Introducing Jessica Mary Buck, author of The Departure

“This is my second very successful experience with Outskirts Press, and I highly recommend it to all my writer friends.”

Jessica Mary Buck’s writing discloses her uncanny ability to perceive the intense emotions that underlie the seemingly tranquil facade of our everyday existence. She exposes the internal struggles and moral dilemmas that so frequently beset us. The Departure is her second novel, (Makeshift Christmas, Oct. 2007). Her writing career has included brochure writer, newspaper columnist, news reporter, speech writer, and publicity manager. She plans to follow The Departure with a collection of intriguing short stories. Jessica has five grown children and lives “right on the Mason-Dixon Line” in Pennsylvania with her husband, Daniel Eckard. The couple enjoys rescuing abused, ailing and “unadoptable” shelter dogs and watching them evolve into wonderful, loving pets. An accomplished musician, Jessica has for many years performed concerts of “Olde songs from the British Isles and Early America.”

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Book description…

The doctor droned on, but all Jon could hear were the words “fatal” and “unbearable pain.” “Are you familiar with the Departure Option, Jon?” In the year 2050 the “enlightened method of dealing with terminal illness” is both pragmatic and efficient, but to deeply religious Millie Spencer it presents a moral dilemma. How can she allow husband Jon, recently diagnosed with a strange, new, fatal illness, to linger in the throes of a long, drawn-out, painful death? Although it is clear to Millie and her family that Departure would be the “best thing” to do, to her it could never be the “right thing.” Would subsequent events resolve her inner conflict? Would Millie ever find inner peace? We empathize with Millie and her family as they endure this crisis. Also interwoven into this tale is the heart-rending love story of son Sean and his mysteriously alienated wife Karen. A futuristic tale with strong characterization, “The Departure” may arouse in the reader a spark of fear that, perhaps one day this fantasy could become reality… and if it did, how would you react in a similar situation? Would you opt for Departure?

Introducing Thomas Masselli, author of Mr. Mirages Magical Garages

“My first experience in self-publishing was something about which I had no idea what to expect. I had been contacted by a few companies including Outskirts Press. After speaking with representatives from all of them, I selected Outskirts Press because they seemed to me to offer me the most value. And when I speak of value, I’m not simply referring to economics. In my value-added equation, I include service, support, and advice as well as costs. Now that my book has been published, the Marketing Coach service from Outskirts Press has begun, and like all the pre-publishing coaching, it has been outstanding. I am 1000% satisfied with Outskirts Press and my plans for a second book already include their services.”

Thomas Masselli grew up in Athens and as a teen delivered the newspaper throughout town. He was engaged in the community throughout his residency serving two years as Village Mayor. He and his wife Linda live in North Carolina but maintain relationships with family and friends still residing in Athens.

Product description…

Peter and Patty Mirages are moving into the house at 43 South Franklin Street in Athens, New York. As a young boy Peter had made daily deliveries of the local newspaper to the family living in the century old Victorian-style house. He had imagined there were mysteries contained inside the house and throughout the property. He dreamed of one day owning the house and discovering all of its secrets, and now his dream is coming true. Peter Mirages, a middle-school science teacher and his wife Patty, a loan officer at the local bank had, for ten years, saved a part of their income in order to buy the house and the detached building that housed two garages. The Mirages wanted to make the old house a home where they could enjoy life in their small community entertaining family and friends. They planned to restore the house to its former glory and live in it for the rest of their lives. Peter especially wanted to investigate the entire property in hopes of unlocking its secrets, which he believed existed since he first encountered it during his childhood. While he was sure there was something special about 43 South Franklin Street, Peter could not have imagined the mysterious and awesome powers possessed by the property that he would discover shortly after becoming the owner.

Introducing Larry Austin, author of SEER: Seer Series Book One

“Colleen was great – very patient and helpful.”

Larry Austin is a first time novelist who lives and works on Cape Cod, MA, where he is passionate about his writing, his work as a psychotherapist, gardening, fishing and shell-fishing. In a previous life, he worked full time as a rock musician.

