Introducing Steve Oldfin, author of People of the Rain

“My questions were all answered.”

Steve Oldfin was born and raised in the Puget Sound region with ancestors that homesteaded in this area. The diversity of people and environment so closely interwoven in this beautiful place that he calls home, has shaped him as a person and in his writing.

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Book description…

Are you a person of the Rain? A young man finds himself slipping into the dull gray oblivion of ordinary, day to day life in the city. He is struggling against being absorbed by the mundane routine, when his perception of the natural world around him, is suddenly and dramatically changed. He has an experience that opens the door to the discovery of psychic powers that, up to that moment had lain dormant in him. At first, he cannot control, nor does he fully understand his abilities. The young hero finds the most unlikely of mentors in a Native American man named John that he first encounters as a homeless street person. Alex our hero, is forced to reconsider common stereotypes as he gets to know his mentor, not as an alcoholic street person but as a powerfully gifted psychic, a highly respected medicine man in his indigenous tribe as well as a husband to a missing, presumed taken wife, father to an estranged daughter and a son to a powerful tribal elder that is known to all as grandma. John had left his people that live on the beautiful and heavily forested Olympic Peninsula, crossing the inland sea known as the Puget Sound to the big city of Seattle, in search of his wife. By luck, John perceives Alex’s awakening event. Alex, John and a cadre of other gifted individual’s team up to turn the table on the “Scanners,” a group that has been quietly and systematically hunting any individuals with the gift and are suspected of taking John’s wife. In their quest to trace the “Scanners” back to their source, John must face a council of first nation’s elders that will challenge his past alcohol fueled transgressions and his decision to facilitate none natives to develop this gift which has been a long standing secret part of their culture. All their skills will be tested as they battle the Scanners in the middle of the busy streets of Seattle.

Introducing Steven Robert Alexander, author of Treasure Trackers

“It was a great experience. I’m shortly going to go into the marketing mode for this and my other books and expect you guys will be of immense help. I look forward to that.”

Steven Robert Alexander is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel. He served two tours in the Middle East and is a Purple Heart and Combat Action Badge Awardee. He was also the Founder Director of the UFO Institute in 1993 and spent many years involved in UFO research and investigations. He is a student of Ancient Greece and the American Civil War. His first book, Ghost Cavalry, delved into his appreciation for the supernatural. Alexander has hosted national broadcast shows on radio, television, and the internet. He has worked in independent films. He is a playwright and board game designer. He lives in Colorado Springs where he continues to write. Visit his website at

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Book description…

From modern Las Vegas to the Dawn of Time, Treasure Trackers, The Inception takes you on a non-stop action adventure crossing historical lines and literary masterpieces. The story tells of an Above Top Secret Government Project that uses foreign technology to do something beyond comprehension. The best of the best of the U.S. military working along with the top scientists and engineers are conducting very special operations. Area 51, Capulin Volcano New Mexico, Afghanistan, and a secret nationwide network of underground bases and tunnels all play a part in America’s most challenging endeavor.

Introducing D.J. Jackson, author of The Crystal Realm

“I must say that publishing with Outskirts Press has been an exciting adventure. Thank all of you for doing such a wonderful job on my book. Bravo!! Keep up the good work. I would also like to thank my Author Representative Dana and my Digital Edition Specialist, Jackie. These two knowledgeable and professional people truly helped me along my journey at Outskirts Press. They are really people friendly and very sociable. I plan to publish my future books through Outskirts Press.”

D.J. Jackson is a chef, comic book artist, fantasy writer and part time DJ. All his life he has had a fixation for the strange and the unknown. He was born in Portsmouth, Virginia. He now resides in North Carolina.

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Book description…

The Crystal Realm, the spiritual realm that holds and binds all universes together by spiritual thought. It is a place of peace, happiness and nirvana. Coordoon, once a being of light, now an entity of darkness, will stop at nothing in his quest to rule the Crystal Realm. Four young sorcerers, Taigron, Lavana, Visionary and Solstice are on a divine mission to stop Coordoon. They must reach Mount Amenti before the closing of the Harmonic Convergence. Will the Crystal Realm be a realm of light or a realm of darkness? Read on only if you have an open mind and believe in the unknown. I….DARE….YOU.

