Introducing Gina Simone, author of Whispers of Love: Spirit’s Messages from Heartbreak to Hope

“I chose Outskirts Press as my publishing company because of the incredible reputation they hold in the industry for self publishers. Their website is user friendly. My Author Representative was always ready to rectify an issue or answer any questions. They take the stress out of the process of self publishing by streamlining the entire operation. My first-time author experience was made SO easy by working with Outskirts Press. They explained the process every step of the way, their editing and graphics team were a joy to work with, and even after my book was published, they offer marketing/selling/publicity information on how to expand your book’s outreach in the market. The vision I held in my head of this book coming to life, has manifested in my hands, all due to the professionalism and experience of Outskirts Press. Thank you!”

Gina Simone is a Spirit Medium certified through the Forever Family Foundation. At the age of 11, she began to notice and feel Spirit and energy around her. Not knowing what these gifts were, she always felt different and isolated. A traumatic pool accident with her toddler son catapulted her into finding the meaning behind life, Spirit, lessons, and karma. She left a comfortable corporate finance career to answer her calling to connect you with your loved ones and with your own innate intuition and higher consciousness. She has been a featured medium on Gwyneth Paltrow’s, has been voted Long Island Best Medium several years in a row, and is also a featured medium on WBLI 106.1 morning show.

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Death is never final-and you are never alone … From a young age, Gina knew she was different. She could never safely share her reality with her family-the reality that she could see and communicate with Spirit. But as she matured, she realized her life’s calling as a Spirit Medium was to help people connect with deceased loved ones. With warm, witty honesty, Gina shares landmark moments in her own life-from embracing the gift that was so misunderstood in her early life, to the devastating death of her 27-year-old son. Whispers of Love will introduce you to the messages, signs, and specific ways that Spirit and loved ones share their language of love.

Are you struggling with storms in your life that you can’t overcome or has the weight of unbearable grief brought your life to a halt? With understanding messages from Spirit and your loved ones always around, finally hope can arise from heartbreak. Truly inspired, Whispers of Love compassionately introduces you to a deep exploration of why we are here, how to connect with Spirit, and how we can find meaning in life’s hardest challenges. Gina teaches us the impressive lesson that remaining frozen in pain is not the path to freedom. We must embrace our lives with Spirit on board so that every step can unfold in Divine order, with less drama and perhaps even a new found perspective on grief.

Introducing Eane Huff, author of Angel Mind

“My Author Representative was a great help. I’m very grateful that I chose Outskirts again!”

Eane Huff, MS, has experienced near-death situations that helped him understand what it truly means to have Angels rescue him. Angels have been the basis of his success and have been supporting him throughout his life. Using prayer and higher processing, Eane is reminded of the caring and supportive ways that God inspires Angels to do the amazing works they do, and he looks forward to revealing what being an Angel allows him to achieve.

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What do 7 billion people worldwide have in common? Angel-Mind is the common thread of humanity-what connects us all. Everyone has the choice to operate with their highest abilities, and with the highest abilities and God’s direction, the best things happen! Angel-Mind allows fundamental God-Values to protect and to elevate those who use and need it. Each person has the chance to access Angel-Mind, and every soul has the need to achieve Angel-Mind to find the Angel and God’s gift within them. Angelhood was once reserved for exceptional humans who were able to attain the highest functioning, and Angel-Minds have been guiding society toward a better way of functioning, relating, and supporting others and the earth. Today, with overpopulation, climate change, and general angst and uncertainty, Angel-Mind is needed more than ever. With Angel-Mind, you’ll discover the ability to connect and contribute to humanity, find fulfillment, heal from trauma, and become who you were meant to be!

Introducing Dr. Pat Snelling, author of Destiny After Devastation

“I enjoyed working with you. You made my experience easy and enjoyable.”

Dr. Pat Snelling is a native of Gary, Indiana but has spent her adult life in Toledo, Ohio. She is divorced and has two adult children and five grandchildren. She is a retired educator of 35 + years. Dr. Snelling currently holds the position of General Overseer (Associate Pastor) of Friendship Baptist Church, Toledo under the leadership and mentorship of Bishop Duane C. Tisdale, State Bishop of Ohio. One of her responsibilities is to train ministers and elders throughout the State of Ohio. Dr. Snelling has earned several degrees: Bachelor and Masters of Business Education, Specialist degree of Administration and Supervision (all from University of Toledo, Toledo Ohio), Masters of Theology/Divinity and Doctorate of Ministry (from Winebrenner Theological Seminary, Findlay, Ohio.) Dr. Snelling’s passion is teaching, both academically and God’s Word. She loves imparting to women and children. Her favorite pastime is spending time with her grandchildren.

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Has something in your life caught you off guard, knocked you off your feet, and/or changed your life forever? Then that was a devastating event or experience. Count it a blessing because God was pushing you to a new destiny. When this happens, there are some steps that you can take to get through this experience. One of the first things we have to recognize or admit is “we need help.” No matter how strong, how educated, how rich, how focused, how independent you are. You still need help. When we experience a devastating event, there are so many uncertainties. What do I do next? Where do I go from here? Will I ever bounce back from this situation? Your normal is no longer normal. Your devastation is not the end for you but a new beginning. God has great plans for your life. Sometimes he has to get our attention. Your journey is designed just for you. On this journey you cannot take your friends, families, or co-workers with you. It is a journey where your only companion is God. He knows exactly where you are going and the best and painless route to get there. There is destiny after devastation.

