Introducing Paula Flournoy, author of Poems Purposed by God Sending a Message of Inspiration

“My experience with Outskirts Press was awesome. My author representative was very efficient. She made the process an excellent one. Awesome job to everyone that was apart of this journey with me.”

Paula Flournoy is originally from Stamps, Arkansas and moved to Shreveport, Louisiana. Faithful and committed to the calling upon her life. She encourages others through the inspiration of God’s word to always trust Him and never give up.

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Book description…

Your Daily Walk With God. God is always present with you in every situation that you face in life. You must know that He will sustain you through whatever challenges that you are dealing with. The poems in this book are purposed to encourage your daily walk with God through the spiritual, mental, financial, and physical struggles of life. Remember, no matter what you deal with in life God is always there to help you through the process of the hurt, pain, and sorrow. I pray that the poems will also encourage you to keep the faith, and know that all things will work out for your good.

Introducing Gaynard Smith, author of The Book of Poems

“Outskirts Press was great.”

Gaynard Smith is a writer who writes books, poems, raps, speeches, essays, reviews, and plays. Smith is from Miami but he resides in Augusta, GA where he is currently working on his charity [The United Sets Of America].

Product description…

The Book of Poems is written just like the book of psalms in the bible, and just like psalms these poems are timeless and inspirational. This book really is poetry for the world with these poems You can get the same uplifting feeling that you get when reading the book of psalms. These poems are negro spirituals in a poetry format I like to call them poetry spirituals. Instead of songs their poems.

Introducing James D. Richardson, author of The Messenger

“I had a wonderful experience right from the start. If you are new to publishing, the team here will quickly make you feel relaxed, and install confidence in you so you can focus on what’s important…you! You will find that every step of the way, they will make it a joyous one. Publishing here was a positive experience and they make your dreams a reality. Although I am not new to publishing, I truly enjoyed the professionalism, and team work they shared. The most brilliant minds I have ever worked with. I can’t wait to start my next book here at”

Product description…

God chose young James Martin to deliver a message to the world in the form of a book. As James goes through the journey of life, he finally composes what he feels is right and creates the final message requested by God. James Martin is the messenger, the last prophet.

Introducing Shannon Helser, author of Swinging with The King

“This is my very first experience publishing a book. I was thrilled with Outskirts Press.  From the very beginning your representatives were very helpful, informative and led me in the right direction. They often took the time to explain the things I didn’t understand. They made certain I understood fully, all of the decisions I was making about my publishing process.”

This book is a compilation of poems and journal entries that come directly from the heart of a woman seeking God. Shannon Helser is a dedicated member of Living Word Church in Vandalia, Ohio. She is actively involved in Daughters of Destiny Womens Ministry there; with a special passion for single mothers and prison ministry. She inspires others with a message of Hope and she carries with her a manifestation of the transforming power of God to change your life. She enjoys writing, gardening and telling anyone who will listen about Jesus. Shannon and her husband have three children.

Product description…

The fight is already won!

Swinging with the King is about a fight, a journey and finally about rest. It carries you through a process of learning to trust God, discovering who you really are in Him and learning to allow Him to fight your battles for you. This raw, heart transforming compilation will encourage you to discover all that God has for you and give you hope, just when you thought there was No Hope! So, put your boxing gloves on and get ready to fight with all of your might…but don’t worry, He has already won it all!