Introducing Jim Davis, author of The Last Resort: Going Back to Mexico

“Like many authors, I am interested in writing, not the details of publishing. When I discovered One-Click publishing, I said to myself, This is for me. Now I can go back to writing.”

Jim Davis is professor and dean emeritus at the University of Denver. The author of eight academic books, he is now retired from teaching and administration to work full time on writing fiction. The Last Resort is his debut novel. Widely traveled, Jim lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife Adelaide, who is originally from Brazil. Jim can be reached at: Home page: Email: Facebook: Jim Davis, author

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Book description…

Marquito Gonzales, an outstanding student and high school track star, is forced to return to Mexico with his undocumented parents. The young man has lost everything-his chance to go to college, his girlfriend, and his dreams. After ten years in America, Marquito is now a waiter at the upscale Sunset Point Hotel in Cabo San Lucas, and he is angry, confused, and vulnerable. When he meets a red-haired runaway radical named Ashley-a tattooed gringa who feeds his anger and resentment-together they formulate a plan to shut down the resort and terrorize the guests. Time-share owners at Sunset Point, Vera and Ollie Webster sit at Marquito’s table for breakfast each morning. Now retired, Ollie questions the value of his law career and ponders anew the purpose of life. Vera, a retired social worker, wants to do some good with their wealth before they die by helping the workers they have befriended, particularly Marquito, who seems so lost and upset. Can she match him up with Maribel, the dimpled breakfast cook who watches him with loving eyes? Set against the glorious backdrop of a five-star Mexican hotel, The Last Resort is an unforgettable novel about losing one dream and building another. It’s the story of young romance as well as the love between an older couple, longtime friends who together discover a greater purpose for their lives.