Introducing Sean Juan, author of Let Somebody Love Me

“My experience with Outskirts Press and the whole publishing team was amazing. My Author Representative answered every question that I had and gave me great advice. It was a wonderful experience going through the process of getting my book published. I am extremely happy that I went through Outskirts Press with my book. The journey was awesome!”

Sean Juan has written a collective number of diverse poems for over 25 years. His poetry shares his experiences on life, touching all the methods of perception. Sean has worked in the hospitality field as a chef and dietary manager. He is married with five children and currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Book description…

My Worship, My Woman, My World. This emotionally charged collection of poems is written from a captivating perspective that reflects on a multitude of topics-things that have been witnessed and felt in the heart of a man who has lived, loved, and lost. These poems are passionate and descriptive, sharing a love for women, God, and new views of the world. Embark on a journey of Love, Trust, Understanding, Respect, Loyalty, Joy, Pain, Deception, Deceit, Self-Love, Transformation, Worship, Praise, Faith and Belief. Allow the words to speak as if they were written just for you. You’ll find yourself smiling, laughing, and maybe even shedding a tear. After all, at some point in our lives, we’ve all said, “Let Somebody Love Me!”

Introducing CoCo Saltzgiver, author of The Forgotten Temple

“Being a first time author, I have to say I am very pleased in choosing Outskirts Press to publish The Forgotten Temple. Every question I had – no matter how small – was answered with respect and great care. I would recommend Outskirts Press to any first time author. Outskirts Press goes out of its way in making sure you understand and are aware of every turn in publishing your book takes. What I really appreciated, the final decision was always mine. My hat is off to you Outskirts. I had no idea what to expect and you made it fun and exciting to publish a first time book. Thank you. I look forward to working with you now and in the future.”

CoCo Saltzgiver has taught workshops from self-healing to guided meditation. She is a 12 year breast cancer survivor and going strong. Her studies focus on the power and resilience of the human spirit and the process to recognize and overcome life’s emotional grips.

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Book description…

The Forgotten Temple‘s birth all started with the unfortunate death, of a beloved sister. The personnel story brings forth a Journey the main character and Author CoCo Saltzgiver embarked on, to realize and find that she had forgotten the most important part of herself. It is a unique story of forgiveness, releasing old pain and habits that we all hold on to for one reason or another. The willingness and effort it took to reach a positive outcome. The Forgotten Temple is based on 30 years of walking a Spiritual Path, realizing every day is a new day to become aware of what we are changing in our lives, and what we are holding on to that will not allow change and growth. It empowers people to go within, and find what they have protected. If feeling the pain is too much to deal with from all your experiences, this book can give you the tools to move forward in your everyday life and make those changes. You can take your own journey in discovering what resides in your Temple that needs forgiveness and freedom to let go….enjoy! It is the willingness and the longing for a new life that set CoCo free, which in turn gave her the opportunity to give it to others. With the Work Book as a guided tool, it allows the reader to write down all that is in need of healing and releasing in their lives. The Forgotten Temple, is a powerful Journey to take inside of you. This empowers the reader to breathe in this World even that much more!

Introducing Deborah Hampton-Miller, author of Secret Sins: The Ties That Bind

“Although my personal journey started off rough, my team at Outskirts Press Publishing was amazing! I am truly thankful for each of you.”

Deborah Hampton-Miller always knew that one day she would become a writer. She describes her gift as an unexplainable passion that is deeply rooted. As an ordained Prophetess and Pastor, Deborah is the founder and president of Sister in Christ, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to help rebuild families by providing support services to women and children. “Secret Sins, The Ties that Bind” is her autobiography. Everything within its pages is a true account of actual events endured on her journey to deliverance and victory. Currently living in Oklahoma, Deborah is a wife and mother of six beautiful children. She is presently working on her sophomore project called, “A Taste of Forbidden Fruit.”

Product description…

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” II Corinthians 10:4-5 In this riveting tale, Laila, aka LaLa, struggled daily to fight the sexual temptations from within. As she tried to move forward in her walk with God and new role as a wife and mother, the men from her past were calling her back to a lifestyle she desperately wanted to forget. Growing up on Chicago’s South Side, LaLa learned early on how to please a man. Her beauty, body, seductive ways, and passionate touch, made it difficult for any man to deny her; and for years, they laid claim to what was not theirs lawfully. Laila was unaware of the ungodly soul ties that would carry over into her marriage as well as ministry. She was clueless to the level of temptations that soon followed. It was on this spiritual journey that she was able to love, and find forgiveness and redemption through God. Follow her as she takes you on a journey to the beginning of it all.

