Introducing Yuketha Polk, author of Mama, Where Art Thou?

“My experience with Outskirts Press was absolutely more than I initially expected. I have to admit I was very skeptical in the beginning but that quickly changed as I began conversing back and forth with the staff. Each of them were so very professional, informative, patient and kind. A great big thank you to all of your staff especially Tinamarie and Dana for displaying professionalism at it’s best. For anyone who may be considering publishing their work elsewhere, I strongly and confidently recommend Outskirts Press. My end results were rewarding and I couldn’t have asked for better. For every question that I had, they expedited an answer to me in return. Thank you Outskirts Press for making my first publishing experience one that will not easily be forgotten and I look forward to doing business with you all in the future.”

Yuketha Polk uses writing as a vehicle to reach those who are facing tough situations, and she credits her strength to Christ, who strengthens her daily. Mama, Where Art Thou? is her first novel.

Product description…

Have you ever wondered why life seems to take away more than it gives? Have you ever felt pushed aside, invisible, lost, or alone? Have you ever lost a loved one and felt as if the grief would go on forever? You are not alone. Mama, Where Art Thou? is the true story of a woman fighting to overcome the seemingly insurmountable odds in her life. As a single young mother whose own mother was shot and killed before her eyes, Yuketha Polk survived by keeping God close and allowing Him to lead her through the many twists and turns she encountered. Eventually, she was able to come out on the other side. Yuketha’s story will encourage those who are suffering to keep pressing forward, to take a closer look at their own issues and perhaps make better choices for their lives. Mama, Where Art Thou? will inspire people from all walks of life and remind us that quitting is not an option, no matter how difficult the struggle.