Introducing Janice Maines, author of Stepping Stones

“I have been writing stories, poetry and manuscripts since I was a young girl…probably 8-10 years old. In high school I always focused on and thrived in my English, Journalism and Writing classes however I lacked the self confidence to actually let anyone other than my teachers read my work. They begged me to enter writing contests but I never would. I wrote the manuscript for Stepping Stones about 5-6 years ago and held on to it, thinking I would add it to the other numerous manuscripts and such in that box in our attic. I found the website for Outskirts Press online one day while browsing and out of curiosity I began to read about them. I was impressed with what I read to the point that I decided to give it a shot! I sent in my manuscript all the while preparing myself to be either overwhelmed by the process of publishing or worse…rejected. My manuscript was not only accepted but the Outskirts representative that contacted me had the most glowing remarks to pass on about it! I was so encouraged and excited; I no longer feared the publishing process. When they said they would walk me through step-by-step, they did not exaggerate! This was one of the most exciting and enjoyable ventures in my life! Not only was I FINALLY a published author but it had been so easy and there was so much interest generating in my book I can’t keep enough to supply the demand! Thanks so much to Outskirts Press for helping make one of my all time dreams come true!”

Janice Maines lives happily in North Carolina with her husband, Jimmy and their three grown children who live nearby. Janice and her husband are enjoying their two grandchildren-their reward for all the obstacles they overcame when the children were younger.

Product description…

After one failed marriage and a devastating miscarriage, Claire believes she has finally found happiness. She’s fallen in love with David-a man with three young children and a bitter, destructive ex-wife-and she is determined to forge deep, meaningful relationships with her future stepchildren. But Claire soon discovers the stress and constant frustration of being the noncustodial parent and the complications of outside factors-and what she thought would be a teaching experience actually turns into a transformative learning experience. Claire, David, and the children struggle to define their new roles, and Claire seeks the relationships that have been missing in her life-husband and wife, mother and child-eventually learning that life doesn’t get any better than looking back without regret. Stepping Stones, a compelling debut novel, paints a vivid portrait of a new family dynamic and the overwhelming challenges and rich rewards of step-parenting.