Introducing Kim Weiler, author of PS — It’s All About Love

“The best part was the team of people who helped me along the way and are still helping me! Everyone at Outskirts Press has been so supportive, efficient, and overall amazing to work with. I’ve felt very safe the entire time with my baby in their experienced hands! The one-click publishing package was worth every penny in my book: Literally and figuratively! The biggest thing for me was that I didn’t have the time to even think about all the stuff I had to do when self-publishing and I simply didn’t have to. They did it all for me! Everything from the copyrighting to the editing to book cover design. I am in love with my cover by the way! The amount of guidance I received in every stage of the process was unbelievable! I had hired my own editor before deciding on how to publish, but truly appreciated the second set of skilled eyes! I also loved working with their marketing specialist. The amount of research and contacts she provided saved me a massive amount of time! One-click seemed like a no-brainer when I made the initial decision and the best news is they followed through on every part of the agreement! That says a lot about the publisher and the people who have read my book consistently comment on its high quality. This has been an incredible experience and a dream come true.”

Kim Weiler’s 21-year journey to healing began when she developed the autoimmune disease psoriasis at the age of 19. After a long career working in all facets of the TV and film industries (see and living with the fear that her psoriasis would negatively impact her work as an actress, she is now helping others through her business Healing My Skin, LLC. Kim holds a bachelor’s degree from Marymount Manhattan College, is a graduate of the esteemed Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and is a member of the International Association of Health Coaches (IAHC). As an Internationally Certified Health Coach, Kim is devoted to helping others who struggle with skin conditions. She has learned from experience that feeling good about ourselves, with all of our human imperfections, is key to living a fulfilling life. Visit Kim at

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Nutrition and Self-Love: The Secrets to Healing Your Skin. Kim Weiler knows how hard it is to live with psoriasis. Since the age of nineteen, she’s navigated the frustration, depression, anger and feelings of shame it can cause. She knows what it’s like to worry that people will discover your “secret.” She understands the fear of judgement that comes with a painful, visible autoimmune disorder. Through her path to healing, she has knowledge that she passionately shares with you about replacing all that doubt, fear and self-criticism with the greatest medicine of all: Love. If you’ve picked up this book, you’ve already tried just about everything your doctor or dermatologist has to offer, and chances are, those treatments don’t work reliably, or they have undesirable side-effects. Kim helps you find patience and gratitude while teaching that your illness is your body communicating with you. She shows you what loving yourself really means in the context of healing your skin. It means changing the way you think about caring for yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. It means making a daily commitment to positive changes that might seem impossible at first, including proper nutrition and other techniques that heal you from the inside out. Her goal in writing this book and in her practice is to prevent you from “trying everything” out of desperation like she did, and to help you find the self-love needed to get you through each and every day. As she says, “Today is the day to take control of your health, to eat right, think right, love right and in return your skin will love you for this!”