Introducing Sunny Klein Lurie, Ph.D., author of Jolt Your Career From Here to There

“At every turn an Outskirts’ expert was available to help me through the publishing process. There are many steps to take but there’s a team surrounding you from day one –and everyone was very responsive to my needs and questions. Thanks for your help.”

Sunny Klein Lurie, Ph.D., founder and CEO of FAST FOCUS CAREERS, boasts a rich background in organizational development and career management consulting. Working with Key Bank and private clients for two decades, Lurie’s proven techniques and breakthrough approaches help individuals make the right choice for the right career. She’s served on numerous boards, including the American Society for Training and Development and National Association of Women Business Owners. A prominent speaker, Lurie publishes broadly in business journals. The drive to create Fast Focus Careers was sparked by pure panic from Lurie’s early uncertainty about her own career direction. Lurie’s web-workshop series, Jolt Your Career LIVE, is based on vital lessons from clients, her doctoral research and her own experience going through corporate mergers.

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“Sunny Lurie’s knock-out book is a must read for those wanting to take charge and gain clarity in building a new, satisfying, fulfilling work life … and because career change has become a survival skill, we need new rules and fresh ideas!” – Emily Webster Love, Journalist/ former Copy Editor, USA Today. Sunny K. Lurie, PhD: “It’s your career — by decision or collision. Either you make a decision to plan for a career change or put it off and risk a collision … via merger, downsizing, or termination!” More than ever, in today’s marketplace, change closes doors as companies and jobs come and go or careers simply end. When it’s time to determine the next right career, we can either make a decision to open a new door or potentially fall victim to a career collision. But opening a new door won’t happen by itself or with outdated job-seeking tactics. New opportunities rely on today’s powerful career-change approaches. And this is the “Jolt” Sunny Lurie delivers in her high-octane, 8-step strategy that provides the best chance to meet new career expectations. “Jolt Your Career” reduces your fear of the unknown, identifies strengths and shifts mindset. Lurie’s “Jolt” widens possibilities and eases navigation through an unfamiliar marketplace to an ever-fulfilling career change. Readers will enhance self-confidence, acquiring the latest and most commanding resume tools, social media approaches and high-impact interviewing methods. “Jolt” is a life-changing encounter with yourself!

Introducing Leigh Ann Egli, author of The Music I Hear

“As a newcomer to publishing, I have been very pleased with how helpful my team has been. I have future books planned and I intend to stay with Outskirts Press.”

About Leigh Ann Egli: Nurse, quilter, orchid grower, music lover, ancient Egyptian history buff and child of the ’70’s, Leigh Ann’s wide variety of interests, sense of humor and spiritualism are reflected in her writing. She lives in south Texas with her family.

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This book has something for everyone, from how to’s to self-help to stories for children to fun walks down memory lane, all stitched together with candor, humor and spirituality. From “How Not To Grow Orchids”-Orchids are…”temperamental, spoiled little beasts that are the Goldilocks of the plant world.” From “Most Improved”-“…there were skills to be passed on the course. It looked more like stunts when it was my turn.” From “How To Teach A Child Faith (In A Photoshop World)”-“Show them evidence of God in everyday things; from the infinite patterns of diatoms to the vastness and beauty of the universe…” Here is a collection of some of my favorite and best essays meant to enlighten and entertain. I try to write what I like to read, something that I can enjoy that also teaches me. It is my sincere hope that you enjoy reading these stories. This is the music I hear.

Introducing Michael Steven Tunstall, author of The Lord Is Pleased When the Angels Sing

“Everything was excellent and I would highly recommend Outskirts to anyone wanting to self-publish.”

Michael Steven Tunstall was born in 1947. He currently lives in Summerlin, a small town near Las Vegas, Nevada.

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The world around us is joyful, mysterious, colorful, sometimes sorrowful…but always rich with experiences, meaning, and connections. In our fast-paced lives, poetry is a way to distill the world into flashes of light, rainbows of song, bubbles of laughter. The Lord Is Pleased When the Angels Sing is a delightful collection of verses with deep reflections, funny adventures, and a keen sense of observation. With topics ranging from our relationship with God to the pleasure of listening to falling rain, there’s a window into a world of wonder for every reader in these poems from the heart.

Introducing Kay Karter, author of Bitter or Better

“It was a good experience. I would recommend others.”

Kay Karter was born in Wilmington, N.C. She’s a loving wife and a devoted mother of five beautiful children. Kay also is the CEO of Women with a Heart to Serve Ministry, serving women young and old alike in her community. She realized early on in her life that she was born to impact the earth through love and compassion. She wasn’t sure how or where, but she knew it was predestined to happen. As a mother her heart became geared to help empower women through the Living Word of God and His principles. She understands that if you can educate the women; she can nurture her family the way God had ordained her. Through structure, wisdom, love and grace.

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Forgive and life. Satan’s power is in an identity crisis, he wants to tell you who you are and what you don’t have to hold you in bondage. This is the first lie he has whispered into your ear. Before the truth can set you free, you have to recognize the lie that has been holding you hostage for this long period of time. Life has dealt you a horrible hand, but that doesn’t mean you have to continue to keep playing the same hand and never winning. This is the second lie holding you hostage. Learning how to forgive the people who have dealt you this hand is a life of freedom. There is power in knowing who you are and who you belong too. Once you learn this, you will no longer live a Bitter life, but a Better life to its fullest potential.

Introducing Bisi Abiola, author of Waving in the Wind

“Dodi, as I have come to fondly call her, was more than an Author Rep doing her job. She took me, politely and professionally without being suffocating, through the rudiments of publishing. Though we never spoke on phone, our communication was enough to answer any queries, concerns I had, so there was never any need to pick up the phone. Till today, I still lean towards her when I am stuck, and she comes back promptly, always willing to go out of her way to help. I don’t see her as an official of Outskirts. We have moved beyond that. She is my friend.”

Bisi Abiola, PhD, is the founder of Indulge™, a healthy-living focused group. A graduate of Aberdeen, Oxford University, and the London School of Economics, she is also a part-time consultant who often advises on the role of international organizations in Africa’s socio-economic and political development.

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Bisi Abiola’s eighteen true-life stories tell the lives, loves, lusts, and losses of people in places as far apart and as disparate as Lagos and London. These are people confronted with complicated choices as they grapple with the realities of life in these often bewildering times. Whether set in Aberdeen or Ibadan, these heartfelt stories detail conflicts both internal and external that would speak to and inspire anyone who has ever had to make a difficult decision, lost someone dear, or have to face the consequences of choices made without reckoning with what tomorrow may bring.