Introducing Bolko Zimmer, author of The Quest to Overthrow Heaven

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Bolko Zimmer spent 21 years in the United States Army, where he reached the rank of lieutenant colonel, and 26 years as an adjunct professor. He holds a PhD in Educational Human Resource Development from Texas A&M University and completed his dissertation on prison ministries. He has taught at Webster University, Wayland Baptist University, and Union University, and has published several articles on health-care administration and faith-based programs. Dr. Zimmer has also served as president of the board of directors for the Bexar County Detention Ministries in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Zimmer and his family live in Humboldt, Tennessee.

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A dramatic retelling of the fall of man-and the ultimate confrontation between good and evil. The Quest to Overthrow Heaven begins at the dawn of time in a fully realized universe populated by seraphim, cherubim, and countless angels-all with their own agendas and allegiances. However, the cherub prince, Lucifer, becomes filled with vanity and wants to be renowned as the Supreme Spirit, who rules over all. Before long, Lucifer rebels against the Supreme Spirit and convinces a third of the angels to follow him. The fallen angels begin an endless reign of evil, enticing mankind to commit every imaginable sin. The actions of the demons also give rise to giants who terrorize humans, and monstrous beasts which destroy everything in their path. In a world of growing wickedness, the archangel Michael and half of his angels are sent to earth to watch over and protect virtuous people. But the angels soon confront legions of armed demons who slaughter most of them. Only Michael and another angel escape. The demons believe they have the upper hand and decide to attack heaven. A massive battle ensues between the forces of evil and legions of angels in which the outcome conclusively determines who will rule heaven forever… Blending a biblically based foundation with extraordinary dramatic insights, The Quest to Overthrow Heaven is required reading for Christians, Bible scholars, and anyone who loves the greatest story ever told.

Introducing Chris Adams Kalima, author of From Darkness to Light

“I am grateful that my book is published and the quality of the book is very high standard. It has attracted many authors who are looking to switch to Outskirts Press. I want to say thank you to Bridget who laid a strong foundation for me to love Outskirts Press and Lisa who was there for me until the book was published. Thank you.”

Chris Adams Kalima’s father, who used to be a devoted Buddhist, made a vow to dedicate the child he had yet not seen, because at the time he made a vow he was still a single man. The first born was a girl. He couldn’t send her to the monastery. The second born-my brother-was not accepted. I am the third. After looking at the wheel of prophecy I was accepted at the age of seven, and was taken to the monastery. The journey took 90 days on foot. I had become the first black person to study at Lao-Tzumayana Monastery. At a tender age I qualified as a master in the Buddhist tradition of Kung Fu, graduated in the school of mysteries, studied the six most secret arts, trained in the highest order of monks and qualified as a priest, to mention a few accomplishments. I was the 76th monk to enter into the Death Tunnel. All 75 students were assigned to enter into the Death Tunnel after ten years of study. In 750 years, not one monk came out. I was the first monk to emerge alive from the Death Tunnel, after staying inside for six months. This is far from elevating the devil and his kingdom, but more about highlighting how far the mercies and grace of God can go to free a man from the claws and jaws of the devil.

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Six Months in the Death Tunnel. Christopher Kalima at a tender age was sent to a Buddhist monastery in Tibet, where he was trained as a monk. He was the first black person to study at Lao-Tzumayana Monastery. Historians say the monastery was built in BC. He attained a higher level in Buddhism and became the first black person to be a high priest in Buddhism. After serving for 27 years as a Buddhist priest he had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. He was given the mandate by the Lord Jesus Christ to go and scatter the burning coals to all the nations, so that the thicket closing the people will be burnt and they would return to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Introducing Hanson Ikponmwosa, author of America Under Attack

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Hanson Ikponmwosa is a Prophet Evangelist, prepared by God for international ministry for twenty-eight years, with headquarters at the United States! He has worked as a missionary evangelist in Northern Nigeria for twelve years before coming to America! He has been anointed and assigned to counter the spiritual strong holds at this environment and to be a legitimate prophetic voice of world evangelism! He is traveling, preaching, teaching and praying to break satanic grips on places, individuals and families as well as healing the sick, the oppressed and afflicted right now at the United States and around the world!

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“America under Attack” is a book about the present spiritual state of America from God’s perspective! From the United States to the other nations of the North and South America, divine intervention is required! This is because the continent has been spotted by heaven’s searchlight to be the darkest spot on earth right now. This darkness has its headquarters in the United States and fighting fiercely to influence its citizens negatively. Heaven is making the move to counter this onslaught on human lives by these unseen satanic forces. The ten chapters’ book presented reasons for this attack, the divine program to counter it and what the individual can do to help save America and its citizens!

Introducing Jere Ratcliffe Burgins-Mitchell, author of No Lonesome Senior Here

“I have waited to express my feelings about Outskirts for some time now. My experience with the staff shaped my attitude and disciplines my thoughts. It first began with Larry, Larissa and ended with Laura whose nurturing me helped to open up knowledge that had been dormant for a long time. Above all else, she taught me to believe that Outskirts Press puts forth every effort to help make me successful and Laura prepared me without any form of pressure of a sales pitch. I’ve learned the things I ought, emphasizing words I never have said until now and appreciating all the people at Outskirts and their contribution in my life. A mere thank you is not enough, saying it from the bottom of my heart is important to express my sincere thanks to all of you at Outskirts for such positive vibes and heartfelt wishes throughout my entire experience with Outskirts; May God continue to bless all of you.”

Jere` Ratcliffe Burgins-Mitchell began writing as a youngster. She has published two books, one on life’s true beginnings and the other: Don’t Be In The Doghouse With God. Her love of people is incurable, and she is now on a quest to reach people spiritually. At age seventy-nine, she has studied and experienced many facets of life.

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Many of us think of traveling, especially in our retirement years. I am no exception. Oops with one exception, even at my age I’m with the crowd that like bizarre adventure and fascinated with those who, what and where that made history. And with the Lord’s guidance, I will experience the most joy when I see how people live and have lived. How people feel is more than emotional. Talking with people just like you and me while listening to their bouts of happiness, pains, illnesses and sorrows, in doing this, I realized how many good-hearted people there are. I have seen first-hand the amazing outpouring of compassion for those less fortunate. Heeding what I hear and teaching the life-saving wisdoms of the Bible and what it does and doing with the loving hearts that seek God’s care. We know He loves His creations, US, the poor and needy, the rich and famous all around the world.