. I should also note that their follow-up marketing advice after the book gets published is worth gold.”

Randall Bennett became a Special Agent in 1987 and has received numerous awards and commendations, including the FBI Director’s Award for Excellence in International Terrorism Investigations, The Diplomatic Security Service Special Agent and Employee of the Year, The U.S. Department of State Award for Heroism, Spain’s Medal of Merit with Distinguished White Cross, several awards from the Pakistan Ministry of Interior, the country of Ukraine, and others from the U.S. Marine Corp, the CIA, DEA, ATF, U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Coast Guard, and many others. He is currently retired but continues to provide security expertise overseas as a contractor for the Diplomatic Security Service.

Product description…

Randall Bennett, Special Agent for the U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service, served 25 years in exotic and dangerous postings all over the world. With humor and other times through the heartbreak and drama that accompanies the loss of friends from violent acts of terrorists, his memoir reveals his evolution from a new Special Agent to one of the most experienced in the U.S. Government. Bennett and his various teams approached each mission with intense focus, courage, and compassion. Taking Up the Sword relates the wide range of his adventures, from searching for narco-terrorist operations in the Colombian jungle with the true Tarzan of the Amazon, to rescuing abandoned family pets and a baby gorilla while protecting the American citizens in Kinshasa, Zaire, to risking his own life trying to save Wall Street Journal Reporter Daniel Pearl. It includes the actions that led to the capture of “The Dirty Bomber” Jose Padilla, as well as his nearly six years in Pakistan and a tour as head of security for the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Iraq. Bennett survived bombings, rockets, and assaults against himself and those he was sworn to protect throughout his highly decorated career, all while doing a job he loves. With an original and fascinating perspective, Special Agent Bennett takes you behind the scenes-to the jungles, deserts, mountains, and exotic back streets of foreign countries-where these elite and highly trained Special Agents do things that books are written about and movies are made for-quietly and often without recognition.

Introducing Wallace Williams, author of Stand Down

“I was very pleased with the overall experience. The individual who upgraded my book cover did an incredible job. I can’t wait to see what she does with my current manuscript.”

While serving in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War, Wallace schooled hundreds of students in martial arts along with his other duties. After completing his military service, Wallace returned to college where he focused his energies on business, marketing and writing. Wallace Williams spent the last twenty years working as a regional sales manager in the new housing and commercial products industry. Through most of Wallace’s adult career, he maintained a second career as the head instructor of a highly successful martial arts school located in Northern California. In his spare time Wallace can often be seen on the back roads of Southern California riding his Chevy V-8 powered “Boss Hoss” motorcycle. Wallace’s passion for writing fuels his life with energy and enthusiasm. He finds this full time endeavor to be highly rewarding and extremely therapeutic. He is actively working on his next manuscript.

Product description…

A long term plan is hatched in June of 1998 to bring death and destruction to America. The operation is conceived, planned, financed and launched by a new Islamic power. They recruit potential candidates, provide a college education and upon graduation the trainees are sent to training camps in order to become master craftsmen in promoting terror, mayhem and death to their enemy. Each recruit is taught a specialized skill within the cell. When the recruits accept the offer to receive a college education and join I.S.L.A.M., they are locked into the program and there is no dropping out. The training is grueling and the stakes for the recruit’s successful completion carries life and death consequences as failure is not an option. In 2006 the recruit’s begin the dangerous illegal infiltration process into the United States. The sleeper cells integrated into nine major cities with large Muslim communities. The nine independent cells have an assigned handler providing financial help, housing, documents and networking capabilities. The handlers supply the needed networking capabilities to help them achieve the job placement specified by their superiors. Each cell is totally independent and has no knowledge of the other eight to prevent exposure of the entire operation. The “sleeper cells” have no idea when they will be called upon to activate and bring the country to its knees, raining down terror and destruction on the “Great Satan.” If successful, thousands of Americans will die and the face of America will change forever.