Introducing Dr. Martie Geiger-Ho, author of The Worship of Kiln Gods

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Dr. Martie Geiger-Ho leads a double life-first as a senior lecturer at the Universiti Brunei, Darussalam, and secondly as her performance art character, the “Kiln Priestess.” Dr. Geiger-Ho received her doctorate in philosophy from Texas Tech University in 2003 and divides her time between teaching ceramics, sculpture and art history in Brunei and writing at her home in Bradford, PA. She is married to Kong Ho, a painter and muralist who is also an associate professor at the Universiti of Brunei Darussalam. She and her husband travel the US, Hong Kong, Japan, and Brunei among other places, to conduct research, attend conferences, and exhibit their artwork. Dr. Geiger-Ho’s website ( features extensive information on kiln gods and stunning photos of her work.

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Martie Geiger Ho’s comprehensive and noteworthy study can be divided into two parts. In the first part, the reader is introduced to the realm of kiln lore, including the author’s alter ego, the Kiln Priestess, who not only helps her watch over unpredictable kiln firings, but also manifests herself in the author’s photographic works. Later she guides the reader through the origins of kiln gods in the American ceramic community. The second half of this book presents the cultural research and actual kiln god temple sites where various kiln god deities are worshiped in Hong Kong and China. Geiger-Ho’s insights into this trope are not only unique, they are also the first to have been seriously researched as an academic undertaking. “My exhaustive research into the history and mythology of kiln gods as a topic for my dissertation led me to believe that there is a direct lost link between the practice of kiln god rituals in the United States and the ancient religious beliefs of China still in practice today.”

Introducing John Payne, author of Guardian in my Shadow

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John Payne, single, father of two, working in a managerial professional environment has been inspired By God to write about events he has experienced to share with others of how God intervenes when the hope of all else is lost. In this know that where man can’t, God can if you believe.

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In demonstration of hope, love and joy. John’s passion has always been within the Arts. Weather it was in acting, writing, plays or music they are all means for reaching out to other people. In a world of many wonders, good and bad he would just like to bring the means to uplift someone’s spirit. J. P. is currently setting aim to step into his next where according to prophesy thousands may be waiting for positive importations directed by God. His mission at hand is to impart hope and belief of the empowerment of our strength in God. Sometimes acceptance may not be at home but abroad as he leaves us with food for thought.

Introducing Geri T, author of Dualism Between the Realms

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Geri T is a retired registered nurse with more than thirty years in healthcare. She has multiple accolades related to her profession and has been named one of the great women of the twenty-first century. She also received the International Peace Prize. Geri was raised in Southern Louisiana, where she attended high school, and later graduated from a university. She has one son and three wonderful grandchildren.

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Windsong Yellow-bird is a seer of the Kootenai people with unusually strong totem magic. She has the ability to talk to animals, and when they tell her that trouble is coming, she must convince the others to listen. The survival of her people depends on it. Twenty-six thousand years later, another young woman also speaks with the animals, something no one has been able to do since Windsong. Gerbeth walks between the worlds—the animals, plants, rocks, and wind her allies—and she will need all their help as she joins spirit guides and angels in the fight against evil.