Introducing Corazon N. Puzon, author of Journey to Self-Discovery

“Thank you Outskirts Press for nominating my book for the EVVY awards. My journey in publishing my book touched me in a very personal way. I am in my 80’s and this is the special legacy I am leaving my entire family and friends in my life. I am fulfilling my dream of spreading the Absolute Truth and you made my dream come true. I know that my parents up there are clapping their hands for me! Thank you again.”

Cora Puzon is a retired nurse who immigrated to the United States of America from the Philippines with her husband, Benjamin, and daughter, Lisa. She graduated from the UP-PGH School of Nursing and received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of the Philippines. Her continuous search for her life purpose and looking for the meaning of life led her to the door of The Institute for Self-Transcendence in Georgia, where she graduated with a doctoral degree in transpersonal/spiritual psychology and metaphysics in May 2007. The book, Journey to Self-Discovery, is the product of her dissertation paper on Relationships: The Use of Transpersonal/Spiritual Psychology and Metaphysics in Relationships. In this book, she shares her educational learning and life experiences as she embarks in the journey to self-discovery. She hopes to reach all like-minded individuals to recognize the inherent powers in us not only for our own benefit but for all mankind.

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Book description…

This book provides the readers with a wealth of information about transpersonal/spiritual psychology and metaphysical views of relationships between ourselves and others, including the environment and everything seen and unseen. Her belief in the strong leap of faith that we are mind, body, and spirit in one embodiment is depicted in different chapters of the book as it explores how everything and everybody around us affects ourselves and our belief systems. It is all about consciousness of our true nature as a spiritual being that can lead us to a more transpersonal way of living by expanding our insight of the frailties of life, the finiteness of physical existence, and the infinity of Being. It is through this journey that the author met and learned to embrace her shadows as well as the recognition of the people that she believed she had contracts with when she was placed on this earth. Self-discovery is not only a spiritual journey. It is also a way of learning who we really are as we discover and polish our hidden gems in all our relationships. Most important is learning what the author calls the Gem of Spirituality, which is our inherent power of knowledge, love, and will. This is the “invisible gem” that sparks and shines in every spiritual life. It is the gem that contains the elements of the True Self and is just waiting to be found and claimed by all of us. It is the gem hidden in the innermost fabric of our Being, which is ready to be recognized as we embark in a spiritual Journey to Self-Discovery.

Introducing Elwood Edwards, author of It’s About Time!

“As usual, Lisa was superb in rendering assistance and clarification where needed in the production of this work. She is truly a valuable asset to your company.”

Elwood Edwards has always had a passion for writing poetry. Most of his poems center around themes of love, inspiration, spirituality, and personal development. He uses a great deal of imagery and metaphors in his writing. Among his self-published books of poetry are The Other Color of Love, Shining Eyes Shine Brighter, Love and Paper Rumors, and The Philosopher’s Tears. Elwood currently is a resident of Palm Coast, Florida.

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Book description…

Poetry-Like Laughter-Is Good Medicine! Poetry is a two-way mirror through which we view the world. As we probe for meaning, we discover a new appreciation-a new understanding of what life is all about. We make use of a gamut of emotions when we indulge in poetry that mirrors our perception of reality, keeping us attuned to ourselves and connected with others as well as with the universe itself. It’s About Time! is a telescopic, panoramic view of how poetry elucidates our lives with clean fun, laughter, and ways of healing, improving, and loving ourselves and others. With poems like “Tasty Blue and Sweet Too,” “Sticky Fingers,” “Super Glue,” “A Gnomic Trend,” and “Huh?” this fun, lyrical collection will move, inspire, and entertain.

Introducing Annemarie Schoone, author of Journey of a Dogman

“When I received the copies of my book, I was extremely pleased as the book came out beautifully and it was a welcomed learning experience.”

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Book description…

This book is for those of you looking for answers to who you are and why you are here. It was written for those who are willing to awaken.

  • You will discover your true heritage
  • The importance of your presence here on Earth
  • What your purpose in life is
  • Why your journey is unique
  • How your choice to come here was not a coincidence but actually purposeful and important
  • You planned to come down here

Introducing T. Brady, author of Soul Seeker

“I personally chose Outskirts Press from the top five online publishers because I read that they were a younger publishing company with many great offers. My experience with publishing my first novel through Outskirts Press was made easier by a patient and dedicated, helpful staff including Stephen, Dana, Jennifer and Jackie. I was allowed to take my time with the whole experience. The excellent cover design is a hit with all who have seen it.”

Born and raised in Lancaster, California’s Mojave Desert, T. Brady moved to Arkansas as a teen and currently resides outside of Yellville. Educated and employed in the medical profession, she is dedicated to a life of service to others whether in the form of care giving or writing and to working toward her own enlightenment. “Who am I?” she says. “Just another soul walking this earth in a magnificent shell called the human body, and every time I gaze up at the night’s starry sky I know there’s a bigger picture.”

