Introducing G.J. Rayner & E.M. Rayner, author of Operation Pinata: Revenge on the Mexican Cartels

“Our Author Representative was quick to respond to our questions and guide us through the publishing process. We will be sure to return to Outskirts Press when we are ready to publish our next book.”

Ella Mae, an RN, encouraged Gordon, a retired DEA agent, to write believing it would be therapeutic as he has suffered from PTSD for many years. Together, they wrote a memoir of their life in Paraguay, which was immediately followed by a novel, Taurus, Taurus, Taurus. The therapy has indeed worked, and this book is their third adventure in their writing career.

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Book description…

Book 2 of the OMICRON Series. A wealthy Mexican businesswoman is murdered by the Acapulco Cartel, and her husband, a Deputy Attorney General, desires revenge for her death. Being frustrated with the corruption in the Mexican government, he hires OMICRON, a private security company that does work for US government agencies and private citizens. OMICRON develops a two-pronged attack against the cartels. First: To eliminate the people who are directly responsible for her death. Second: To conduct a money laundering scheme that drains the cartels of their drug trafficking profits.

Introducing Martina Potucek-Palladino, author of TOMMY: Thru Eyes of “REM” – New Adult Censored

“This is my fourth book and it was a good experience. Having now published four books with Outskirts Press gives me confidence that future publications with be handled skillfully and professionally, I’ll be starting the process again for book five. I revised a few of my books and the revision process was practically effortless. Thanks to the OP team. I can’t wait to work on book five with Outskirts Press!”

Martina Potucek-Palladino has had a lifelong love affair with books, magazines, and all things written. She writes for pleasure, is currently a magazine editor, has collaboratively ghostwritten/edited a non-fiction memoir, written for magazines, is an accessories designer, a hair stylist, and lash extension specialist. Martina currently lives in New Jersey.

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Book description…

‘Foresta dei Sette Fratelli’ – Imagine… for a moment, the most powerful of vampires, delusional, hence… Imagine… him, returning to the beginning, longing for his eternity to end, now… Imagine… that pivotal moment he realized she was his kryptonite, and, ultimately… Imagine… him realizing what she really was, how they met, 1,000 years ago, yes… Imagine… finding your savior, the one who was meant to help you die, only to… Imagine… the betrayal, born of blood, that comes full circle; this won’t do, no… Imagine… once more, finding that will to live, only now you’ve been cursed, and… Imagine… that this curse cannot be reversed; is this my fateful end?… HELL NO!  My imagination envisages… anger, vengeance, pain, and my version of justice! I WILL RISE ONCE MORE!… I WILL BREAK THIS CURSE!… I WILL FIND MY QUEEN!… I WILL BECOME KING!… Imagine the revenge I now seek!… I AM FAR FROM DONE!…

Introducing Kim M. Lowrey, author of Death of an Innocence

“My book is delightful. I’m very satisfied with my experience with Outskirts Press. All in all, my experience with your company has been a very good one. Thank you.”

My name is Kim M. Lowrey and I live in the heart of the beautiful Finger Lakes in Waterloo, New York. I enjoy writing. It’s a time when I can let my imagination run wild. It’s a challenge to take the tread of a thought and spin it into a compelling story. Thank you for your interest in my novel!

Product description…

They stole her innocence years ago and left her with nothing but demons controlling her mind. It took years for her to subdue the rampant nightmares. And for a while, Abigail Martin’s life was relatively normal. But nothing lasts forever. Abby’s beloved Aunt Lil is murdered in a robbery gone awry. Lil’s death topples Abby’s world. She’s hurt and enraged and somebody needs to pay. And why not start where the trouble began? With the help of Kenneth Brown, Private Investigator, she becomes the hunter…and they become her prey. She could never get back what they took from her, but she could take something just as valuable from them. Abby’s tirade begins and no one is safe in her world.

Introducing Tina Louise Brotz, author of The Symbiotic Section

“I urge anyone who is even remotely thinking of publishing a book to team up with Outskirts Press. With the vast array of services they have to offer, above average response time and professional staff, why would you want to look anywhere else? All the representatives cared – from Terri who always called me and Lisa, my Author Rep, to Durdana in the Video Department and Shirley in Accounting. There were just too many outstanding individuals to mention. I was amazed at the reasonable cost and “specials” that were offered along with marketing tips and follow-up e-mails I received. I was never alone and for someone like me, publishing their first novel, it made everything so easy. When my book was delivered, I was overwhelmed with the quality and the attention to detail that it possessed. Yes, I can honestly say that, without hesitation, Outskirts Press will be the publisher for my next novel.”

A proud Chicago native, Tina Louise Brotz has enjoyed a diverse career running the gamut from an assistant in a bank marketing firm to a homeowner association coordinator. Blessed with a quirky sense of humor, her unpredictable plots are derived from her multifaceted career experiences and worldwide travels, which allow her to do what she does best-storytelling. She has resided in the Phoenix area since 1994 and relishes every day in the Valley of the Sun with her husband and their two adopted children.

Product description…

The edgy streets of Chicago provide the backdrop for a riveting tale that seamlessly blends danger and passion with the high-powered corporate world and the seedier side of the city. Fiercely independent and ultra-sophisticated Michelle Pierson has made a name for herself as a highly successful entrepreneur. Still gorgeous and in her early thirties, she has achieved it all, but at what cost? Realizing that she is now at a crossroads in her life, she tries to cope with lingering feelings she still has for her sexy ex-husband, Michael Dickerson, head of the largest advertising agency in the city. He has never been able to handle her rising star, and Michelle soon discovers that his head is elsewhere as he negotiates the largest deal of his life while trying to bed every available female in his path. When Travis, the biracial son she once abandoned, experiences an unfortunate turn of events, Michelle is forced to take matters into her own hands to find out who or what is actually responsible. The situation escalates as she weaves through a tangle of betrayal and deceit. The trail leads to someone she knows, someone consumed by revenge. Her quest to uncover the truth takes her to the underbelly of the city, the Symbiotic Section, where she is forced to face a worthy adversary in a final showdown that not only threatens the very foundation of her family but will change her life forever. Will Michelle finally be able to secure a future filled with the promise of love, despite the ever-present danger she has willingly placed herself in for her son’s sake? Find out in The Symbiotic Section, a story of greed, corruption, truth, and raw sensuality.