Introducing Darien Davis, author of The Basic Rules of Realness

“Simply put, I love my book!”

Darien Davis was born in Dallas, Texas in 1980 the third oldest of eight children. He attended schools in DISD. He loves to cook and spend time with his family in his spare time, when he’s not at work driving trucks. He loves giving advice to the youth and anyone else he can about his past experiences. He’s a first time author who feels the need to spread his wealth of knowledge and wisdom to anyone who just wants to gain understanding about life and keeping it real.

Product description…

“The Basic Rules of Realness” is a book complied of concepts (Rules) that will assist in everyday life situations. What’s real, received as real, or what’s considered right or wrong isn’t always black and white. Everyone has their opinions or assumptions of what “Real” or “Being Real” consists of. Inside these pages are concepts (Rules) that can enhance the way one approaches and handle situations based on real life scenarios lived by the author. These concepts have been documented and elaborated on to enrich the minds of our generation. No one wants to keep making the same mistakes in life. Why not minimize going through loops by learning how to assist and analyze issues. The concepts in the book are meant to give readers the means to make efficient, positive decisions, with limited mishaps. This book is meant to motivate and educate individuals who wish to enhance their lives by realizing the rules of life that are the most genuine and effective. After reading, apply “The Basic Rules of Realness” to your life.