Introducing Myrna Lovett, author of A Childhood Without Amenities

“I would like to say thank you very much to the production team of Outskirts Press. They did an amazing job in my book “A Childhood Without Amenities”. They were very nice to me and helped me publish my first memoir book. Again, a million of thanks to Outskirts Press for doing the excellent job! You made my dream came true. I highly recommend Outskirts Press for someone who is a first time author like me. May God bless you all!”

Myrna Lovett is a full-time wife and mother. She has a son who is six, and a stepson who is sixteen. She was born and raised in the Philippines, and has lived in the United States since 2005. She earned an associate’s degree and majored in general studies at Central Texas College.

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Book description…

A Childhood Without Amenities is a searing, heartbreaking, inspiring memoir of survival and determination. This is the story of a girl who had nothing in life to cherish except the very fact that she was alive. At the age of six, her mother invited her to commit suicide. But despite this shocking psychological and emotional abuse, Myrna learned how to dig deep into the very core of her being, to find the will to survive. This extraordinary personal story offers hope and the possibility of healing to those who have survived or are in the process of dealing with similar circumstances, or with the stress and trauma of any type of abuse. Myrna will show you that even in the darkest hour, you can be a hero to yourself, and you can make a difference in your own life by making choices that are good and right. With faith, persistence, and a strong commitment to moving forward in light despite dark days past, Myrna shows you that miracles are possible.

Introducing Mary James, author of When Freedom Turned Green

“I was pleased with my publishing experience through Outskirts Press. It was great to open the box and see my book for the first time. Thank you for helping make my dream a reality.”

Mary James is an avid outdoors person and has a longtime interest in wild edibles, wilderness and urban survival skills. She grew up in the high desert, in the heart of the recreational region of Central Oregon. When Freedom Turned Green is her first novel and it contains a perfect blend of factual places and experiences with a fictional story. She was inspired to write this book as a way to present a small part of a lifetime of learned survival skills into story form. She lives in northern California with her husband and five children.

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Out of the ashes of total economic and social collapse comes a new era, built on ideas and dreams of a better world, but at what point does the quest for a better tomorrow, turn into a battle of blurred moral boundaries. Jane, 17, learns firsthand how fragile our lives can be, and how easily changed when the world she knows comes crashing down and the new world comes at a high cost. Jane lives in a small town of 300 people in the rugged mountains of northern California, and through her and her family’s fight for survival she discovers the preciousness of love and the painful depths of loss. Through it all she learns the importance of a small but powerful thing called hope, and finds strength that can only come when there is no other choice.

Introducing Guare X A/K/A/ of Juan Maldonado, author of I Walked In Hell

“I hope that my relationship with Outskirts Press is long and profitable.”


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The story of GUARE X, begins in the barrios of Puerto Rico, and continues in the depravity of Hells Kitchen in New York City. The desperation of growing up in hell, and in poverty, surrounded by drugs and crime. The realization and the need to make it better, drives a man to improve his mind and his being, in order to maintain a sane life and help others in the doing. Share this story from ‘Hell to Serenity’.

Introducing Whit Lester, author of Many Times Lonely, Never Alone

“My publishing experience with Outskirts Press was a very pleasant and satisfactory one. It is affordable, fast, efficient and most rewarding. All of the consultants – from my personal consultant, author representative, manuscript review team, revision specialist and publishing consultant – were quite professional, helpful, and courteous. The revision specialist, author representative and publishing consultant were also very patient and accommodating with me during the several revisions of my book. They all provided informative and prompt responses to all of my questions. I was quite pleased with the overall experience of publishing with Outskirts Press.”

WHIT LESTER is a former Marine and member of the Marine Corps’ elite Special Operations Unit, Force Recon (now a part of Marine SOC). Since graduating from the Univ. of Ga. with a degree in Forestry, he has worked as an industrial, government and private consulting forester. Working throughout the SE U.S. during a 48 year career, he now owns a consulting forestry firm, Gulf-Atlantic Forestry, based at Crawford, Ga.. He can be reached by e-mail at

Product description…

All of us are survivors. Some are physical survivors, having survived death or serious injuries. Others are emotional survivors. A few of us have survived many things in life. Why do some survive, a few numerous times, while others do not? Perhaps it is because the survivor still has an important purpose for being left alive, with mind intact. Is it not a reasonable conclusion to believe that a survivor has a personal Guardian Angel who has the job of keeping him or her alive until that purpose is fulfilled? Does the survivor know the purpose for which he or she has been spared; or perhaps is fulfilling that purpose unawares? When someone has survived time after time; is there a message that he or she should be seeking the purpose for the survivals? This is a story of one person’s numerous survivals and his quest to discover the reason he has been spared and the purpose for which he has been left on the earth. There is also one disappointment in life that has not been survived and from which his Guardian Angel cannot save him. This is a book about survival, by a survivor, for survivors. It may also help others to survive crises encountered in life.