Product description…

In 2028, a manmade nano-virus, crafted to meld plastic and steel, is used to create a material that is light, yet incredibly strong. While this new material revolutionizes thousands of products in everyday use, it also results in a new and deadly virus. Thirty-six year old Michael Macalister, the doctor heading up the government project to find a cure for the disease, comes to realize the impossibility of the task. His projections show that eighty percent of the world’s population will die from it. As one civilization collapses, he and a band of colleagues seek to start a new one based in a colony in western Massachusetts, learning to survive and defend themselves. When two rogue members split off and return with a well-armed mob seeking to seize control, Macalister, hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned, must find a way to ensure the survival of the colony.

Introducing J.R. Pitts, author of Isaac Rooks Trailwalker

“My first experience in the publishing process was a very pleasant one. Getting my first novel into book form turned out to be much easier than I ever imagined. I realize I am very much an inexperienced author but thanks to my publishing crew I have confidence I am indeed on the right path to becoming a successful author.”

J. R. Pitts grew up around the mangrove islands of Southeast Tampa Bay. His family were commercial fisherman plying their trade around the hundreds of mangrove keys in the area known as Cockroach bay. His early life was centered in the area that became his place of refuge, his secret spot of meditation and relaxation.

Product description…

There are two men that are very different and very alike at the same time. They exist side by side in two great universes that are also very different and very alike. The universes are parallel and lives are also that way. What is going on in one is mirrored in another. Twenty two years ago an event occurred the night of their birth-a gate opened between the two universes. A baby boy who should have been born an Edenite was suddenly an Earthling. A baby boy who should have been an Earthling was suddenly an Edenite. The future belongs to whoever can find his true self-the future of two worlds may depend on the outcome.

Introducing James D. Richardson, author of The Messenger

“I had a wonderful experience right from the start. If you are new to publishing, the team here will quickly make you feel relaxed, and install confidence in you so you can focus on what’s important…you! You will find that every step of the way, they will make it a joyous one. Publishing here was a positive experience and they make your dreams a reality. Although I am not new to publishing, I truly enjoyed the professionalism, and team work they shared. The most brilliant minds I have ever worked with. I can’t wait to start my next book here at”

Product description…

God chose young James Martin to deliver a message to the world in the form of a book. As James goes through the journey of life, he finally composes what he feels is right and creates the final message requested by God. James Martin is the messenger, the last prophet.

Introducing Dave Willert, author of Dimensions IV: The Competition

“Jennifer was awesome, once again.”

Dave Willert is an accomplished musical director, composer, educator and author. He is happily married, with one son, and has resided in Southern California for most of his life. His most important literary influences include Robert Heinlein, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Kurt Vonnegut and Edgar Allan Poe.

Product description…

Life in Westvale, the capital city of America West, is anything but pleasant in the year 2113. The world is corrupt and run by a tyrannical government, bent on ultimate control of everything. God and music have already been banned, while dissidents are routinely sent to the infamous Helping Place, if they are lucky… or the morgue, if they are not! Today is Travis Taylor’s 18th birthday. On this momentous occasion, he and Audrey Brown are about to embark on the biggest adventure of their lives! It will challenge their faith and confuse their understanding of life and death. But ultimately, it may help them to save the world. It may lead them to THE COMPETITION.

Introducing Angel Rae, author of The Ocean of Stars

“Hi Outskirts, Brie was amazing! And your marketing coach is amazing too! I had been talking to a few other publishing companies when I found Outskirts, and so I can say without any doubt that Outskirts is better than any of them. Not just a little better either. Outskirts is world’s better than any of the other people I was talking to. I am currently working on a short story about trying to get published, and it will have all the emails from those other companies in it, so you will be able to see everything that sets you apart from the rest. Of course, I’ll publish it with you. Thank you Outskirts! Have an awesome day!” – Angel Ray

Product description…

You will either love this book or hate this book. I did not leave room for any middle ground… I don’t know what the hell a ‘blurb’ is but I’m taking it over… This is a story about what happens when worlds collide. This is a tale of an alien invasion. This is a ‘yarn’ spun about defying the odds. This is a sci-fi/fantasy hybrid, blended with an aspect of spiritual journey, and falling in love. Within these pages there dwells text of a new adventure. Steel thy self and go forth. And have an awesome day! -Angel