Introducing Philomene Koya, author of Stories from the Central African Republic

“I am the author of ‘Stories from the Central African Republic.’ I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work, your encouragement and your advices. I am so excited when I saw for the first time the copies of my book. I don’t know how to thank you enough for the fantastic job well done. I will definitely continue to publish the next volumes of my book with Outskirts Press.”

Philomene Koya is from the Central African Republic. She graduated from PIGIER Institute in Greece and France with a degree in Administration and Computer, and lives with her two children in Maryland. Co-Author Biography: Henriette Ngardena was born in Central African Republic. She moved to Maryland in 1982. Her passion is storytelling to small children. Co-Author Biography: Justin Mongosso is from the Central African Republic. He has a special window into the life and culture of central African people through the rich life of storytelling.

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Every story in this book teaches lessons about life. All the stories are well written with details that capture the reader’s attention. Every reader will find the stories in this book very fascinating due to the originality of each story.

Introducing Joseph C. Duckworth, author of This May Not Be What You Think It Is

“Leona solved my issue when I encountered a “dead end road block” during the proofing process, due to a problem with my PC. Once I corrected the missing programmatic issue, the publishing process progressed. Leona was very patient with this budding and very green author. I am deeply appreciative of the assistance she provided. My experience to date with Outskirts has been wonderful. If I write another book, which is in consideration, I will be calling Outskirts. Thank you and I do look forward to a prosperous relationship.”

I often sat at the feet of those telling old family stories, learning the stories well. “Ghost stories” intrigue many. My father experienced firsthand two of this book’s stories. I grew up where he did, in Mineral Wells, West Virginia, playing often in “George’s Log Cabin.” It exists there still.

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Ambrose Bierce fought in the Union Army at the bloody Battle of Shiloh in 1862. As a Reporter for the “San Francisco Examiner” in 1913, he went to Mexico to cover the Mexican Revolution. His final transmittal on the 26th of December,1913 said: “As to me, I leave here tomorrow for an unknown destination.” Bierce mysteriously disappeared next day. Some said he might have been killed. He knew he would “leave for an unknown destination” on that day, so it was highly doubtful that he was killed. Bierce was known for his “huge surprise” endings for some of his stories. “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is a good example. One of the stories written about Bierce hints as to his disappearance being tied to “alien beings” from another planet. Short stories herein are absolute facts, or whimsical twists to those stories which are absolute fact. The reader will find humor, intrigue, “Ghosts” “UFOs” “Bigfoot,” adventure and suspense, as well as very clear insight to the “beyond here and now.” Bierce might have enjoyed reading the surprise ending elements found herein. Be prepared for those surprise endings They exist here, as surely as Bierce did. Are you ready? Trust me, you need to be ready!

Introducing Harold Cohn, author of Crazy Old Man

“Everything was great. Jamie helped guide me through the computer world with a lot of patience. She was just wonderful. I will recommend Outskirts Press to anyone who wants to self-publish.”

Harold Cohn is a published poet and writer and has been writing creatively for over twenty-five years. The author is a Disabled Vietnam Combat Vet and is a retired Park Ranger. He is also a curious person.

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The anthology “Crazy Old Man” is designed to make you laugh, make you cry, and make you question why. This anthology is comprised of selected things written by this author over twenty-five years. In the book are the following genre: poetry, nonfiction, playwriting, and supposition essays. Examples of titles in the book by genre are: Poetry: “Winged Warrior”, “The Whore”, “Mr. Greenburg”, and “weeping willow why” (American Haiku), Fiction: The short-short story “DUI” (written in second person), Nonfiction: “Points of Interest – Deadman, S Point-San Diego, California” , “The Mount Laguana / Kitchen Creek Fire”, and “How to Survive a Writer’s Workshop”. Playwriting: the play titled: “Midnight”, Supposition essays: “Baked-Bean Colored Rock Decorated with Petroglyphs”, ‘The Balanced Solar System Thorem”, and “Peralta Stones Find The Lost Dutchman Mine”.

Introducing Glenn Banks, author of Poetic License: Remember Me

“Just got my Author copies and they are absolutely great. You were right, they did a beautiful job. Is it vain to say I love my book, well, I love my book. Thank you and have a wonderful day.”

Glenn Banks, aka Nomaadd, is a Chicago, IL native. He enjoys creating electronic music and writing. When he has a difficult time coming up with new musical beats, he turns to his poems and stories. He’s a new author, or at least newly published author, which he doesn’t mind letting you know. Everyone and everything has a beginning.

Product description…

The poems and short stories in this book all have more involved stories behind them. These are glimpses into those poems and stories.

