Introducing Joan Cogan, author of Anchored in Love

“My Author Representative was absolutely delightful along with all the team members. Kudos to the entire crew at Outskirts Press. Keep doing what you are doing. Well done, indeed! Thank you!”

“Blessed is he who has found his work; let him ask no other blessedness.” Fresh out of college Joan joined the Northwest Local School District in Canal Fulton, Ohio. She taught second, third, fourth, sixth, and eighth graders. After 22 years in the classroom her role changed from teacher to first elementary guidance counselor in the school system. Twelve hundred students, kindergarten through sixth grade in three buildings, became her norm for the following 13 years. Her ability to create a kind, welcoming, and forgiving place surpasses many others. Her focus and hope as an educator remains the same. Every child, every day, is the Curriculum. The rest is just stuff.

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Book description…

This is a simple story for anyone searching for a way to feel better, even a little bit better. The story is told in nine segments. Start reading anywhere, just start. Be willing to walk with author, Joan Cogan. She and B.J., your imaginary land anchor, will take you places you never thought possible.
– A – Acknowledge and accept yourself. You are the best you that you have. You are under construction, not a finished product.
– C – Create your personal ID card. Make it truly your own. Your internal dialogue is a reflection of what you see when you look in the mirror. It is what you repeatedly tell yourself. Whether it is true or false those words often become your reality.
– T – Trust in yourself. You are stronger than you think. Trust in others too. One of the most basic human needs is connection. Trust that each day, every day, is a fresh 24 hours. Our walk will take us from a closed door to a door that is now open. Each stepping stone will move you forward. Each question you answer honestly will give you an opportunity to examine yourself. The detour will empower you to move from Point A to Point B. Knowing you are ANCHORED IN LOVE, believe you are capable and willing to do the work. You now have the tools to feel better, even a little bit better, one day at a time.

You Are Just Right: Celebrating the Beauty of Diversity

“Though I knew the subject matter of my book, I had no idea how to put it together. My Author Representative patiently walked me through the steps and answered my tedious, and sometimes repetitive, questions. She was absolutely life saving as the conduit to my illustrator. Her advice was flawless, and I am so grateful.”

Joni Crimmins has an MBA in finance and has pursued a fulfilling career in business. Yet it was her role as mother, that inspired her to return to school for a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy to understand the psychology around bullying, depression and anxiety, rampant among today’s youth and to try to make a difference. One of seven children, Joni understands the unique circumstances that make each of us special. This book was inspired by real events that happened involving Joni’s children. She was so saddened by them, that she wanted to bring a hopeful message to those that don’t feel they fall within society’s acceptable norms. Actually, she acknowledges, this could apply to most of us.

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Growing up can be tough when you feel you don’t “fit in” the way others think you should: he’s too old for the shopping cart, too tall for the ride. A mother shares a story with her struggling son to demonstrate that we all truly do fit in a piece of the bigger picture, and what’s more important is following his own heart, rather than how others see him. The story helps the young boy to understand that differences can be strengths and that he really is “just right.” This little book is a gentle reminder to children and adults that thoughtless comments are hurtful and unhelpful, that everyone is unique and that within each person is a special gift or talent. The array of options presented creates an opportunity for parent/child dialogue on my topics from accepting others to exploring a child’s aspirations and dreams. Perhaps you don’t have a pianist’s nimble fingers, but you have strong hands to build bridges and repair roads? Are you slow and methodical like a scientist in a lab, or are you small and quick like a jockey on a racehorse? This loving exchange between a mother and son is an assurance, not only to this little boy, but to all children and grown-ups, that each of us is uniquely special, born to bring a one-of-a-kind gift to this world.

Introducing Ann Marie Bryant, author of Releasing Your Story

“I have raved about publishing a book with Outskirts Press with anyone that would listen. Definitely plan on using you again.”

Ann Marie Bryant has fulfilled her dreams and success by overcoming her own obstacles. She holds two Masters Degrees and has personally used these techniques to move forward into a teaching career she loves. Ann Marie also speaks and coaches others to fulfill their life’s ambition.

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Things happen to us every day but what meaning do we attach to these occurrences? Releasing Your Story looks into these events that have happened in the past yet may still negatively influence your thoughts and actions today. By looking into these events and finding the origin of these limiting beliefs you will have the opportunity to finally free yourself from the thoughts which may be keeping you from truly living a life of joy and happiness.

Introducing Brooke Lewis, author of Ms. Vampy’s Teen Tawk: There’s A Lotta Power In Ya Choices

“As an actress and life coach in Hollywood, I love when situations present themselves where I can authentically share that I am absolutely thrilled. I had some frustrations with the old Outskirts’ publishing system and process while publishing my first book. I chose to return, due to the support of Tina and Gwen and could not have had a better and more efficient experience my second time around! The best part was that I was able to work directly with one producer, Gwen, throughout the entire process! Communication and clarity improved 100%! I realize we are living in a cyber world, but having Gwen to email with, made all the difference in the process. We were able to skip many of the technical problems I had the first book experience. Thank you to Outskirts Press for making me a very happy author.”