Introducing Caron Asgarali, author of From Lion to Lamb

“The decision to self-publish left me with many questions, many of them quite daunting. After discussions with another Outskirts Press author, I decided to research the site. I was impressed with the ease with which I was able to glean information from the site and at the range of services offered, catering for any budget. Working with Outskirts Press provided solutions for any difficulties which arose, their responses were prompt and effective and the quality of the front and back cover as well as the layout of the interior was excellent. Thank you Outskirts Press.”

Caron Asgarali is a chemistry teacher in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. She was the victim of a violent crime in January, 2013 when she was shot in the face. She shares the challenges encountered and how she overcame them as a means of imbuing hope to others.

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Is it your desire to emerge victorious from the stranglehold of adversity? Then walk in the footsteps of a gunshot victim and experience the austerity of physical and spiritual recuperation! In this book, From Lion to Lamb: A Spiritual Journey, you will learn lessons, influenced by the Sermon on the Mount, on faith and submission, empathy and magnanimity, Hope and courage, and the promise of greater glory. “Caron gives her message in simple and clear terms, promoting such universal principles as love, peace, kindness…, From Lion to Lamb is well worth reading.” — Philip G. Rochford, Author and Empowerment Strategist

Introducing Pura Regalado, author of Pure Gift

“I am an architect and I am not your typical writer who wants to be known. Book signing activities would be suicide for me. I wish I can impart to humanity a message of great importance for a better future for our world while staying anonymous. I wrote my book because a task compelled me to. I want to remain unknown but I cannot hide behind a pseudonym because the title of my book, ‘Pure Gift’ is English for my real name, which is essential to my story. Thank you, Outskirts Press for giving me a tool to carry out my task and my special gratitude to Colleen who was most helpful, very prompt and considerate in her responses to all my queries. I hope this endeavor will unload me of this heavy burden on my shoulders.”

Pura Regalado earned a B.S. in Architecture at the Mapua Institute of Technology in her native Philippines and taught there before migrating to Florida. She worked for an Architectural firm that specialized in luxury homes. Her last assignment before going on retirement was to supervise the construction of a multi-million dollar home in Florida, which got the Best Construction of the Year Award in Hollywood, Florida.

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A heartfelt and highly personal account of Pura Regalado, who overcame the manifestation of a negative energy emanating from the collective unconscious to then embark upon a life of enlightenment in the world following her experiences. She welcomes all who wish to debunk her story. Through conveying her visions of telepathic communications with a mysterious sentient entity, Pura believes it is her mission to enlighten the world. She offers innumerable prescription of how this can be attained in this extraordinary account of her life experiences. Pura is critical of how Christianity has been misrepresented through the centuries. She believes distortions abound so she seeks to correct these misapprehensions. Here you will discover a very intense, wide ranging, colorful, kind spirited yet provocative book, based on a personal spiritual connection with God, as Pura Regalado enlightens and teaches us the path she has discovered.

Introducing Deacon Bill Rich, author of Conscious Contact: A Camino Pilgrimage

“My book has just been published…three weeks ahead of schedule. This is my third self-published book, but my first with Outskirts Press. The difference between my experience with Outskirts and the other publishers I used has been incredible. Everyone I dealt with at Outskirts was responsive, thoughtful and eager to help. I really felt like they had my best interests at heart.”

Deacon Bill Rich is a retired business executive and Permanent Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church. After surgeries on both feet allowed him to walk pain free for the first time in eight years, he decided to use this gift on a special pilgrimage. Deacon Bill is the author of two other books on spiritual growth, Scattered Raindrops, and Joy, The Journey Home. Bill and his wife have six children and eleven grandchildren. They currently live in Juno Beach, FL.

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Book description…

Deacon Bill Rich had a dream. To walk the Camino de Santiago; at 76, with severe arthritis and a shaky lower back. Accompanied by his son-in-law John McGrath, he was able to do just that. This is his story, a photo diary covering his preparations and thrilling journey across northern Spain. What did he learn? It is good to have a dream.

Introducing Debra Closner Franklin, author of Intervention for America

“I have loved working with everyone on the team!”

Debra Closner Franklin has been an Addiction Counselor for over thirty years. During this time she has assisted hundreds to overcome their addiction problems. She believes that addiction is the most under-treated disease in America today, with some addictions, such as those of wealth and power, encouraged, and even aspired to. Debra graduated from Iowa State University, where she majored in Sociology-emphasizing in Marital and Family Counseling-minoring in Child Development. However, she believes her roles as a wife and mother to be her most important. She describes herself as just ‘one of the people’ who work in the trenches everyday, along with thousands of other dedicated and underpaid addiction professionals. She is a strong believer in God and encourages this in her patients for a complete recovery.

Product description…

Most Americans have the feeling that something is wrong with the country, but are unclear of exactly what it is. A look back into the decade of the 1950s may hold the answer. During this time period, most people felt safe, secure, and were engaged in deep caring relationships. When we exited this time period, we were no longer focused on relationships, but on things promoted by the business world which had promised to make life better for us. Sixty years later, we continue to strive for more and more of these things, still hoping to achieve the happiness promised so many years ago. Americans need to recognize that our lives are not getting better, and by continuing to live in this way, we are actually destroying our own lives, other relationships, and our country. Addiction is at the root of all of this. Learn how we were tricked years ago into becoming a country of addicts and how we can get those good feelings and caring relationships back again. The consequences of not addressing this vast national problem will be revealed, as well as how to begin resolving it. People from all socioeconomic levels will find this exploration of American life from the past to the present, enlightening and helpful. Everyone will be able to make positive changes for themselves and be able to start creating it on a national level as well.