  • Sarah’s Freedom: A woman marries the love of her life, man of her dreams, only to wake up one morning and admit to herself that she’s in an abusive and controlling marriage.
  • Be Ye Friend or Foe: Tells of a modern-day American solider/warrior expressing his loyalty and dedication in which he serves the country he loves.
  • Lena: Lena is a free-spirited, beautiful young girl who finds herself intrigued by an attractive older man. She starts a self-serving relationship with him.

Introducing Sandra A. Murray, author of Infinite Scribbles in the Sand

“My Author Representative Tomica was very patient with me, and very helpful. I probably could not have done this without her. Thank you for getting me to publication.”

I was born in a small town on the New England seashore. I am the second to the last in sibling order. My parents were older than a lot of the parents of my classmates. They taught us the “old school way.” That meant creating your own entertainment and games to play. It made us all very creative. As my life progressed and I married and had children, I became a receptacle of many stories of all kinds. Some very unusual ones caused friends to tell me I should write a book.

Product description…

Now that I have come to a part in my life where I have time to reflect on the events in my life and the time to write, I have begun the task of writing a book. This one is a compilation of poems and short stories I have written. It is the culmination of all my experiences and imagination. I hope it is diverse enough to be of interest to everyone. Enjoy!

Introducing Greg Scott Ryan, author of Errol Flynn’s Bathtub

“I initially communicated with Tanya and she led me into the process effortlessly. There was never a moment when I struggled to understand. She was awesome. Then I was handed off, like a delicate bouquet of rare orchids, to Lisa. I can’t say enough about how perfectly professional Lisa has been. Emails and return emails came to me as if I were the one and only author that Lisa had to deal with. I’d like to bake her a cake or buy her a bottle of whiskey or something. No kidding, she’s a real dynamo. And then the Production Team. Where do I begin? These people have got to be the best in the self-publishing business. I don’t know they’re names, so, to me, they’re like The Lone Gunmen from the X-Files, in a basement somewhere solving publishing mysteries and putting out books for authors that make us authors weep with joy. Honestly, it has been a thrilling and memorable time working with all of Outskirts Press. I tip my hat to Tanya. I raise my glass to Lisa. And I salute the Production Team. I thank all of you. Good day.”

Greg Scott Ryan: Errol Flynn’s Bathtub is a circus-tent shelter from the storm outside doing to weeping willow trees & churches what lions do to wildebeest & zebra.

Product description…

Not since Hitchcock’s PSYCHO have women been given a better reason to fear taking a shower. Snub Wesson takes us along on his eleventh birthday as he makes a delivery for his drug dealing, dope shooting, diabetic employer. A blacklisted fashion photographer continues to make a living in the strange world of wealthy fetishists. A human cannonball questions his own mortality…

Introducing Nancy Wiedman, author of They Played Christmas

“Outskirts Press offered me the best and least expensive way to get my book, “They Played Christmas,” published. I was assisted every step of the way by the best representatives of the company. Everyone was patient and understanding. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sara and Lisa, and I could not be more pleased with the published product. I ordered and received several copies of my book in preparation for a book signing opportunity in November. Many thanks to everyone at Outskirts Press.”

Nancy Wiedman grew up in Western New York State. She was a secretary before becoming a teacher of English in high school. After moving with her family to Kentucky, she worked as a staff writer/photographer for a weekly newspaper. She won Kentucky Press Awards for column and feature writing, and a Metro Louisville Award in 1990. Nancy lives in Tucson, Arizona.

Product description…

“They Played Christmas,” has a dark side, but inspires through a woman’s triumph over adversity. “In Candace Faces Life,” a young woman with a flair for drama gets a reality check. “The Remarkable Three-gaited Horse,” features a middle-aged woman who enters a horse show and lives to tell about it. “A Light Lunch For The Bishop,” becomes a challenge for the hostess. “A Recipe For Slander,” uses a sleuthing method once employed by the author’s grandmother in discovering a poison pen writer.

Introducing Katherine Hardy, author of The Rules Of Solitude

“Thank you so much. The book looks beautiful and I appreciate all the marketing emails and information about promoting the book.”

Katherine Hardy was born in San Francisco and grew up in Wyoming. She is a graduate of Stanford University where she solidified her passion for writing. As a writer, her love of the short story is surpassed only by her love of the word and the messages of human experience they convey. She is the mother of three daughters and a proud grandmother. She lives with her husband in Auburn, California.

Product description…

A young girl’s awakening, a convict’s mistakes, a mother’s loss, a soldier’s wife, the clash of social classes, a son’s deliverance, a sister’s love, a touch of the insane, a tinge of pain and the force of hope. Contained within these seventeen riveting short stories may be one woman’s ultimate search for the truest self… in the moments of solitude.