Brooke Lewis is a multi-award-winning Actress, Producer, Author, Board Certified Life Coach and Dating Expert. She has done writing, speaking and TV segments in media such as CBS2 KCAL9 Los Angeles, San Diego Living CW6, CBS 8 Las Vegas Now, Fox 5 Vegas, AM Buffalo, FOX 29 Philadelphia, John Kerwin Live, AfterBuzz TV, Pop Trigger TV, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered, Huffington Post, She Knows, Your Tango, Her Campus, Girls Life, Woman’s Day, Female First and Meet Mindful. She was the Creator and Host of the award-winning talk show and web series Ms. Vampy’s Tween Tawk, Teen Tawk & In Between Tawk. Brooke is also known as the sassy Co-host on the dating talk show Breaking Dating. She has empowered teens, women and men around the world, giving them knowledge they can use in their everyday lives and giving them the confidence they need to go after their dreams. Her motto is…Be Fearless!

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Stories from Ms. Vampy to empower teen girls to make powerful choices! I am a Vampiress from Brooklyn with a mission! Do you know how many teen girls struggle with the courage to make the right choices and find their own voice? My mission is to empower teen girls to be courageous, so they can make the right choices and find their own voice. I may be over 100 years old now, but, remember, Vampires never grow up! I still feel like a teenager at heart and I still struggle with the same issues and challenges I did 85 years ago. I’ve also been through over 100 years of challenges and experiences, so I think that qualifies me as a freakin’ “expert,” don’t you? I mean, there ain’t nothin’ I haven’t seen or heard, so I am inspired to share both my mistakes and successes with you. I will also tell ya that some of my biggest successes and lessons have come from making mistakes and the wrong choices. You just gotta pick yourself up, start over and make different choices the next time. At any time, you have the power to create a “do-ova” and feel differently, think differently, dress differently and be different. I, and this book, are here to support you, guide you and honor you in areas where you are feeling stuck, confused, fearful, insecure or simply needing help. I may have only tawked to them a few times, but I know your role models like Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift would also tell you to “Be You…And, Be Fearless” and in Ms. Vampy words, “VAMP IT OUT!”

Introducing Ed Robinette, author of Dominica

“Everyone that I worked with at Outskirts Press was professional, and friendly. I would have liked to have met them in person. I love my book, and have some good comments on the cover and contents, from the members of the Chattanooga Writers Guild.”

Ed Robinette began writing at the age of 84 after his wife of 58 Years, Margaret passed away following a long illness. He retired from the Coca-Cola Company after twenty years, while his wife served at White Oak Baptist Church for thirty years. He lives in Chattanooga Tn. He has two children, six grandchildren, and four great-grand children. He volunteers with the Red Cross and with Hospice of Chattanooga. He is a member of the Chattanooga Writers Guild. He is the author of The Adventures of a Young Marine, and SARA, both published in 2011. He served with the Marine Corps during World War 2. And was in three major battles in the Pacific.

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Book description…

This story is about the life of a young man, named Jim Baxter who is injured in the War and tired of seeing the killing decides to go to medical school and become a doctor to serve his fellow man. While in school he suffers a life threatening accident that leaves him scarred and deformed. Ashamed of his appearance, he decides to live on the island of Dominica, where he hopes that no one will care about his appearance. In his quest to still practice medicine, he devotes himself to the Carib Indians, a native people that live on the tiny island. As the story unfolds, Jim touches the lives of others, as his life is touched by the hand of God. “Ed Robinette has done an excellent job with sharp visuals to bring the reader right into the story. In no time you are there following the characters as they move around the island. Robinette has that rare ability to make a movie inside the head of any reader. I loved the fact that it was so easy and fun to read. I am sure he will have many more as he clearly love to tell a story.” -Lantz Powell. President Chattanooga Writers Guild

Introducing Joseph Esposito, author of Seeds of Life

“Awesome teamwork.”

Joseph Esposito was born in Danbury, Connecticut on Thanksgiving Day, 1959. He still lives in his hometown, but travels regularly to Brazil. His interests include music and martial arts. Seeds of Life is his first book.

Product description…

“Believe” is a seven-letter word with immense power. What do you believe? What habits of mind, heart, and soul shape your daily life? Seeds of Life is an exploration of wisdom gained from a life well-lived, sharing lessons about self-respect, relationships with loved ones, how to discover your calling in life, and most of all, how to make the most of every day. Each person has something unique to share with others. Seeds of Life will inspire you to look within your heart, and ask yourself if you are giving generously of your gifts and time, and if you are truly grateful for all that God has given to you. Gentle, warm, and wise, Seeds of Life will become a treasured companion on your life’s journey.

Introducing Obi Simic, author of Getting Over Yonder

“Laura made a great effort to keep me informed and on schedule. She took great interest in publishing my book and made me feel like I was more than just a queue number. Laura corresponded with me outside of regular office hours. She truly did a great job and I would love to work with her again someday.”

Obi Simic is a creative writer with an honours B.A in Psychology and a minor in English Literature. Rooted in Canadian content, Getting Over Yonder is Obi’s debut novel. This new author is also looking forward to expanding her readership with her upcoming novel, And So I Danced. While she lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Montreal still holds Obi’s heart. Visit her at:

Product description…

Follow Olivia Ugochinyere on her journey of self-discovery as the young, Black Canadian struggles to find her place in modern society. A knack for investigation, paired with the curse of unfortunate timing, leaves Olivia at the centre of several uncovered secrets. Blatant prejudice and ignorance test her mental health as she fights to hold on to a culture that her family has taught her is unique and important. Starting with bike trails down the roads of her small, Quebec town, to the hilly climb of her ancestors’ paths in Kingston, Jamaica, the reader will be transported into the life of someone who, in spite of herself, has willed to live.