Introducing Jessica Mary Buck, author of The Departure

“This is my second very successful experience with Outskirts Press, and I highly recommend it to all my writer friends.”

Jessica Mary Buck’s writing discloses her uncanny ability to perceive the intense emotions that underlie the seemingly tranquil facade of our everyday existence. She exposes the internal struggles and moral dilemmas that so frequently beset us. The Departure is her second novel, (Makeshift Christmas, Oct. 2007). Her writing career has included brochure writer, newspaper columnist, news reporter, speech writer, and publicity manager. She plans to follow The Departure with a collection of intriguing short stories. Jessica has five grown children and lives “right on the Mason-Dixon Line” in Pennsylvania with her husband, Daniel Eckard. The couple enjoys rescuing abused, ailing and “unadoptable” shelter dogs and watching them evolve into wonderful, loving pets. An accomplished musician, Jessica has for many years performed concerts of “Olde songs from the British Isles and Early America.”

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Book description…

The doctor droned on, but all Jon could hear were the words “fatal” and “unbearable pain”. “Are you familiar with the Departure Option, Jon?” In the year 2050 the “enlightened method of dealing with terminal illness” is both pragmatic and efficient, but to deeply religious Millie Spencer it presents a moral dilemma. How can she allow husband Jon, recently diagnosed with a strange, new, fatal illness, to linger in the throes of a long, drawn-out, painful death? Although it is clear to Millie and her family that Departure would be the “best thing” to do, to her it could never be the “right thing”. Would subsequent events resolve her inner conflict? Would Millie ever find inner peace? We empathize with Millie and her family as they endure this crisis. Also interwoven into this tale is the heart-rending love story of son Sean and his mysteriously alienated wife Karen. A futuristic tale with strong characterization, The Departure may arouse in the reader a spark of fear that, perhaps one day this fantasy could become reality … and if it did, how would you react in a similar situation? Would you opt for Departure?

Introducing Hakim Dream, author of The Aphrodite Agenda

“I was very pleased with the service – it was fast and attentive to my needs. All the personals from your customer consultant to my author representative were great and they did a marvelous job in bringing my book to life and on the bookshelves at record time. I was very impressed. This is the way books should be published in the industry and I am definitely publishing my second book with Outskirts and highly recommending them to friends and family who are aspiring to publish their books. Thank you Outskirts.”

Hakim Dream is a New York native who lives in Harlem. He is an Army veteran, and a single father raising two young twin daughters on his own. In the span of twenty years he has been a Truck Driver, Greyhound bus driver, Bouncer, Comedian Performer, Security Guard, and aspiring Sci-Fi novelist. He is currently writing a fiction action saga about a wreaked future where no more male babies are being born in the world, and the first female black president of America is missing. He is also a big fan of the Knicks.

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Book description…

It is the year 2029, and fewer and fewer male babies are being born in the world because a deficiency of the ‘Y’ chromosome gene in the female reproductive gland. Atlanta base Pathologist Dr. Ivory Patella has discovered a cure to the deficiency and is on her way to New York to get it patterned and approved by the ADA for distribution. She is hindered by a series of untimely events and bizarre situations that prevents her from reaching New York with the cure. Dr. Patella must fight unknown forces that want a future without men, which would mean the end of civilization. Louisiana Senator Jed James Fontainebleau is the Great Incumbent to the seat of the presidency of the United States. The current president Doris Jamison, who is the first black female president in U.S. history, is finishing her second term. She mysteriously turns up missing while vacationing near her home town in Louisiana. Senator Fontainebleau is the prime suspect for the president’s disappearance, since he was the last person seen with her. He must find the president to clear his name, and in the process mend a pact that he has broken with the villagers of ‘Emakville’. If he fails it could start an unholy war and the beginning of “The Aphrodite Agenda.”