Introducing Wayne Korhonen, author of The Puzzle Maker

“I was blown away by the way I was guided through the publishing maze. Everyone I worked with was very professional and extremely understanding. Their patience with me and my questions were great and gave me confidence to return to Outskirts Press with another book. Thank you Outskirts Press.”

Wayne Korhonen is a retired public school teacher of over 38 years. He is happily married to his wife of over 30 years and is an avid reader. This book is his first effort at published writing.

Product description…

Ever have problems living up to the demands people put on you? Ever have times when you knew you weren’t bad but you’d been told you were bad so many times, you wondered what was good or bad – what was right or wrong? This story shares a young man’s struggle growing up in this kind of turmoil. From his point of view, life was good until his family undergoes a drastic change. His parents got involved in an extremely fundamental church where the “don’ts” outnumbered the “do’s.” Or the wrongs outnumbered the rights! All of a sudden, many of the things the family used to do for fun were not allowed anymore. Movies, Saturday night dances, or playing cards were now deadly sins. The people they used to visit and the kids he used to play with were no longer allowed. Everything focused on this new church. At first the young boy accepts all the new rules. But, as he enters his teens, life gets pretty hard. A cold war develops between him and his mother when she enforces the rules harshly. Have you ever been backed into a corner and you feel you have no way out? These rules were used to cut him down and humiliate him. The rift between him and his mother began to look like the Grand Canyon. He begins a journey seeking the truth and finds a relationship with Jesus where all of the puzzle pieces fit together.