Introducing E.S. Wells, author of Three Days in Avalon

“I am so glad I chose Outskirts Press. My book is beautifully done and I couldn’t be happier. The support I received was phenomenal. Thank you so much! I look forward to publishing with you again…soon.”

E.S. WELLS was born and raised in Western Massachusetts and is the proud mother of six wonderful children. She is a nurse and a writer. I hope you follow us along on more adventures in Avalon as the past cannot stay still.

Product description…

They started this little journey to gain insight into Elaine’s past, or should I say ‘past life’? I was a fool, I was their guide. What we gained was so much more and what we lost was irreplaceable. We entered an ancient cave out of curiosity and exited into a world that shouldn’t exist. Avalon, a great country that exists only in myth and legend, but I promise you…it is neither. We struggled with what was real and what we hoped would be fantasy…it was real, too real. We left that cave and found terror and the promise of death waiting for us. We were in a race for our survival and this world’s very existence. So few realize how the past is tied to the present. Sad, really. Anyways, we were given three days…but to do what? To explore? To meet King Arthur and his Knights? No, we were given three days to survive, and if we did, we could leave the way we came. IF we survived. And our chances were growing slimmer by the minute. A thousand years ago a sword could cut through a woman just as easily as a man. We found this out the hard way. Ghosts, evil men, a land locked a thousand years in the past and vengeance reawakened against Elaine…or at least who she was a thousand years ago. I was left the task of telling our story. Elaine wrote it, and I am seeing that all get a chance to read it. You may not believe the words you read, but as Elaine said…the truth is simple, the truth is unbelievable, none the less, it is the truth…Mark.

Introducing John Fogg, author of By the Grace of God

“Dana did a great job.”

John Fogg served as a Marine Corps fighter pilot for 20 years and in that time, he flew 200 combat air missions in Viet Nam, was selected as a demonstration pilot with the Blue Angels, graduated from the Navy Fighter Weapons School, Top Gun, and served as the Commanding Officer of VMFA 122, a Marine Corps Fighter Squadron. Upon his retirement from the Corps, he was elected to the Pensacola, Florida, City Council where he served as a District Representative, At-Large Representative and Mayor for nearly 20 years. Upon completion of his last term as Mayor, he had served as the Mayor for over 14 years, longer than anyone in the City’s history. In 2001, Mayor Fogg became the first elected Mayor of Pensacola since 1913 and was designated Mayor Emeritus in 2009. He holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Butler University and a Master of Public Administration degree from Troy University. John and his wife, Pat, will celebrate their 40th anniversary in 2014.

Product description…

By the Grace of God, chronicles the life experiences of the author which on several occasions, could have resulted in his death. He assumed his survival was as a result of luck or skill or a combination of both until the mid-1990’s, when a spiritual reality began to unfold in his life. Ultimately, his spiritual rebirth led him to the Bible which came to life within the context of his newborn spiritual awareness. In the book, he describes a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ that is both touching and inspirational. He believes that relationship is freely available to all that open their hearts and minds to that possibility. The author’s hope is that readers who believe in God will have their faith strengthened and those who don’t, will open their minds and hearts to the peace and love that comes with a personal relationship with Jesus. Divine intervention happens!

Introducing James C. Maddox, author of The Dream

“All in all it was great working with the entire group. I will be publishing my next book through Outskirts Press.”

James C. Maddox grew up in Florida, where he still lives today. He retired from the National Guard in 1990, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel after a 27-year career. He also spent 27 years working at a high-tech plant for the Department of Energy. Jim’s love of wildlife and the outdoors is expressed in his last book, The Lake. Jim’s bass catches have been featured several times in the outdoor magazine Woods and Water. When he is not writing, he enjoys target shooting, and both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Product description…

Horror comes to Florida when a distraught, dishonorably discharged soldier sets in motion a diabolical plan to avenge a slain comrade. He is determined to kill as many fellow Americans as possible, in his own form of jihad. The results of his actions cause panic, and the loss of many lives, as local governments collapse, and the state’s resources are exhausted. Federal help is sent, and martial law is declared. In the middle of all this turmoil, Carl, his divorced wife and teenaged son find themselves forced by circumstances to live together again. They are joined by his friends and some strangers to fight for their mutual survival. They all must learn to work together and depend on each other’s strengths, but at the same time, they have to cover for each other’s weaknesses. As Carl and his family learn how to navigate a world thrown into chaos, he realizes that he has been subconsciously searching for what he threw away many years ago. From the ashes of his past, he tries to reignite the embers of the burning love he shared with his ex-wife. A tale of personal redemption and of what people are capable of under extraordinary circumstances, The Dream, is a richly characterized and deftly plotted novel that action and suspense fans will enjoy.