Introducing Gordon Docking with David Smale, author of Blake and Me: The Life Lessons I’ve Learned From the Best Teacher I Ever Had

“Outskirts Press made it easy for me to get my book published. I could not be more pleased with Outskirts and will definitely use Outskirts again.”

Gordon and David were acquaintances many years ago, having covered many of the same sporting events. They shared a love of sports and a desire to tell a good story. Gordon left the sports media business and changed careers into hospital administration, but he never forgot that David worked with people on books. Meanwhile, David stayed in sports journalism with the written word, including writing and publishing 18 books. All these years later Gordon and David reconnected on this book project, but more than a book resulted. They developed a stronger friendship that transcends the sporting events that originally brought them together. They hope you enjoy this uplifting story of lessons Gordon learned through his life with his son, Blake.

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“Once in a lifetime, someone enters your life and changes everything you do from there on. Blake is my someone. He loves life with a passion. He has brought me out of my darkest moments and shared the happiest days of my life. His insight into life and how to live keeps me going.” -Sue Elliott, Olathe Special Olympics Coordinator

“Blake demonstrated the blueprint for all athletes to follow. He was always enthusiastic, energized and positive. Most of all, Blake made those around him better. His glass was always half-full and he always gave his best. He was an inspiration to our team, and they were thrilled to watch him excel. I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to witness first-hand Blake’s time with the Olathe East Boys Soccer Team and watch how he matured into an outstanding young man.” -Terry Hair, Head Coach, Olathe East Varsity Boys Soccer

“What does it mean to experience unconditional joy and caring? Meet Blake Docking. Blake shares an enthusiasm for life that will bring inspiration to your soul. He teaches us all how to be better at life and to embrace our gifts more fully.” -The Reverend Gar Demo, Rector of St. Thomas Parish

“Blake is a terrific human being, doing his best to face the world on his terms, despite the added challenges of Down syndrome. He, like all of us, has good days and bad days (sometimes on the same day). He succeeds more often than he fails. He has a knack for making the world better for those willing to accept the challenges of being a part of his world. Blake has each of the qualities one would want in a family member, an employee or a friend: He is kind, loyal, dependable, trustworthy, slow to anger, funny, grateful, hard-working, uncannily athletic and always hungry.” -Kim Roam, Trust Department Division Manager, Blue Ridge Bank and Trust

Introducing Dr. Sue Schwartz, author of A Love Like No Other

“I came to Outskirts Press from a very difficult experience from another online. My first contact was Terri. In my one hour consultation, I learned all about the process for my book including cost and profit. I then decided to take the plunge and never second guessed my decision. Terri answered every question promptly and continually steered me in the right direction. When I moved along into the production phase and met up with Dana, it was pure professionalism. Again, she was prompt and clear about the path to follow. I have published before with a “brick and mortar” company which ran smoothly but took longer. The time frame for this book was 9 weeks from initial phone call to books coming to my door. Totally amazing. I have recommended your company to two, so far, budding authors. Thank you to Terri, Dana, and the entire, unseen production crew. ”

Dr. Sue Schwartz has had a fulfilling career for many years in the field of special education. She has worked primarily with families who have children who have hearing loss and other challenges as well. She held many workshops for grandparents and found that they often did not have all of the information they needed or were sheltered by their own children. They were worried, as all grandparents would be, not only about their grandchild but also their own child. Dr. Schwartz gathered these stories from grandparents just like you and hope you will enjoy reading what they have to share. Dr. Schwartz is the author/editor of two other titles each of which is in its third edition, Choices In Deafness and The New Language of Toys. Dr. Schwartz and her husband, Sid enjoy spending time with their three children, their spouses, and of course, their five lively grandchildren. She feels grandparenting is the best invention ever.

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Has your grandchild been diagnosed with a challenging special need? Does your worry keep you up at night? Is it hard to share with your friends? Help is right here in this book. Grandparents who have a grandchild who has been given a diagnosis of a life changing challenge share with you their experiences, their feelings, and offer you a brighter look at the future. Read stories of others who have walked in your path and gather the hope you need to move on in a different way than you had dreamed of.