Introducing Michael Irvin Bosley, author of Trans-Light Element “The Open Door”

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Michael Irvin Bosley is a retired Air Force veteran with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and a Master of Science in Space Systems Operations. He and his wife, Edna, have five children, multiple grandchildren, and recently became Great Grandparents. They enjoy Gardening, Genealogy, History, National Parks, Community Service activities, and reading a good story together. Mike finds time to research new historical insights and loves writing as a hobby as well as a profession. He enjoys good movies, model trains, and sailing ships. He believes adventure is a by-product of learning; and, that education is a gift to be shared and enlarged upon daily.

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Book description…

A New Action Packed Mystery You Won’t Be Able to Put Down! Benjamin Reuel has grown up as an apprentice in his dad’s backyard laboratory helping him search for clues to unlock the secret of a century old theory known to the Scientific Community as “Unified Field.” Suddenly, on a day just like any other, critical mass ratios accidentally fall in sync, threatening to shake the Earth from its foundation. As Ben helps his father pick up the pieces, they discover an incredible new side effect – a new elementary substance Ben names “Trans-Light-Element.” Join Ben and his family as they are inescapably drawn into this first fast-paced Trans-Light-Element adventure – entitled, “The Open Door.”