Introducing Angel Rae, author of The Ocean of Stars

“Hi Outskirts, Brie was amazing! And your marketing coach is amazing too! I had been talking to a few other publishing companies when I found Outskirts, and so I can say without any doubt that Outskirts is better than any of them. Not just a little better either. Outskirts is world’s better than any of the other people I was talking to. I am currently working on a short story about trying to get published, and it will have all the emails from those other companies in it, so you will be able to see everything that sets you apart from the rest. Of course, I’ll publish it with you. Thank you Outskirts! Have an awesome day!” – Angel Ray

Product description…

You will either love this book or hate this book. I did not leave room for any middle ground… I don’t know what the hell a ‘blurb’ is but I’m taking it over… This is a story about what happens when worlds collide. This is a tale of an alien invasion. This is a ‘yarn’ spun about defying the odds. This is a sci-fi/fantasy hybrid, blended with an aspect of spiritual journey, and falling in love. Within these pages there dwells text of a new adventure. Steel thy self and go forth. And have an awesome day! -Angel

Introducing Caron Asgarali, author of From Lion to Lamb

“The decision to self-publish left me with many questions, many of them quite daunting. After discussions with another Outskirts Press author, I decided to research the site. I was impressed with the ease with which I was able to glean information from the site and at the range of services offered, catering for any budget. Working with Outskirts Press provided solutions for any difficulties which arose, their responses were prompt and effective and the quality of the front and back cover as well as the layout of the interior was excellent. Thank you Outskirts Press.”

Caron Asgarali is a Chemistry teacher in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. She was the victim of a violent crime in January, 2013 when she was shot in the face. She shares the challenges encountered and how she overcame them as a means of imbuing hope to others.

Product description…

Is it your desire to emerge victorious from the stranglehold of adversity? Then walk in the footsteps of a gunshot victim and experience the austerity of physical and spiritual recuperation! In this book, From Lion to Lamb: A Spiritual Journey, you will learn lessons, influenced by the Sermon on the Mount,  • Faith and submission • Empathy and magnanimity • Hope and courage • The promise of greater glory “Caron gives her message in simple and clear terms, promoting such Universal principles as love, peace, kindness…, From Lion to Lamb is well worth reading.” — Philip G. Rochford, Author and Empowerment Strategist

Introducing Steve Sellers, author of EPIKLESIS

“My experience with Outskirts Press was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. I have published before — with traditional publishing houses — but this was an infinitely more enjoyable process. Dana was a big reason for that. She is fantastic! I am already finishing a sequel to my book, and I look forward to another great experience with Outskirts Press! Blessings to you!”

Steve Sellers is a newly ordained Catholic priest who served twenty-five years as a priest in the Episcopal Church. He is a former investigative newspaper reporter and is the author of Terror on Highway 59 (1984, Texas Monthly Press), an account of his 1982 investigation that broke up a corrupt sheriff’s department in East Texas. His book was made into a television movie in 1989 “Terror on Highway 91” by the CBS network. He holds two doctoral degrees (D.Min. and Ph.D.) and teaches comparative religion at the University of Phoenix campuses in Houston. He and his wife Dixie live in Houston.

Product description…

EPIKLESIS is a spiritual mystery about light and darkness, life and death, hope and despair, and about two orthodox and conservative priests who find themselves in the middle of the ancient battle that still rages over the souls of men, women, and children. It is the story about a spiritual war that is, for the most part, unseen, unheard, unspoken, and ignored. It is a story about shadows, about seduction, about the primordial forces of darkness that continue to pursue and bewitch the Lord’s precious children, even in the pews, classrooms, and administrative offices of the old mainline Christian denominations. It is also a story about friendship, faith, and the enduring power of prayer. The story begins in the turbulent days of the spring and summer of 1968, following the assassinations of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Senator Robert Kennedy, and then winds its way across three states – steadily and inexorably — to the very doorway into Sheol. “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes” (Ephesians 6:10-11).

Introducing Wayne Korhonen, author of The Puzzle Maker

“I was blown away by the way I was guided through the publishing maze. Everyone I worked with was very professional and extremely understanding. Their patience with me and my questions were great and gave me confidence to return to Outskirts Press with another book. Thank you Outskirts Press.”

Wayne Korhonen is a retired public school teacher of over 38 years. He is happily married to his wife of over 30 years and is an avid reader. This book is his first effort at published writing.

Product description…

Ever have problems living up to the demands people put on you? Ever have times when you knew you weren’t bad but you’d been told you were bad so many times, you wondered what was good or bad – what was right or wrong? This story shares a young man’s struggle growing up in this kind of turmoil. From his point of view, life was good until his family undergoes a drastic change. His parents got involved in an extremely fundamental church where the “don’ts” outnumbered the “do’s.” Or the wrongs outnumbered the rights! All of a sudden, many of the things the family used to do for fun were not allowed anymore. Movies, Saturday night dances, or playing cards were now deadly sins. The people they used to visit and the kids he used to play with were no longer allowed. Everything focused on this new church. At first the young boy accepts all the new rules. But, as he enters his teens, life gets pretty hard. A cold war develops between him and his mother when she enforces the rules harshly. Have you ever been backed into a corner and you feel you have no way out? These rules were used to cut him down and humiliate him. The rift between him and his mother began to look like the Grand Canyon. He begins a journey seeking the truth and finds a relationship with Jesus where all of the puzzle pieces fit together.