Introducing Karen Lee Snyder, author of Loony Lori

“My book Loony Lori was a top item on my bucket list. I am in my late sixties and so I wanted to publish this story. My husband did all the illustrations so it was indeed very special to me. I was amazed at how easy it was and fast with the help of Outskirts Press! I hope to publish a second book within another year. It, too, will deal with the bullying issue. I had reviewed another self-publishing company and felt there was so much more offered through Outskirts Press. Thank you for checking off a big item on my bucket list. My Loony Lori book was a finished product of quality. I have no complaints and believe me… I’m very picky!”

Karen Lee Snyder lives in Lake Elsinore, California with her husband and three small dogs. She has been active in community service for many years, receiving awards for her work with various organizations. She has chaired several boards, including being elected to serve in a public office. She is listed in Marquis’ 23rd edition of Who’s Who in the West. She and her husband collaborated on Loony Lori as author and illustrator. This is their first book.

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Book description…

Lori is a little different from the other girls in her new third-grade class. She dresses differently, and likes to play with the boys at recess. It’s wonderful when Marsha, one of the popular girls, asks her where she got her beautiful cowboy jacket. They immediately bond, making a cross-your-heart-and-hope-to-die promise to walk home together every day. The next day, Marsha confronts the other girls for calling her new friend “Loony Lori.” But the girls turn against her, and Marsha has to pick a side. Confused, she decides she doesn’t want to be included in the teasing, and avoids Lori. Heartbroken, Lori walks home alone, not understanding why her friend has changed her mind. But Lori has a valuable lesson to learn about the meaning of true friendship. Set in the 1950s, Loony Lori explains the concept of a fair-weather friend in language that children can relate to. Although the clothes and games have changed, children will see that the problems kids face in school and growing up haven’t changed…and that the adults in their lives now were once kids, just like they are. Loony Lori’s accessible and powerful story is brought to life by colorful illustrations that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

Introducing Doug Fratianne, PhD, author of Being Different

“I was very pleasantly surprised by the rapid and professional way my questions were addressed and solved. This was my first self-published book so I was learning as we proceeded. Even changes that were not part of the normal original plan were allowed, and every step was not completed until I was completely satisfied. I posed a number of questions and every one was addressed to my satisfaction. Every step of the publishing plan seemed logical and well defined. I went from an original contact with Outskirts Press to a finished copy of my book delivered to my address in less than 2 months.”

Doug Fratianne, Ph.D. is retired from a career that spanned thirty years as an educator at the university level. That background did not prepare him for the stories told to him by some of his grandchildren regarding the bullying that goes on in their schools on a daily basis. Learning of the frequency and extent of such situations was something of a revelation. Hearing these stories of bullying, then, formed the motivation to write this book, although the story lines are fictional. While bullying might be considered to be a negative basis for a story, the major emphasis in this book is on personal determination and friendship.

Product description…

Being Different follows Trudy through her three years of middle school. She is faced with serious speech difficulties, and she must cope with teasing and bullying from classmates. She befriends a girl who was her most abusive bully with a selfless gesture of good will that converts this girl to a friend. Later, when this new friend faces a serious challenge of her own, the two girls form a closer bond as each play a significant role in helping the other overcome the reason that they are different than their classmates. Both girls show a great deal of courage in overcoming their respective difficulties, which produces an uplifting story of determination and extraordinary friendship. Perhaps Being Different can give hope to other youngsters who face challenges and who are bullied themselves.