Introducing T.J. Richards, author of Michael Divine

“All representatives were supportive and helpful. It made my first publishing experience very positive.”

T.J. Richards lives in California with his family and is currently attending a California university. The Michael Divine series was written during his junior and senior years in high school detailing Michael the Archangel’s journey back to Heaven. T.J. enjoys writing in the genres of fantasy, horror, and mystery.

Product description…

Ever since Michael the Archangel fell from Heaven, there has been no peace there. Gabriel, one of Heaven’s most fearsome angels, has been looking for Michael for some time now. Finally, some of the darkness clears and he spots a spectacular glow, which must be where Michael is. But if Gabriel has found Michael, his enemies surely have as well…* * *Five days from his high school graduation, Michael Divine’s world is turned upside down. It begins with a series of strange occurrences that do not make sense, and an encounter with a mysterious visitor. Michael discovers he is not who he thought he was, and he learns of the terrifying journey he must take. His task? Return to Heaven and prevent evil from taking control. Will Michael prevail in this war between good and evil? Find out in the first of the Michael Divine series.

Introducing James D. Fox, author of On a Day Without Warning

“I would rate my experience as Excellent. I would still use Outskirts Press again and recommend them as well.”

James D. Fox brings us his first novel with “On A Day Without Warning.” Jim is a former stockbroker and bond trader. He is a 1971 Liberal Arts graduate of Brooklyn College (CUNY) where he majored in both Economics and Political Science. He also holds an MBA from New York University (1974). As an ongoing student of history and literature, Jim believes a well-crafted work can bring more than just entertainment to his audience. In this work of historical fiction, Jim shows his belief that goodness can evolve from the difficult dilemmas that we currently face. Both he and his wife, Melissa, live with their three dogs in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona.

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David Sternlight is a Wall Street executive, whose career is on the ropes despite numerous contributions to his former firm, Dean, Adams & Company. Now semi-retired, David stays active trading the markets; but has many internal battles raging under a calm exterior. His wife Eva is one of his few sources of comfort. After a celebratory party for the promotion of his ex-boss, Jack Howell, David is aggressively recruited to join a secretive government agency led by a shadowy figure named John McCabe. The reason is McCabe’s belief that certain predictive applications of Sternlight’s financial software, Excalibur, can be adapted to the war on terror. Without much choice, Sternlight agrees and sees an opportunity to do good things while also fighting the severe mental depression he suffers since the death of his son, Andy, in the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks.

Meanwhile in Iraq, a young Muslim boy, Hassan al Hassan, tips off American soldiers as to the location of their kidnapped squad member, who is saved at the last minute, from beheading. As the boy grows older, his peaceful interpretation of Islam gives him many followers and he becomes a young Imam known as “The Boy Prophet.”

However, militant supporters of Jihad continue in the world and Sternlight comes to grips with his strengths and weaknesses; and the realization that more battles will still follow.

Introducing Collette Jackson-Fink, author of Daughters of Twilight

“I would like to express to you what a great staff you have. As this was my first time getting a full-blown book published, I could not have been happier! From Jamie to Brie, to Jackie, and I’m sure others to come, I have not been more satisfied with the hard work and patience your people showed me. I admit I’m dumb when it comes to computers but your staff was right there for me, helping me all the way. To see the finish product was well worth it! Thanks so much for having a place for those writers that want to write and share their dreams after being rejected by so called “Big Publishing” houses. I appreciate you all!”

Collette Jackson-Fink has been writing stories since she was 13 years old. She’s written several short stories, poems, a screenplay with some published. A Persian Gulf veteran, Collette works as a Respiratory Therapist at a trauma medical center in her home state of Iowa with her husband of 31years, son Alex, daughter Ashley and four grand-children.

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A quiet little city in the Midwest town of Waterloo, Iowa is about to come to life…with angels! When an earthquake measuring seven hits Waterloo, a huge black pyramid shaped tower pushes it’s way up through a corn field in Blackhawk County spinning the city into the national spot light. It’s thought that the “Black Tower” is dormant, but when special tactical teams are sent inside to investigate, special team member Dane Coles is confronted by the impossible…a beautiful creature that has been cursed and cast down into oblivion within the Garden of Eden, using the “Black Tower” as a doorway to the surface….

Introducing R. James Scott, author of Keepers of the Stone

“All in all, I was impressed with Outskirts, and already have several projects in the works for possible publication. My experience has been a positive one and I would not hesitate to work with Outskirts Press again.”

Artist, Director, Playwright, Teacher, Photographer, Luthier and Marksman, R. James Scott unveils with this book yet another of his creative passions. Enjoy …

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Zorn took three steps and he was at the table. The gun came out and Nestle looked up to see him. It took half an instant to realize who stood before him and the smile drained from his face. The revolver bucked in Zorn’s hand and Nestle went over backwards, a big hole in his chest. Following the close of the Civil War, Clovis Zornugan escapes to the high country in search of Serenity and Gold. What he finds changes his life forever. After rescuing a woman with a monumental secret, the two of them embark on an incredible adventure of romance, survival, and good vs. evil.

