Introducing Dennis McGee, Jr., author of Jesus Only Speaks The Truth

“Leona was a true blessing during this process. I know that I can be a difficult person to work with at times and I have the highest expectations. It is almost impossible to exceed my expectations, but somehow, Leona exceeded my expectations! She was incredibly responsive and always compassionate and understanding. She was a pleasure to work with on this project. We have more projects in the works and intend on using Outskirts again and again. Leona is one of the primary reasons we would return to Outskirts. She is a wonderful asset to your company and she would give me the confidence to recommend Outskirts to other authors. Thank you, Leona, for being such an advocate for this project!”

Dennis McGee, Jr. is a writer who resides in Bucks County, PA and is originally from Delaware County, PA. He has had multiple conversion experiences and this book highlights each of them hoping you would be interested in pursuing a relationship with Jesus – The King of Mercy. He has aspirations of becoming a Deacon in the Church that Jesus founded 2000 years ago: The Catholic Church. He lives with his wife, Jeanine, who is a Catholic school teacher and an author.

Product description…

If you read this book and employ the promises of Jesus, your life will be changed, you will receive countless blessings and you will be happy. I know this to be true because Jesus only speaks the truth. He keeps every promise He makes, and Jesus never disappoints.