Introducing William Horick, author of The Helpers

“I chose Outskirts Press over 2 rival companies, and I know I made the best choice. I could not explore all the options that were offered, but I am well-pleased with my book. In fact, I hope to return next year with my 2nd novel. I hope to go with the Diamond package for it. My special thanks to Michael for his help in the initial phase of the publication of my book. I have no complaints about the grand finale—me, almost 90 years old, becoming a published author.”

A native of Eastland Texas, William Horick has written numerous feature stories and articles. He holds degrees from Baylor University and Southern Methodist University. As a retiree, William resides in Temple Texas with his wife of 61 years, Patricia. He says his writing career began when he wrote letters to his great-grandmother in early childhood.

Product description…

Following their college enrollment at Baylor University, WW2 veterans, Homan Kandall and Brigdon Chonliff, become steadfast friends. After graduation, they follow their chosen careers to high plateaus of success, but on the lonely side of life. Chonliff finds his first true love at Baylor, but his sophomore sweetheart dies of viral pneumonia which sends him into a reclusive retreat. Later, Kandall’s wife is killed, 3 months pregnant. He renounces his career as a top Texas sportswriter, and like Chonliff, they have only the piccolos their women played in the Baylor University Band. The years spiral their loneliness until they encounter twin sisters who strongly resemble the Hollywood legend, Hedy Lamarr. That involvement leads to romance and also adventure that pits them against a Mexican drug baron.