Introducing Todd Michael Putnam, author of The Garden of Life

“You may remember that you and your team helped to get my book The Garden of Life published a few months ago. I wanted to let you know that I got my first professional review back from and it was very positive. They gave The Garden of Life a Starred Review, which puts it in roughly the top 4% of all book reviews that they do. It also means that the book will get reviewed again by a high level Review Board who will determine if it meets the criteria for a “Best Book” award, which is their top award that is very rarely given. I feel that you and your team, especially your book cover designer and your editor, are a very big part of getting such a positive review on my very first book, so I wanted to thank you and hope that you will let your team members know what a valuable part of the success of The Garden of Life they and their work have been. Their efforts and yours are deeply appreciated and I thought they just might like to know that readers and critics alike are raving about the final product of our work.”

Todd Michael Putnam currently lives in Florida and is continuing his career as an IT Professional. His passion is for uncovering simple strategies that make life more enjoyable and then using that knowledge to help others. His other hobbies include movies, psychology, flight simulators and walking. The Garden of Life is his first book.

Product description…

“An instant classic. The Garden of Life is entertaining, enlightening and empowering from the very first page to the last. This enchanting tale is filled with gentle wisdom and simple truths that offer crystal clear insight into what really matters in life. This is one garden that you owe it to yourself to spend time in.” -M. Johnson, New York
“This book could not have come at a better time in my life. I am able to take away from this read many things that will help me throughout my life. I think the author is on to something big.” -K. Campbell, Florida
The Garden of Life captured my heart and eased my grieving soul. A must read for all who are needing a different outlook on life’s challenges with the help of a charming fable that heals your pain & enraptures your spirit.” -T. Barrett, Florida “An inspirational journey of the soul meant to be read over and over again!” -H. Normandin, New York
“This book is written with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Simple words. Easy to understand. We are all on a journey in our life. Thank you for reminding me of my own journey.” -S. Houser-Segal, Florida
“Using simple yet powerful story-telling reminiscent of the great Aesop, the author provides a practical guide to creating and living a positive and purposeful life. As I journeyed along with the characters, I laughed, cried, and discovered meaningful ways to nourish relationships, deal with adversity and loss, and find focus by weeding out distractions in the garden of my own life.” -S. Baker, Florida

Introducing Michael D. Wilson Sr., author of Caught In Between

“Considering my experience in being a first time in publishing a novel, my Author Representative went far and beyond her responsibility in seeing that my book got published. I thank her for all that she has done in accomplishing the final goal and that is publishing a best seller. Outskirts Press is definitely working on behalf of its authors. Thank You.”

Michael D. Wilson Sr. grew up in a family of five boys, a father and mother. He was very much male orientated. When he was in his thirties, he met a young woman and his thinking concerning certain issues around one’s sexual orientation, changed. They became very good friends and shared many personal secrets. One of her secrets was that she was gay. He was shocked to hear that. You see, his vision of a lesbian was a rough and tough, tomboyish type woman, but she let him know that lesbians come in all shapes, sizes and persuasions, and they love and want to be loved like anyone else. She let this author know with authority that she was all woman, (with great emphasis placed on All). This true friend of the author’s, inspired him to write, Caught In Between.

Product description…

Caught in Between, is a book which shows not only the physical side of a love relationship, but gives an in-depth view, of the emotional side of true love and a love that is considered to be taboo in today’s society. This ever-growing taboo is becoming so popular, that you will be overwhelmed by who comes out of the closet, without any embarrassment or shame. In Caught in Between, you will see how a pretty boy’s pimp life, is changed with the help and love of a beautiful young lady, who was pursued by a childhood friend; who also wanted to introduce her to the kind of relationship that was forced on her, when she was an innocent child by a close relative. In this superb drama, you will see how a young man, who takes advantage of young women with his charm and good looks, is Caught in Between, when he meets his match and will learn that too much of a good thing, is not so good after all. His life does a complete turn-a-round and he becomes an intricate character in this magnificent novel. We have another character in this thrilling novel that will just chill your bones, when you read about the underhandedness and evil acts he performs. Caught in Between, is a novel that is packed full of suspense and surprises. So, if you are the kind of reader I think you are, this will be one of the most thrilling novels you have read and hopefully fall in love with.

Introducing Roberta Kennedy, author of The Island

“Anna is wonderful to work with. She’s also understanding and responds to e-mails easily. I appreciate that she was a true professional and yet also friendly.”

Roberta Kennedy was born in West Virginia and raised in a small town near the Ohio River. She has traveled to all parts of the USA as well as Ireland, Scotland, and England, and currently lives in Mesa, Arizona. The Island is her first book, a culmination of her experiences and the people she met in her travels, both imagined and real.

