Introducing Della Stewart, author of Aha Moments in the Bible

“I searched out different avenues for publishing my book and found Outskirts Press to be the best choice. I am so glad I did! I was a novice and had no idea how to proceed. They have directed me through every step and answered any questions that came up along the way. I am so grateful that I have accomplished writing my first book Aha Moments in the Bible that I feel so proud of. It was a seed in my mind that grew into reality because of Outskirts Press. I can now say I am an author. Outskirts Press continues to give me marketing advice and it is invaluable. Thank you Outskirts Press!”

Della Stewart’s interest in the spiritual life has been part of her since she was a little girl, when she was drawn to the church and to the Bible. The Bible’s message of love and healing power resonated with her, and has become a message that she wants to share with others. Della has two children and six grandchildren, and is grateful for the love of her family, and the love of God.

Product description…

The self-help and positive thinking industry has sparked thousands of books, seminars, gurus, and personalities. Articles and advice surround us; talk shows and inspirational videos are everywhere. But all of that enlightenment is available in one place, the source of all true illumination: the Word of God. Aha Moments in the Bible is an inspiring, reassuring reminder that our faith in God and walk with Christ can give us all the guidance and support we need through life’s trials and tests. Author Della Stewart brings the scriptures to life, showing us how our modern problems and concerns are all compassionately addressed in the Bible, and how we can transform our lives by embodying and sharing God’s timeless wisdom.