Product description…

Hey folks. This is a long time coming – twenty six years to complete. Between these pages lies more than a fiction novel. There is a message; the road to enlightenment is an open mind. In this novel, life’s veil of protection is lifted for two true mates – one religious, one spiritual. Spiritualism teaches us why we are here. Religion gives us a sense of security about the future. Those attuned know that how we treat each other determines the degree of enlightenment we obtain on this planet. Bluntly stated, we’re all in this together. The two main character’s directed purpose is to help earth’s population rid themselves of apathy and discontent, and to help prepare for the Way.

Introducing Lorrena Bishop, author of Raincoat Diary

“Outskirts Press made my dream a reality. There is no doubt in my mind Outskirts Press was the best choice I could have made for a publishing company. The support and the overall quality of my book made me extremely happy. I would recommend this company to anyone that ask what publisher they should use. Thank you Outskirts Press for being such a wonderful support and making my vision for my book come to life. I can only say great things about Outskirts. Everyone that worked with me was so kind and so quick to help me. I am proud to have this name on my book as the publishing company.”

Lorrena Bishop is a Christian striving to help others with the same problems she has faced. She is a mother who deals with Autism in her children and Obesity and Depression in her own life. Her desire is to help others find strength and love.

Product description…

Lorrena shares her story and journey back. She faces her biggest fears with the help of her raincoat. Her struggles, financially and emotionally, pour out into her stories. She reconnects with the world and finds that her biggest enemy was herself. Her battle with her weight takes over her life and she begins to face it. Spiritual growth and physical healing take place in the course of four years.

Introducing Yuan Liang, author of Softening: Poems

“During the production phase of my book, Leona was so helpful with kindness, patience, and understanding, and always responded to my requests promptly. ”

Yuan Liang was born in Chongqing, China. He graduated from Fudan University and holds graduate degrees from two American universities. He is the author of seven books of poetry, including Beneath the Wall of April; Homesick of Time; The Primitive Corner; The Silent Color; Arriving Season; Sun Wheel; White Poppy on a Winter Night. He now resides in Southern California.

Product description…

“He is talented at catching overtones, realms beyond the phenomenon, and spiritual moment of epiphany.” – Hsia Ching, poet, retired professor “Yuan Liang is good at using dense imagery to ‘sermon’ his logic, beauty and grace, giving his reader space to think deeply.” – Yuan Yao, poet and author, editor-in-chief of Ivy Poetry

Introducing Golonza Young, Jr., author of The Assignment Called “Yes”

“This has been my very first book. Therefore, this entire writing and publishing process was tantamount to “New Territory” for me. I consider it a true blessing to have discovered Outskirts Press as everyone involved with the publication of my book has been so amazing and helpful. I am thrilled!”

Golonza Young, Jr. was born in Virginia, and has traveled ubiquitously. He has a Prophetic anointing upon his life, and is in the daily process of becoming transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. He is a graduate of several universities; but, became wise, only when he surrendered his life to Christ Jesus, whereupon he made the discovery of the spiritual Assignment which had always been upon his life.

Product description…

I am moved by what is in the Spirit, and not just what I “see” in the physical. Frequently, hardships come on assignment, with the purpose of making you stronger and wiser. So, be careful, because if you are not wise, then Satan will play upon your “Intellect.” Attitudes, Habits, Choices, and Behaviors, which begin to sabotage relationships, will shipwreck your joy, your home, and your life.

Introducing Timothy A. Fiscus, author of Choice and Consequence

Outskirts under promised and over delivered. As a process person, I was impressed with the organization and execution of the work flow. Although the web-based work was not intuitive at first, I quickly got used to the author’s process and was quite pleased.”

TIM FISCUS was born into a family of meager circumstances, far more meager than he knew at the time. His childhood was not the happiest and in looking back, the nurturing and comfort left a lot to be desired. But he embraced a better story for himself to propel himself to more happiness and success in his life. His path was not without epic fails and epic successes. He is currently a Senior Project Manager for a major financial institution. He spent 24 years in the military, active and reserves, and also teaches college business classes. Along his path, he embraced a universal concept around his spirituality and continues to gain understanding of our universe. This book was produced years after accepting the challenge from his spiritual mentor to help others in need of coaching on their path.

Product description…

Life is a series of moments guided by our choices. Do you know your designed path, are you on it? Would it be a good idea to know? I think so and I will tell you the how and why to your destiny. Happiness is your destiny and you can get there. Change your choices and you will change your life. This book is either intense or light reading, preferably light the first time. It is your choice to take the next step. Make no mistake, you are where you are in this life as a direct result of your choices, good or bad. The ending can and should be happy. Here is how, hard or easy, to make it so. This book is for everyone that wants to be happy. Deep down, all-consuming happiness is at your fingertips. The funny thing is that you are reading this and you choose to keep reading. Why? Can you be happier, regardless of your current place in this life? The short answer is a resounding YES! Will you do what is necessary to get there, why or why not? Life, literally, is not for the faint of heart. Choose happiness every step of the way. This book will give you a step by step process to ensure that you are happy.