Introducing Conner Faller, author of Midnight

“OMG, I LOVE @OutskirtsPress, – One of the best things in my life has just happened because of them. I forever support Outskirts.”

Conner Faller is a writer, an LP maker, and an overall creative person.

I wrote Midnight, and record videos for Youtube. Midnight is a cool series that started in 2010 and has begun taking off. I listen to bands like: Three Days Grace, Disturbed, Korn, Device, Evanesence, Enya, Breaking Benjamin, Red, and many more. Saw is my favorite move (All of them). I love anime. My favorite book series is my own, Midnight, since i made it (Warriors is my second Fav or fav. one that i didn’t make). I love PS Home and Minecraft. Favorite Game Console was the N64 (have an original one). Favorite Game is Paper Mario. Top 5 fav. anime in order- Elfen Lied, Soul Eater, Hellsing (that includes Ultimate), Code Geass, Code Lyoko.

Product description…

Long ago, there was a war between the light and the dark-a battle between good and evil-in a dimension opposite of the Earth called the Reverse World. This war pitted two types of people against each other: the users of light, called The Tribe, and the users of dark, called The Hive. During one of the biggest battles, the leaders of each clan met head-on, and the force of the light and dark given off was too much, eventually ripping a gaping hole between the Earth’s dimension and the Reverse World’s dimension. And the Earth was soon caught in the crossfire. In Midnight, the ancient struggle for power has reawakened, and warriors of The Hive who remain on Earth are determined that darkness will rise to power once more. With the leader of The Tribe growing weaker, Hive warriors plan to reopen the portals connecting the Reverse World and the Earth. But one person still stands in their way- Holly, the daughter of The Tribe’s leader. Without her father, Holly must face the challenge alone. But is she capable of defending the Earth from the Hive? Find out in Book 1 of this exciting new book by Conner Faller.

Introducing Daniel J. Hultine, author of Elizabeth and the Observatory

“Thank you once again for all, and I mean ALL the incredible work you and Outskirts Press have done. Outskirts has clear, concise steps for everything, everything was well thought out as to be sure to avoid any problems. Your prices were extremely good. Outskirts, no hassle, again when you’re ready just head to the counter. I just thought I’d e-mail you and tell you Outskirts has done a fantastic job, I can honesty tell you I’ve used another print on-demand company and the fact that they’re gone and Outskirts has done a better job should say a lot. Once again, thank you for all your excellent work.”

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In 1901, just as man was entering his modern age of electrical and mechanical wonders, an event takes place that will shatter the hope and optimism of a bright new century. From our closest planetary neighbor, Mars, a species far more aggressive and far more desperate for a new home arrives. One man, Jonathan Hartaway, an astronomer invited to the world renowned Royal Observatory in London, witnesses the dramatic events unfolding before his eyes. As his assistant, Elizabeth Stratin chooses to start a new life far from him; Jonathan descends into madness as the invaders arrive on Earth. Jonathan must confront his own personal War of Worlds as he overcomes his guilt and fear and engages the invaders from the shores of the English Channel to the very heart of Paris. He races to find his beloved before the invaders lay waste to all before them.

Introducing David Connell, author of Last Leaf to Fall

Outskirts Press was a cut above other publishing companies, giving discretion to the author in the process.”

David Connell has a varied background and imagination. Currently he is a management instructor, and has worked to improve race relations. He resides in Severna Park, Maryland where he enjoys a passion for sailing. Other Books by David Connell: Toy Patriots, 2000; Not For Profit, 2005; Poverty Tale, 2007; A River’s Secret, 2009.

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A battleground desecrates nature and sets off vengeful spirits. Over the course of three centuries, persons living on the site experience atrocious happenings seemingly prompted by supernatural forces. Starting with ante-bellum slavery, proceeding through racial discrimination exercised after World War II and culminating with catastrophe in the Twenty-first century, ill effects come to the innocent and guilty alike daring to take on the Manor House. The story traces the metamorphosis of a field, site of a vicious hand-to-hand battle between British and American soldiers during the War of 1812, from tobacco plantation and Manor House to a waterfront jewel that captured hopes and dreams of its residents, only to fall eventually to cursed inhumanity. Characters are lovable and despicable, either inspired or drawn down by their humanity. Matilda the slave girl and daughter of a tribal chief endured the ignominy of slavery only to foster a heritage of pride and success. Ron Strickland, a combat Marine, survives jungles of the South Pacific to find even more enemies in racial hatred. Maggie and Jack O’Leary, yuppie land investors, fall prey to the influences of power, envy and greed. A common theme among all of them is the eerie atmosphere that infested the property.

Introducing Jessica Mary Buck, author of The Departure

“This is my second very successful experience with Outskirts Press , and I highly recommend it to all my writer friends”

Jessica Mary Buck’s writing discloses her uncanny ability to perceive the intense emotions that underlie the seemingly tranquil façade of our everyday existence. She exposes the internal struggles and moral dilemmas that so frequently beset us. The Departure is her second novel, (Makeshift Christmas, Oct. 2007). Her writing career has included brochure writer, newspaper columnist, news reporter, speech writer, and publicity manager. She plans to follow The Departure with a collection of intriguing short stories. Jessica has five grown children and lives “right on the Mason-Dixon Line” in Pennsylvania with her husband, Daniel Eckard. The couple enjoys rescuing abused, ailing and “unadoptable” shelter dogs and watching them evolve into wonderful, loving pets. An accomplished musician, Jessica has for many years performed concerts of “Olde songs from the British Isles and Early America”.