Product description…

Joanna Kelliher is a 32-year-old missionary teacher on an island in the Indian Ocean. A devout, single mother of four adopted children, Joanna has never had a serious romantic relationship, and she believes that her chances for true love have passed her by. Along comes Ian MacDonald, a newly arrived missionary and doctor. From the moment he meets Joanna, he plans to marry her and raise her four sweet children as his own. Joanna finds herself falling in love with Ian as well, but she is cautious and shy from a childhood of abuse. And Ian has issues of his own to overcome. Their love will be tested to its limits in The Island, where the past can make or break you.

Introducing Courtney Skelton, author of Right on Red

“This whole process has been a learning process, which I have learned a lot. Everyone has been super patient and responded to every question that I have had with great answers, and answered very quickly. Since the book came out, I have recommended Outskirts press to about a half dozen writers. None have really expressed they are ready yet, however if and when they do, I will recommend Outskirts. Thanks a bunch!”

Courtney Skelton has been writing since a young age, with several stories to date, this being his first published. Courtney lives in Belvidere, IL with his supportive wife Robyn, and dog Snoopy. He is a huge sports fan, and would love to see the day where we could all live as one.

Product description…

Chris, a free spirited inspiring artist, finds life to be a blank canvas. Life is whatever comes to mind. Life is constant motion, always experiencing, feeling, and loving it all. The glass is always half full. Terry is a low keyed keep to him self introvert, who sees life as one big long gloomy day. Although sometimes a few rays of sunshine break through, it usually is a gray rainy world that brings him down, tramples on his dreams, and leaves him empty. Then the two of them got to know each other in a rather roundabout way. Their relationship grew. Chris painted. Terry worked. They had only scratched the surface of what they could and would do. Life was good. They had no idea what would befall them when an unwanted presence would cross their path.

Introducing Wendell Priester, author of Who Do You Love?

“It was easy, fast, and my book was exactly how I wanted and saw it to be. Everyone was friendly and very helpful, business was taken care of  and now I am an author. Thanks.”

Wendell Priester is a native of Columbia, South Carolina. He is married and is the father of two boys. Who Do You Love has given Wendell the opportunity to share his passion of how the power of relationships and your faith will prevail – no matter the circumstance.

Product description…

Life struggles of addictions, broken relationships, a failing business and spiritual weaknesses; the hope of recovery for Phillip Howard is still in sight. This multifaceted drama based off of true events is exceptionally told with passion and desire by the author. He vividly paints a picture of pain and romance through the eyes of an individual that has a strong Christian influence upbringing. Who Do You Love is a brilliant read that causes you to begin taking your self-inventory.

Introducing Norman Carson, author of Precious Son

“I enjoyed working with Justene. She was usually prompt in answering the questions of a real neophyte when it came to solving some tricky situations. Also, she was always very pleasant. I always felt comfortable dealing with her.”

Norman Carson, Ph.D., is a retired professor of English at Geneva College, a Christ-centered institution, where he taught for thirty-seven years. He is an ordained minister in the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America and has written reviews, critiques, essays and poetry for a number of publications within the realm of higher education and the Christian Church. In 2001 he published Received in Grace, the story of his discovery of his birth family.

Product description…


Narrated by the father of a victim of the AIDS epidemic, this true story of his son’s life and death explores two themes: one, the mystery of God’s providence that permitted a young Christian to yield to the pervasive power of his sexual preference, despite his walking in the Christian Faith throughout his early years; and, two, a profile of the turmoil, agony and poignant response of his parents, who in the face of this fact, never abandoned their son and continued to love him unconditionally.

Introducing the lovely Sandra L. Gittens, author of Ophelia’s Rooms

Sandra L. Gittens is a retired Early Childhood Educator and grandmother of five. She enjoys writing poetry about the joys of “Grandparenthood.” Ophelia’s Room was originally written as a poem, fourteen years ago. Sandra revised and weaved additional facts with fiction to recreate her special memories in the book, Ophelia’s Rooms. Sandra resides in New York with her husband, Douglas.

“Bridget was there for me 24/7. Whenever I had questions, she responded in a timely manner. She was truly kind and patient with me during the process. All the members of my team were supportive. Thanks Outskirts Press!

Product description…


Welcome to Ophelia’s Rooms but, “Don’t come in here with those dirty shoes!” The author vividly contrasts a room of “Don’ts” and a “Loving” room as she recounts the special relationship with her best friend; her Grandmother, Ophelia. Quietly stand with her in the doorway peering into Ophelia’s majestic bedroom. Then, openly share their laughter, fears, slurps, and hugs in the “Loving” room. The illustrator uses a “splash” of red in her black and white illustrations to represent Ophelia’s unconditional love toward her granddaughter. Was keeping Ophelia’s secret helpful or harmful to her, and those who love her? You decide, after you have read, Ophelia’s Rooms.