Product description…

The doctor droned on, but all Jon could hear were the words “fatal” and “unbearable pain”. “Are you familiar with the Departure Option, Jon?” In the year 2050 the “enlightened method of dealing with terminal illness” is both pragmatic and efficient, but to deeply religious Millie Spencer it presents a moral dilemma. How can she allow husband Jon, recently diagnosed with a strange, new, fatal illness, to linger in the throes of a long, drawn-out, painful death? Although it is clear to Millie and her family that Departure would be the “best thing” to do, to her it could never be the “right thing”. Would subsequent events resolve her inner conflict? Would Millie ever find inner peace? We empathize with Millie and her family as they endure this crisis. Also interwoven into this tale is the heart-rending love story of son Sean and his mysteriously alienated wife Karen. A futuristic tale with strong characterization, The Departure may arouse in the reader a spark of fear that, perhaps one day this fantasy could become reality … and if it did, how would you react in a similar situation? Would you opt for Departure?

Introducing Kevin J. Howard, author of Faithful Shadow

“I went the difficult route first.  I secured myself a literary agent, went through a year of pitching to all the big publishing houses, but in the end no one would take a chance on a new author.  Outskirts Press gave me the opportunity to get my novel, Faithful Shadow, out into the world.  I want to share with everyone out there that they do not need to give up.  Outskirts Press is there to help us succeed.  Thank you so much for such excellent service.”

Kevin Howard lives with his family in Washington. He worked in Yellowstone National Park for the summer season as part of a family tradition. Kevin, his wife Melissa, and his two young children enjoy spending summers there. Please visit

Product description…

Kevin J. Howard’s novel, Faithful Shadow, 2012 Outskirts Press Scariest Author Winner, takes you beyond the splendor of nature to the terror that lies beneath, one that should have never been discovered. Yellowstone is suffering from the largest forest fire in the park’s history. Ranger JOE RAND, once passionate about nature and now drowning in alcohol after the recent death of his son, notices something is very wrong after a string of disappearances. When a fireman is found dead in the Old Faithful Inn after falling into a hole earlier that day, his body mauled and deprived of all its fluids, Joe knows he has no choice but to set down his flask and investigate. Joe and Lieutenant DALE CAFFEY of the Billings Fire Department go into the woods to search the hole the fireman had fallen into. They discover a series of tunnels lined with bones, the air thick with smoke. Joe and Dale conclude that the creature that had killed the fireman had left its subterranean dwelling to flee the overwhelming smoke from the fire above. The creature takes shelter inside the Inn, concealing itself within the darkened crevices, emerging only to feast on passersby. After staging an evacuation of the park, they lock themselves inside the Inn to hunt the creature. After just a short while it becomes frighteningly clear that, in fact, the creature that is hunting them.

Introducing Gregory M Juzwick, author of Carved Mountain War

“My experience with the people at Outskirts Press has been magnificent. Bridget and my publishing team are an asset to your company. Will see you soon for book 3 of the series!”

Gregory M. Juzwick was born on January 1, 1964 in Tampa, Florida. They moved soon after to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Gregory’s teenage years were spent in the Moon township area where he began dabbling with writing poetry, short stories and a novel he called Phoenix 5 around the age of fifteen. He Graduated from Moon Senior High School in 1983 and then joined the U.S. Army to serve his country for three years. He returned to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1986 and began his retail jewelry career. In 1988 he moved to Hendersonville, North Carolina, to assist his family with their Jewelry store. The mountains and forest of the area were magnificent and rich with beauty and served as his inspiration as did the Pittsburgh region, for his series. He began writing his first book of the Guardians of the Hidden Lair series that he called, Rising from the Ashes in 1998. In 2004 Gregory moved back to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area where he continued his retail sales career as well as continued his writing. In 2012 the book, Rising from the Ashes was published and enjoyed by many. And now, the much anticipated second book, Carved Mountain War of the Guardians of the Hidden Lair series has been published and the third book of the series will soon follow.

Product description…

The Hidden Lair has flourished over the past months that have gone by. A government and new fighting groups have been formed. Teams are created to search outside the Hidden Lair for friends, family and needed supplies. A team is formed of the best of the guardians to search the outer regions close to the Hidden Lair where useful assets are found and outer defenses are created to assist in the protection of the people. Word arrives that Matthews Military are on the move to destroy the people who escaped him at the border. A mission is devised for two men to go out to find out what Matthews is bringing to this battle and an attempt to infiltrate and sabotage whatever it could be. Things go bad and only one returns to the Lair as the fighters prepare for the massive fight ahead as they mourn the loss of one of their fellow guardians. Its recreated old style weapons against the armored vehicles of the military. The Guardians of the Hidden Lair will have to use all their abilities and tactics to overcome the impending doom of the Carved Mountain War!